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Copiapo and Ojos del Salado Volcano

Touristic attractions of Copiapo and Ojos del Salado Volcano

  • Camino de Inca

    Camino de Inca

    Camino del Inca is one of the main pre-inca culture vestiges in the country. It was baptized by Spanish explorers, because it was the commercial route in the Inca Empire. The path, nearby Inca de Oro town, used to connect Tawantisuyu to the Inca Empire. The path is 6,000 kilometers long and no more than one kilometer wide. The path goes through towns,…

  • Copiapo City

    Copiapo City

    Capital of the region, Copiapo is located in the Copiapo River valley and it´s the main urban center of the region, with mineral and agricultural activities. Copiapo is a city with National Monuments and an important history, because of the Chañarcillo mine. There is native vegetation all over the city. It has a rich architecture, declared national…

  • Atacama Desert

    Atacama Desert

    The Atacama Desert is a beautiful place with huge arid extentions. It's the dryest desert in the world, although in some places and times of the year you can see colorful vegetation that surprises people when they visit it. It has amazing topographic elements like Gemelos, Vicuña and El Llano de Varas Hills. In the middle of the desert you can also…

  • Flowering desert

    Flowering desert

    A desert filled with flowers is one of nature's misteries. However, this phenomenon happens in the third region, from the Pajonales Stream to the second region border. The vegetation invites the visitors from all over the world to enjoy this landscape. You can also see the animals that live in the desert, such as the desert cow, birds, coleopteral…

  • Laguna Verde

    Laguna Verde

    This lagoon, with emerald waters, is another attraction in the north of the country. Located 4200 meters above sea level and surrounded by volcanoes and mountains that surpass the 5500 meters, Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) and its surroundings are the perfect place for mountain climbers. The visual scenery is amazing. In the south shore, you can find…

  • Nevado Tres Cruces National Park

    Nevado Tres Cruces National Park

    Nevado Tres Cruces National Park has 2 areas: one in Copiapo and the other one in Tierra Amarilla, both protected by CONAF. The highland flora and fauna are its attractions, as is the interesting topography and the hidrographic resources that include Nagro Francisco Lagoon, Santa Rosa lagoon and rivers. The park also features important mountains like…

  • Maricunga Salt

    Maricunga Salt

    Located northeast of Copiapo, the Maricunga Salar was created a cross between the Claudio Gay and Domeyko Cordilleras. It has incredible attractions for tourists, like flamencos, Santa Rosa Lagoon (which belongs to the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park) and important topography, like the island hill in the middle of the salar. Attractions Fauna.…

  • Ojos del Salado Volcano

    Ojos del Salado Volcano

    Ojos del Salado is the highest volcanoes in the Chilean Andes and the third in the American Continent with 6893 meters above sea level. The greatest active volcano in the world, it´s part of the “American Roof”, mountains that surpasses the 6.000 meters high. Ojos del Salado Volcano is the favorite one for mountain climbers during spring and summer…

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