> > > Explora Atacama or Patagonia, native experience in the south of the world.

Explora Atacama or Patagonia, native experience in the south of the world.

Hotel Explora Patagonia Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica.

The architecture of Explora hotels is designed to bring its guests into intimate contact with the magnificent natural world of the remote Patagonian peninsula. The Hotel Salto Chico, located on a remarkable site on the shores of Lago Pehoe in Patagonia, was built to provide a convenient departure point for explorations of the surrounding region. Today, the hotel serves as a place of contemplative refuge and restful return after each journey into the awe-inspiring natural beauty of this extraordinary environment. Careful consideration has been given to every amenity to ensure comfort, including bed linen imported from Barcelona, tapestries from New York and wicker furniture from Chimbarongo.

Rooms & Suites

The hotel's 30 rooms are laid out as follows:

2 Rio Paine - view of Salto Chico waterfall

16 Cordillera Paine - 6 with view of Salto Chico waterfall

10 of Macizo del Paine

8 Cordillera Paine - view of Macizo del Paine and Jacuzzi.

4 Exploradores Suites - view of Macizo del Paine and Jacuzzi

Services & Facilities

Amenities include a general store, library, video game room, open-air Jacuzzis, saunas, a gymnasium (complete with massages), heated swimming pool, and private dock, assigned lockers for each room, located at the entrance of the hotel, for the safekeeping of all exploration gear. Restaurant and bar, room service. In-room telephones with national and international direct dial service. (Fax service is also available.) A satellite dish for communication access to Chile and the world. Meeting rooms to accommodate up to 60 people. Radio communication with all exploration vehicles. Laundry service. Babysitting service.

Activities & Explorations

The excursions include contemplative activities like bird watching, photography, trekking, and horseback riding. The programs are centered on Torres del Paine National Park, a site of such marvelous beauty that it has inspired a host of legends and myths, firing the imaginations of any who visit.

The fifteen explorations, which provide intimate contact with the wonders of the Park. Each is intended to present the mysterious beauty of each site, and to recreate for every visitor the wonder of its inscrutable existence. Each exploration is designed for persons of normal physical condition and is classified according to duration and fitness requirements. Five explorations are offered each day, and our experienced guides can suggest those best suited to the interests and the exertion level of each guest. The expeditions include lunch and are limited to ten guests, plus the guide.

Note: It is recommended that the following items be brought on the treks: a parka or waterproof windbreaker, waterproof trousers (long underwear or thermal underwear is advisable in some cases), high quality hiking boots (leather or waterproof fabric), comfortable gloves, and a hat to protect from the wind, sunglasses with fasteners, lip protection, sneakers, and a camera/video camera.

Explorations Menu

1. Hike to the Peninsula of Lago de Grey

2. Hike to Glacier de Grey & Crossing of Lago de Grey

3. Horseback Riding to Laguna Verde

4. Hike to Las Alturas Del Toro

5. Picnic at Laguna Azul

6. Barbecue in Quincho at Laguna Azul

7. Hike to Mirador de Nordenskjold

8. Hike to Mirador del Toro

9. Hike through Las Cornisas

10. Hike to Laguna Verde

11. Hike to the Glacier del Valle del Frances

12. Horseback riding Valle del Frances

13. Hike to the Base of Torres Del Paine

14. Archeological hike between Guarderia Sarmiento and Guarderia Laguna Amarga

15. Try a magellan barbeque at explora's Quincho

16. Enjoy a horseback ride to Rio Serrano

17. Explore Torres del Paine National Park at your own pace

18. Be open to the unexpected: enjoy 4 seasons in one day!

Hotel Explora Atacama Atacama Desert and the Greath North

As in Patagonia, Explora actively introduces guests to the great scenarios of South America, through a sophisticated exploration program. Its core is a hotel built for linking man with the temporal space - present and past - and the mysteries of nature. Close to San Pedro de Atacama village, the hotel is located on an ample terrain of 17 hectares, and its accommodations include all that you need for relaxing and exploring the surroundings.

Each day Explora guests can join a variety of explorations which have been carefully created. Each day you can choose from 8-10 different options which have been specifically selected according to the weather, the guest desires, the duration and the difficulties.

The 2nd Explora hotel in Chile offers the same system as the Explora in Patagonia with 3 different designed programs. The hotel is located near San Pedro de Atacama at Ayllu de Larache (about 1 km out of the town).

All Programs include: Transfer to/from Calama airport. Daily explorations (groups up to 10 guests) with bilingual guides, picnic, including transfer by van, horses or bicycles. Each van is equipped with radios for direct communication with the hotel and the guides. Full board (4 meals per day with wine, drinks or soft drinks), open bar, use of all hotel facilities and transportation for exploration, including saunas, pool, horses, bicycles etc.

Rooms: The hotel has 50 rooms (32,9 m2). All are the same kind of room and all include Jacuzzi.

Services: Room Service, Shop, Game room, Laundry, Library, Outdoor swimming pool, Gymnasium, Outdoor Jacuzzis, Stables.

Explorations Menu:

1. Exploration to Machuca

2. Hike to Guatin

3. Hike to Puritama, Guatin

4. Visit to Quitor and Catarpe

5. Quebrada del diablo

6. Hike from Valle de la Muerte to Quitor

7. Valle de la Luna

8. Toconao

9. Salar de Atacama

10. Laguna Leija

11. El Tatio

12. Caspana

13. Toconoce

14. Chiu Chiu

15. San Pedro Museum

16. Tulor

17. Poconchi

18. Listen to the silence of the highland desert

19. Experience an amazing sunrise while enjoying a gourmet breakfast at the Geysers

20. Learn about the Atacamenean culture

20. Bathe at the award winning Puritama hotsprings

Book your program in our home page or select some similar program listed in our programs zone.

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