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Some highlighted hotels in Ancud

  • Hostería Ancud

    Enjoy a stunning view of the Lacuy bay; in a place surrounded by magic legends and traditions of Chiloé Island. The hostel stands up on the ocean front of the magnificent Ancud Gulf at the magical landscapes of Chiloe island. Guests…

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    Hostería Ancud

Some highlighted hotels in Castro

  • Hosteria de Castro

    Located in down town Castro and with a spectacular view of the bay, the Hostería de Castro offers all the needed comfort for those who at the end of a busy day visiting all the beautiful attractions of the island, will want to come…

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    Hosteria de Castro

Some highlighted hotels in Concepcion

  • Hotel Presidente Suites Concepción

    This hotel is located in a bohemian neighborhood on the penquista city, full of pubs and restaurants and trendy boutiques. This Apart Hotel has everything to make your stay more comfortable, from cable TV to meeting facilities. The…

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    Hotel Presidente Suites Concepción
  • Hotel Alborada

    This hotel is strategically located in the heart of the city, which mixes the cutting edge of this welcoming "penquista" city. This lodge has five floors, decorated with pleasant pastel shades, and even some rooms with separate living…

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    Hotel Alborada
  • Hotel El Araucano

    Located in downtown Concepcion, Hotel El Araucano offers comfortable and elegant rooms, in a pleasant environment that invites you to spend some relaxing time, resting and leaving stress outside the door wether you are on vacation…

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    Hotel El Araucano
  • Hotel Holiday Inn Express

    Holiday Inn Express in Concepción is found right in front of the biggest shopping mall of the city, putting the hotel in the center of the financial, tourism and commercial center of Concepcion. It is only three minutes away from the…

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    Hotel Holiday Inn Express

Some highlighted hotels in Concepcion and Arauco

  • Hotel Diego de Almagro Concepción

    This hotel its located in Concepción downtown, with wonderful views to Ecuador park and Bío Bío river, ideal to take a walk. Its building of 11 floors offers the best service and attention, for business or pleasure trips. This modern…

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    Hotel Diego de Almagro Concepción
  • Hotel Diego de Almagro Lomas Verdes

    This hotel is very conveniently located, just ten minutes from downtown and five from the airport. Diego de Almagro Lomas Verdes also has excellent well-lit rooms, equipped with everything to make your stay enjoyable. This property…

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    Hotel Diego de Almagro Lomas Verdes
  • Sonesta Hotel Concepción

    This building is located in the Concepción intercommune linking the Talhuano port and also connected to Marina del Sol Casino. The hotel also has several exclusive areas such as a gym, lobby bar and an executive floor with private…

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    Sonesta Hotel Concepción

Some highlighted hotels in Frutillar

  • Hotel Ayacara

    In the heart of Frutillar, a residence which traces its history to the 1900 is the charming setting of the Petit Hotel Ayacara. Situated at the edge of Lago Llanquihue the Hotel has magnificent views of the lake and Volcan Osorno.…

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    Hotel Ayacara
  • Hotel Elun

    The Hotel Elun is next to the most interesting and beautiful places of a region full of lakes, rivers, mountains and magic. We offer spacious and peaceful rooms with the best view of the Llanquihue Lake, and Osorno, Puntiagudo and…

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    Hotel Elun

Some highlighted hotels in Panguipulli and Ranco Lakes

  • Hotel Nothofagus

    The Nothogafus hotel, located in the beautiful Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, features a tree-shape, keeping a native tree inside. Nothofagus has 55 rooms (15 standards, 15 superiors, 23 suites and 2 luxury suites). All of them feature…

    From USD$212 Ref. Double

    Hotel Nothofagus
  • Hotel Montaña Magica

    Located inside of Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve this wonderful hotel was built like a mountain, with a waterfall falling over its facade, built in native wood by artisans from Neitume and Puerto Fuy towns, with beautiful windows looking…

    From USD$133 Ref. Double

    Hotel Montaña Magica

Some highlighted hotels in Osorno

  • Hostal Truyaca

    Hostal (Hostelry) Truyaca is located in southern Chile, in the northern Patagonia territory, and features a new lodging concept in the city of Osorno. In the Mapuche language its name (Truyaca) means “site visited by herons”, and it…

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    Hostal Truyaca
  • Hotel Sonesta Osorno

    Situated along the Rahue river with a relaxing natural environment and five minutes from downtown. This hotel, located in the complex Plaza Los Lagos, with Casino, Discotheque, Bowling, Fitness, offers for 105 rooms and 1 presidential…

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    Hotel Sonesta Osorno
  • Hotel Waeger

    This Hotel put in your hands all comfort and atention that you need, making your stay an wonderful expirience. Its comfortables rooms, with wide enviroments will make that you enjoy a deserve rest.

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    Hotel Waeger

Some highlighted hotels in Puyehue National Park

  • Hotel & SPA Termas de Puyehue

    Located at only two hours by plane from Santiago and 40 minutes from Osorno by car (X Region), this wonderful Hotel is part of the 117.000ha.(289.146 acres) of exuberant vegetation which constitute the imposing Puyehue National Park,…

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    Hotel & SPA Termas de Puyehue
  • Termas de Aguas Calientes

    Located in the Puyehue National Park here is a great place to relax in the natural hot baths in the splendor of the surrounding countryside.A place to get away from it all...but not too far away. Convenient to Chile and the world,…

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    Termas de Aguas Calientes

Some highlighted hotels in Pucon

  • Apart Hotel del Volcán

    It’s in Pucon downtown, offering all the south beauty with the comfort of a city. It has full equipment apartments and suites for two people. Besides of a beautiful view to the city and nearby to attractions as lakes and volcanoes,…

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    Apart Hotel del Volcán
  • Gran Hotel Pucón

    Gran Hotel Pucon Resort & Club is located in the Ninth Region of Chile, surrounded by an imposing natural beauty and Villarrica volcano. 4 stars hotel located at the shores of Villarrica Lake; it has 145 rooms equipped with Cable…

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    Gran Hotel Pucón
  • Hotel Antumalal

    Is more than a hotel, it is an experience you will find nowhere else. Designed by the famous Chilean architect, Jorge Elton in 1945, it was built as a tribute to Bauhaus architecture: modern form and function completely integrated…

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    Hotel Antumalal
  • Hotel Malalhue

    Hotel Malalhue, located just 800 meters away from downtown Pucón, is a typical southern establishment, built with native wood and surrounded by nature, with a magnificent view of volcanoes and snowy mountains and virgin forests. Its…

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    Hotel Malalhue

Some highlighted hotels in Puerto Montt

  • Apart Hotel Colón

    Next to the coast and just downtown Puerto Montt, you find Apart Hotel Colon from where you can appreciate all the beautiful landscape of the Seno de Reloncaví and its charming places around. It is located in privileged place downtown…

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    Apart Hotel Colón
  • Gran Hotel Vicente Costanera

    Gran Hotel Vicente. Known for more than four decades as Hotel Vicente Pérez Rosales is now reborn under new management. Gran Hotel Vicente conveniently located in the heart of Puerto Montt City and overlooking the Reloncaví Bay enjoying…

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    Gran Hotel Vicente Costanera
  • Hotel & Apart Club Presidente - Pto. Montt

    In the best location, in front of the ocean with a wonderful view, minutes from the commercial area. Club Presidente Hotel counts with 50 cozy suites that are well furnished; the majority of the suites have ocean view. They count…

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    Hotel & Apart Club Presidente - Pto. Montt
  • Hotel Diego de Almagro Puerto Montt

    The hotel is located in front of Seno de Reloncaví, with views to Calbuco, Osorno, Puntiagudo and Yates volcanoes and a few steps from downtown, a place full of commerce and surrounded by one the most beautiful landscape of the country.…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Diego de Almagro Puerto Montt

Some highlighted hotels in Puerto Varas

  • Hotel Radisson Puerto Varas

    The Radisson Puerto Varas Hotel is located at the shores of Llanquihue Lake and was build with native materials of the zone, such as wood, metal and stones, which decorate its modern facilities with geothermal heating. It has excellent…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Radisson Puerto Varas
  • Hotel Bellavista

    Bellavista Hotel is located in downtown Puerto Varas, with an amazing view of the Llanquihue Lake, next to the Puerto Varas Casino. It features 70 rooms (49 standards, 16 superiors, 2 duplex and 3 suites) and all of them have safety…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Bellavista
  • Hotel Borde Lago

    The Borde Lago Hotel, with its cozy atmosphere and surrounded by the very nature of southern Chile, has an excellent location with spectacular views of Lake Llanquihue and Osorno and Calbuco. Located only 4 km. From the center of the…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Borde Lago
  • Hotel Cabañas del Lago

    With its panoramic and quiet view of the city, lake and volcanoes raises Hotel Cabañas del Lago. Since 1980 the hotel has grown as a family business, protecting the typical German costumes and traditions. It invites you to get to…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Cabañas del Lago

Some highlighted hotels in Saltos del Laja y Alto del Bio Bio

  • Hotel Diego de Almagro Los Angeles

    Los Angles Hotel is located next to the old Panamericana South highway at Km. 510, between the first and second entrances to the city of Los Angles. It has 65 cosy and comfortable rooms. Services include meeting rooms, a restaurant…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Diego de Almagro Los Angeles
  • Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Los Ángeles

    Four Points offers luxury facilities in downtown Los Angeles, Chile. It boasts 2 swimming pools, spa services and a golf court. There is ski center access and a gourmet restaurant. Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Los Angeles has 4-star…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Los Ángeles

Some highlighted hotels in Temuco

  • Hotel Dreams Araucanía

    A 5 Star Hotel Casino, with 96 finely decorated rooms distributed in 45 Double, 42 Twin and 9 Suites located at Av Germany, close to the Mall Portal Temuco. The Casino has a first class environment, this meets all standards of the…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Dreams Araucanía
  • Hotel Frontera

    The Frontera Hotel and Convention centre have very modern facilities. Conveniently located in the middle of the city, it is only minutes away from the financial and commercial centre of the region. Frontera Hotel and Convention centre…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Frontera
  • Hotel Holiday Inn Express

    Fifteen minutes from the airport you can find the Holiday Inn Express in Temuco. In the centre of town and only a few steps away from the commercial and financial district, it will keep you closer to all the social movement in the…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Holiday Inn Express
  • Hotel RP Temuco

    RP Hotel owns a prime location within walking distance of shopping area providing easy access to points of interest such as banks, department stores, cinemas, plaza, public market and cafes, is a modern hotel, spacious rooms and good…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel RP Temuco

Some highlighted hotels in Valdivia

  • Hotel Dreams Pedro de Valdivia

    A 5 Star Hotel Casino, with 104 rooms on eight floors and the best panoramic view of the city. The rooms are distributed in 45 Double, 43 Twin, 8 Junior Suites and 8 Suites, next to the Calle Calle river and steps from the Place de…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Dreams Pedro de Valdivia
  • Hotel Melillanca

    Located at the heart of beautiful Valdivia city, Melillanca Hotel extends a truly warm welcome, offering a modern, comfortable and spacious setting for your business trip or holidays, making for an incomparable stay in the Lake Region.…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Melillanca
  • Hotel Naguilán

    This Hotel is located beside the Valdivia river, in a neighborhood of great historical tradition, only a few minutes from downtown. Naguilan means in mapuche "sunset”, one that is possible to view from the rooms set on the nature of…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Naguilán
  • Hotel Puerta del Sur

    Next to Nature Sanctuary in Isla Teja, Valdivia, is Puerta del Sur Hotel Resort, to be enjoyed with family or business meetings. Faced with the wonderful view of Rio Cruces (Cruces River) you will find comfort and relaxation: sauna,…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Puerta del Sur

Some highlighted hotels in Las Trancas Valley

  • M.I. Lodge

    The Misión Imposible Lodge is located just 8 kilometers from a major ski resorts in the area. Thanks to its surroundings, at this accommodation you can enjoy unique tranquility as well as the great panoramic views. Among the amenities…

    From USD- Ref.

    M.I. Lodge

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