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Punta de Choros e Isla Damas

Northern Chile offers infinity of adventure and landscapes to see, from the bluest Ocean to the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, passing through paradise-like beaches and small towns that survive with what the Earth provides.

A bit more to the South, where the valleys begin and the roads are not entirely covered in Stone, you can visit Punta de Choros, only a few hours away from the beautiful city of La Serena.

Punta de Choros is a small town inhabited by fishermen, who go out to sea looking for food for their families and to sell as well, every day, all year, as long as the weather permits them. It is a very quiet place, ideal to relax and enjoy nature, from where you can see Isla Gaviotas, Isla Damas and Isla Choros, although only Isla Damas is open for visitors.

The same fishermen you see working at the pier, improve their boats and ships in summertime to offer tours of the area, equipped with lifeguard jackets and improvised tourism guides, who know more of the place’s history and anecdotes, priceless when you travel to a new place.

All tours begin at Punta Choros, where you sail by Isla Choros and the Humboldt Penguins National Reserve, where you can see penguins and sea wolves in their natural habitat.

If weather conditions permit it, the trip continues to Isla Damas, where flora and fauna are unique and will amaze you. White sand, turquoise water, and clean surfaces all around will make you think you’re at the Caribbean for a moment.

At Isla Damas a guide of CONAF (the National Forest Corporation) will welcome you to continue the tour where you will be able to learn about the island’s resources, its history and its present, as well as the flora and animals that survive in it, in such a fragile ecosystem.

The way back home is equally fascinating, accompanied if you’re lucky by dolphins that play and dance by the ships and boats that visit the area, offering a wonderful show that will be appreciated by all tourists, no doubt about that.

If the trip is done early, on the way back to Caleta Choros you can have a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants open for business by the main avenue, where you can try all types of shellfish and fresh fish, just taken out of the water.

Several tourism firms offer trips through the city, La Serena and Punta Choros, including the islands we just talked about. They all include visits to restaurants and attractive places for tourists, although all trips are subject to change or be cancelled if the weather conditions are not good.

It is recommended to bring water on every trip you make and to dress according to the weather and the time of year: light and comfortable clothing in summertime (including bathing suit, if you like), and warmer clothing but just as comfortable in winter.

This one-day trip can be done while you are in La Serena, considering that Punta Choros is only 114 kilometers away from the city and it is rather simple to get to the little town, get on a boat and start the adventure of going far into the ocean, surrounded by animals and a unique landscape of Northern Chile.

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