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Nomads of the Seas: Wildlife Adventures

7 days / 6 nights Code: NOM001

This Cruise is no longer available

Unfortunately we no longer offer this Cruise, but we haven't removed the information so you can have more ideas for your trip. If you want something similar write us.

Places you will see

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Stimulating program with outdoors activities with a unique scientific approach. Enjoy the landscape by helicopter, from nature to board the jet-boating and many other experiences that will amaze your senses.


The ecotourism program Wildlife Adventures presents exciting outdoor activities with a scientific approach unique. Environmental experts guided tours of birding and whale delivering great deal of information and data on the species, days which can also be combined with nature photography.

Completing this program created a set of activities for explorers interested in the natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia actively and from different angles. The invitation is to live and experience this moving scene from a different perspective: the thrill of jet boating and rafting, with the charm of kayaking and trekking, the endless entertainment of a ride through Patagonia and breathtaking scenic adventure flights helicopter.

Nomads invites you to discover the hidden Patagonia by air, land and water.

Atmosphere, The ship, was designed and built especially to visit the Chilean Patagonia. There is capacity for 28 passengers and 32 crew, which indicates their intimate and exclusive. The particular configuration allows you to carry a Bell 407 helicopter, a fleet of six jet-boats, a Zodiac Hurricane 920 next generation to explore the coastline and a set of specialized ships such as Catarafts, zodiacs helifishing portable operations, and kayacks rafts. Completing this equipment 12 and 36 jet skiffs boats ready for air Mckenzie at strategic points in the Patagonia.

Whale watching:

Due to the wealth of cetaceans that has the Patagonia - 50% of all species in the world - and particularly the area explored by Atmosphere, Nomads of the Seas has created a complete set of activities of solid scientific approach.This brings together guides with extensive training and is committed to strong elements of sustainability. In turn, incorporates technology and comfort hitherto unknown to the circuit of whale - the world watching.

Days of observation:

The days of observation have a half-day or full day, and are held in the Zodiac Hurricane 920 with 16 passengers and 3 crew. With it you can access a wide variety of marine environments. The boat also Atmosphere has an observation deck located on the fifth deck has a large radiusvisibility.

Species possible to observe:

In the exploration area of Nomads is possible to observe small cetaceans such as dolphins and southern endemic, the bottlenose dolphin, the dusky dolphin and the dolphin of Chile. Alongside them, several species of large whales, beaked whales and minke whales, as well as sperm whales, orcas and the ever impressive blue whale, which in this sector has caudal fin smaller than the northern hemisphere.

Scientific approach:

All approximation techniques and operations fully comply with the highest standards and suggested monitoring required by institutions like the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, among others. In addition, our guides made records of data that will be a great contribution to the scientific community. One such initiative - a pioneer in this sector of the maritime territory of Chile - will be a registration program voices of cetaceans in the area where they can participate actively passengers.


Chile has 450 species of birds around, many of them endemic. Unlike many popular tropical areas because of the abundance of different birds, but difficult to visibility, the area of operation Nomads of the Seas offers an environment that facilitates the recognition, observation and recording of its varied avifauna. The program Nomads of the Seas has two key elements to ensure its success: his aeromarine transport system that allows access to places yet virgins and a large team of trained guides in the area.

Species possible to observe:

Throughout the trip is easily and frequently observed seabirds unique and of great interest as several species of albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters, gulls and cormorants, among others, including two species of penguins - Humboldt and Magellan -. In areas of estuaries and floods have been shown in numerous birds recurrence waders such as herons, ibis / ibis and huairavos, plus some Cinclodes. In the vicinity of rivers and lake areas, as well as some wetlands, appear quite naturally many species of whistling ducks, ducks surface, diving ducks, geese false, a couple of species of swans and the majestic Kingfisher Chile. Within the lush rainforest southern overlook beautiful woodpeckers, hummingbirds, parrots and pigeons or large Chilean Pigeon. You can also find a series of ovenbirds and a pair of rinocríptidos, the Huet-Huet and South Chucao with powerful singing. Complement the symphony of forest birds, some species of finch, Emberiza icterids and, among the latter, a Patagonian cometocinos delicate, wearing a frac showy orange and yellow. Some raptors, small children, also inhabit the area. This is the case of some species of falcons, owls, like the great horned, or live here Condor sectors with a higher elevation.

Nature Fotogfrafia:

Nomads of the Seas allows an interesting and varied program of photography, digital or film via registry. The tours are guided by an environmental interpreter with a solid knowledge of digital and analog photography, in addition to photographic composition. They are made on board the vessel or walking tours. The days of photography can be photographed glaciers and glaciers and elevations of the Cordillera de Los Andes, volcanoes, breasts, channels and fjords, the stunning coastline and its tidal variation, in addition to the lush jungle always cold. It is also possible the photography of whales and other marine mammals like sea lions, a hair and two species of otters. Heritage Photography is an interesting way to develop the various coves inhabited, and in those archaeological sites that are remnants of the former nomadic culture of the canoe from the sea: Chonos. Another option is great interest in macro photography, both in terms of endemic terrestrial invertebrates, like flowers, we have some strange unique species of orchids, and those spectacular details of the undergrowth that often goes unnoticed.

Soft outdoors adventures:

Nomads of the Seas has designed a set of activities for explorers interested in being in contact with the natural beauty of Patagonia actively. The invitation is to know the beautiful surroundings while enjoying the excitement of jetboating or rafting, the charm of kayaking, hiking, or magic and peace of the trip. With a choice of activities-all attractive to both physical performance and mind-the guests will appreciate and explore the coast and rivers, forests and surrounding mountains of Patagonia. To embark on this adventure, all you need is enthusiasm and joy of discovering an unexplored territory from a new perspective, the prospect Nomads.


Jetboating Our expeditions are the perfect combination of speed and security. Aboard one of the six jetboats, designed exclusively for Nomads of the Seas, guests will live unforgettable days in rivers and forests of great beauty. It was found that the Jetboating is one of the most exciting alternative to our operation, as it connects with the fascination with the speed that everything adventure within. Those who dare to live the Jetboating return home with memories of the wind touching your face while virtually fly upstream in the midst of a unique nature.


The rivers, fjords and Patagonian coast provide natural routes for our days of Kayaking. The true lover of this sport knows that this form of navigation and offers a view contact with the single passage, while the oar is dipped gently in the current, almost touching the leaves of the trees that cling to the shore. So you'll get to admire the flora and fauna at close range. Nomads During the trip, Kayaking is available in three formats: navigation soft-flowing rivers, a journey through different levels of fast and maritime coastal walks admiring the incredible wildlife.


If our guests want to absorb every inch of Patagonia step by step, Nomads of the Seas will transport them by helicopter, jetboat or hiding places in the mountains where our guides have selected several daily routes. There you can walk trails that meander through the magnificent rainforest and its abundant endemic flowers, trees, leafy bushes, and the endless number of species of ferns, fungi, algae and lichens. Some places where they arrived offer the chance to enjoy the steam and the high temperatures of rustic spas, or breathtaking views of glaciers and volcanoes.


Emulating the first inhabitants of Patagonia, which 200 years ago made their way through this wilderness, we have designed rides through forests, hills and mountains of extraordinary beauty. Passing through this beautiful and challenging territory, explorers can reach pristine places with spectacular views that provide moments of calm and tranquility unforgettable.

Helicopter Sightseeing Flights:

See the amazing geography of Patagonia from the air is a unique activity that will be one of the fond memories of Nomads. In a few minutes ranges from mountains to sea with a perfect selection of music on board the Bell 407.


- Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
- Open bar (except for special liquors).
- All activities on board (sauna, thalasotherapia, lectures, etc.)
- Double or single occupancy according to the secrecy.
- Additionally, Nomads of the Seas offers complimentary shuttle the day of embarkation and disembarkation in Puerto Montt.
Not included:
- Air tickets.
- Tips.
- Products of the gift shop.
- Overtime of jet boat or helicopter.
- Special Liquor.
- Satellite telephone.
- Massage.
Departures: Saturdays.
Cancellation Policy:
The following fines are charged depending on the anticipation of it:
Up to 180 days prior to departure: USD 500 .-
From 179 to 120 days before departure: USD 1.000 .-
From 119 to 75 days before departure: 25% of value.
From 74 to 45 days before departure: 50% value.
From 44-0 days before departure: 100% value.
Administrative Penalty: USD 500 .- for any date change.

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