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Colchagua Valley

Touristic attractions of Colchagua Valley

  • Hacienda Los Lingues

    Hacienda Los Lingues

    Hacienda Los Lingues is a place of historical value that was built in the 16th century, when it was owned by Jose Gregorio Argomedo y Montero del Aguila. Today, the hacienda belonsgs to the same family, who have remodeled the construction with colony architecture characteristics. Los Ligues also has other constructions from the 1700s and features,…

  • Colchagua Museum

    Colchagua Museum

    Property of the Cardoen Foundation, the museum has different historical pieces –from the Republic times to the Pacific War-. Also, it has a folcloric collection. The Colchagua Museum has helped in developing the region's tourism route, which now includes Wine Tours. Attractions Historical, archaeological and cultural interest zone. …

  • Colchagua Wine Route

    Colchagua Wine Route

    It's the first wine circuit in Chile. It was created in 1996 with diverse tourist alternatives. Some of them are wine samplings and journeys through the vineyards (Casa Silva, Cono Sur, Viñedos Organicos Emiliana, Luis Felipe Edwards, Viña Manent, Casa Lapostolle, Montes, Laura Hartwig, Estampa, Montgras, Viña Bisquertt, Los Vascos, Hacienda Araucano…

  • Santa Cruz - Colchagua Valley

    Santa Cruz - Colchagua Valley

  • Flaco Hotsprings

    Flaco Hotsprings

    The springs have great tourism equipment, with baths, housing, roads, foods and natural pools. El Flaco Springs is the main tourist center; from here you can get to Paso de las Damas, Lo Herrera, Maule Lagoon and the Dinosaur Traces (Natural Monument). Attractions Medicinal baths. Activities Flora and fauna contemplation, photography. …

  • Bisquertt Vine

    Bisquertt Vine

    The Viña Bisquertt is part of the Colchagua Wine Journey Circuit and it has high quality wines. You can learn about wine, its process and also see the industry infrastructure. Attractions Vineyards, wine samplings. Activities Photography. Location Sixth region. Located 5 kilometers north of Peralillo, 97 kilometers northeast…

  • Casa Lapostolle Vine

    Casa Lapostolle Vine

    This vineyard is part of the Colchagua Wine Journey Circuit. It has incredible wine production known all over the world. The Viña Casa Lapostolle was built in 1994 and it has modern technology to produce fine quality wines. Attractions Vineyards, wine samplings. Activities Photography. Location Sixth region. Located in Cunaquito.…

  • Casa Silva Vine

    Casa Silva Vine

    This vineyard is another attraction of the wine circuit. It has more than 100 years of tradition with wine cellars and old plants. It features three areas, Los Lingues, Angostura and Lolol. The tourists can visit the ballroom, the industry and have some wine samplings. Attractions Vineyards, wine samplings, trip. Activities Photography.…

  • Viu Manent Vine

    Viu Manent Vine

    With an important historical and cultural legacy, this viña is another attraction of the Colchagua Wine Journey Circuit. Founded in 1935, Viu Manent was a pioneer in Colchagua. You can visit the vineyard Tuesday to Sunday. Attractions Vineyards, wine samplings, trip. Activities Photography. Location Sixth region. Located…

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