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Touristic attractions of Lakes and Volcanoes District

  • Araucania Andina

    Araucania Andina

    This destination is characterized by its singular flora and fauna, the mountains and the modern ski centers. The area includes the Conguillo and Tolhuaca National Parks and the Malleco, China Muerta and Alto Bio Bio National Reserves. You can also find the Tolhuaca, Llaima and Lonquimay volcanoes and the Bio Bio river; as well as the Conguillio and…

  • Chillán and Las Trancas Valley

    Chillán and Las Trancas Valley

    Of great natural value and located in the Andes, Las Trancas Valley is the refugee of a marvelous native vegetation that includes oak, lenga and coigüe forest, fertile cultives, rocky mountains, waterfalls and cliffs. The Chillan Volcano is the major mountain in the area; while Las Trancas Valley has a fantastic tourist equipment to enjoy the region´s…

  • Concepcion and Arauco

    Concepcion and Arauco

    This destination is an important industrial, scientific and cultural center in the country, that combines modern and traditional times. In the last century, the zone was inhabitated by German coloners, who left their cultural traditions behind. The culture is one of the main activities thanks to the University of Concepcion. The handmade craftwork is…

  • Chiloe Island

    Chiloe Island

    It is the second biggest island in South America, with only five islands, out of 40, without inhabitants. Its enviroment is practically virgin soil, most of which is part of the Chiloe National Park, which offers a natural and traditional scenary. The architecture is the major attraction of this destination. The “palafitos” and the old churches (built…

  • Lago Puyehue and Osorno

    Lago Puyehue and Osorno

    Puyehue Lake and Osorno are close to the Argentinian territory, and as a destination they feature incredible natural beauty, protected by the Puyehue National Park, the biggest in the region. Here, you can find volcanoes and lakes, as well as ski centers, springs and spa; diverse tourism services where you can enjoy ecotourism. Aquatic sports are the…

  • Llanquihue and Todos los Santos Lakes

    Llanquihue and Todos los Santos Lakes

    The destination offers different tourist alternatives in the middle of an amazing scenery. Vegetation and marvelous animal species, surround the Llanquihue lake and the Osorno Volcano. Frutillar, Puerto Octay and Puerto Varas are the main cities in the area, Puerto Varas being the most important one because it includes the Vicente Perez Rosales National…

  • Panguipulli and Ranco Lakes

    Panguipulli and Ranco Lakes

    This destination offers beautiful lakes (Calafquen, Neltume, Panguipulli, Pirehueico, Pullingue and Riñihue lakes) and amazing landscapes to the visitors. It is also an important place for those who are interested in cultural tourism, where people will get a glimpse of the Mapuche legacy in the region. The waterfalls are another attraction of this area…

  • Nahuelbuta


    Located in the northern border of Araucania, this destination has beautiful natural landscapes in which the Nahuelbuta Cordillera is the protagonist. Angol, Lumaco and Purén are other small towns that people can visit, nearby the Nahuelbuta National Park. Cultural interest increaces thanks to the mapuche population and the Italian colonies that arrived…

  • Puerto Montt and Angelmo

    Puerto Montt and Angelmo

    The journey begins in Puerto Montt, capital of the Tenth Region. From here, you can travel through southern islands and channels. Excursions take you to Calbuco Archipielago, Carelmapu and Maullin. In the Costa Cordillera, religious celebrations are very typical and popular. You can also go sailing or try the gastronomy offer. One of the most popular…

  • Saltos del Laja y Alto del Bio Bio

    Saltos del Laja y Alto del Bio Bio

    This destination is known for its marvelous natural resources, in the Laguna Laja National Park and in the Callaqui, Lonquimay, Villarrica, Copahue, Tolhuaca and Antuco volcanoes. The araucaria forest and the waterfalls are the main attractions of the area. The Andes valleys are another alternative for tourists. In them you will find springs, native…

  • Temuco and Budi Lake

    Temuco and Budi Lake

    Temuco, Nueva Imperial, Puerto Saavedra, Crahue, Teodoro, Tolten, Loncoche and Freire are part of this destination, which is a historical and cultural interest zone. The beauty of its natural landscapes are combined with tourist services like museums, natural monuments and lakes. Attractions Flora and fauna. Urban centers. Cultural interest…

  • Valdivia


    This destination has a great historical and cultural value, because of the spanish forts in its islands and the German legacy in its constructions and gastronomy. It has a beautiful flora (named “valdiviano forest”) and navegable rivers like Calle-Calle, Cau-Cau and Valdivia. Attractions Flora and fauna. Historical and cultural interest zone. Modern…

  • Villarica and Pucon

    Villarica and Pucon

    The ninth region offers marvelous natural attractions. The destination´s main attractions are the Villarrica, Caburgua, Colico, Huillipilun and Calafquen lakes, and the Mamuil Mamal Customs border that connects to Argentina. The area has a great tourist infrastructure, in Pucon, Lican Ray and the Palguin and San Luis Springs. There is also marvelous…

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