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La Serena and Coquimbo

Touristic attractions of La Serena and Coquimbo

  • Coquimbo


    Coquimbo is the capital of El Elqui Province. It has 150,000 inhabitants and a great urban equipment in the hills and by the shore. The city offers different possibilities for tourists, like aquatic sports and an exotic gastronomy. Walking by the beach, visiting the fishing port and the streets in the city are the main attractions in Coquimbo, as…

  • Damas Island

    Damas Island

    With 60.3 hectares of extension, Damas Island is part of the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve. La Poza and Las Tijeras beaches, with white sands, are incredible places to visit. Attractions Fauna in danger of extinction. Beautiful beaches. Activities Swimming, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, sea kayak, picnic, flora and…

  • La Serena

    La Serena

    La Serena is capital of the region and the second oldest city in Chile (after Santiago). It has 140,000 inhabitants and multiple attractions (from architecture to beaches and shopping centers) La Serena is a modern urban center, where the tourism and comercial activities are the most important economical activities. Attractions Urban infrastructure.…

  • Astronomical Observatory La Silla

    Astronomical Observatory La Silla

    La Silla Astronomical Observatory is an investigation center located 2400 meters above sea level. It´s part of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) since 1969. The place has high technology equipments. Attractions High technology instruments. Activities Photography. Location Fourth region. Located 156 kilometers northwest…

  • Morrillos Beach

    Morrillos Beach

    Morrillo beach is a 6 kilometers long beach with transparent water and brown sand, ideal for scuba diving and fly fishing. The beach has cabins and a camping area. It features modern architecture and different tourist services like housing and parking lots. Attractions Transparent waters, ideal for aquatic sports. Tourist services. Activities …

  • Totoralillo Beach

    Totoralillo Beach

    Totoralillo Beach is another place to visit when you're in La Serena. With 2 kilometers of beach, you can swim, or practice sport such as fly fishing, scuba diving and surfing. You can set a camp in a designated area and enjoy the kilometers of warm water. Attractions Beautiful landscape. Beaches ideal for swimming. Activities Sport fishing,…

  • Avenida del Mar Beaches

    Avenida del Mar Beaches

    Located in La Serena, Avenida del Mar is a long street that features entrances to the most popular beaches in the city. The beaches are ideal for swimming, sports and outdoor activities. There are 12 beaches by Avenida del Mar: El Faro, La Marina, Blanca, Los Fuertes, El Pescador, La Barca, Cuatro Esquinas, Las Gaviotas, Canto de Agua and El Corsario.…

  • Punta Choros

    Punta Choros

    Punta Choros is a town that offers an amazing view of the animal population. It has an incredible fauna that includes dolphins, chungungos and the Humboldt penguin. With beautiful beaches and bays, Punta Choros is a fantastic place you can visit all yar. The whole journey takes you to to Choros, Damas and Gaviotas Islands and Las Tacas, La Barranca…

  • Humbold Penguin National Reserve

    Humbold Penguin National Reserve

    With 859 hectares, The Humboldt Penguis National Reserve was created in 1990, and still features a wonderful fauna, most in danger of extinction. The reserve includes the Aceituno de Chañaral Island (third region) and Damas and Choros Islands (fourth region). The reserve protects an impressive avifauna of bandurias, yacas, chungungos, tropical birds…

  • Tongoy


    Located in a peninsula, Tongoy is a fishermen town with beautiful landscapes. With favorable weather conditions, Tongoy has different tourist facilities likes hotels, restaurants, Puerto Velero, and camping areas. Sports are very important in the region, so you can practice sailing, windsurf, scuba diving and the fly fishing. Attractions …

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