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Touristic attractions of San Pedro de Atacama

  • Tulor Village

    Tulor Village

    Tulor Village was an important city circa 2800 b.C. with 200 inhabitants. Today, it´s a museum that seems to have been burried under the sand, right in the middle of the desert. The new town features houses built with mud, just like the first inhabitants used to build their homes, surrounded by walls that worked as protection. The constructions reach…

  • Puritama Hotsprings

    Puritama Hotsprings

    In the middle of the desert you will find the Puritama Springs, which features medicinal waters that go from 25ºC to 30ºC. Located 3500 meters above sea level, the springs have mineral properties and a beautiful view of landscapes down below. Attractions Medicinal properties waters. Tourist infrastructure. Activities Medicinal baths.…

  • Salt Mountain Rage

    Salt Mountain Rage

    Located in the second region, the Salt Mountain Rage has its origin 23 million years ago and it´s part of the Andes. It has a particular topography that turns it an amazing attraction. Attractions Attractive relief. Activities Hiking, bicycle ridings, photography. Location Second region. Located 2 kilometers west of…

  • Tatio Geysers

    Tatio Geysers

    Located in the Atacama desert 4320 meters above sea level-, the Tatio Geysers are almost 7 meters high, 85ºC and they are an interesting and unique show for visitors. Attractions Incredible visual attraction. Activities Caves exploration, photography. Location Second region. Located 40 kilometers east of Caspana, 120 kilometers east of Calama…

  • Socaire Church

    Socaire Church

    Located in Socaire, a small village in the desert, the church is the main historical patrimony of the town. Its historical and cultural value offer a fantastic artistic exhibition, with several work from colonial times. Attractions Cultural interest zone. Activities Photography. Location Second region. Locaed in Socaire…

  • San Pedro de Atacama Church

    San Pedro de Atacama Church

    Located in the main square of the country´s archaeological capital, the San Pedro de Atacama Church was built in 1745 and today is the most important architecture attraction of the region. National Monument since 1951, the church is made of rock and adobe, while its roof is made of wood. It is 41 meters long and 7,5 meters wide. The town saint is…

  • Chaxa Lagoon

    Chaxa Lagoon

    Chaxa Lagoon offers a wonderful show for visitors. With a salty surface, it´s possible to find pink flamencos around, protected by the Forest National Corporation (CONAF). Attractions Avifauna. Activities Photography. Location Second region. Located 7 kilometers southwest of Toconao, 45 kilometers south of San Pedro de…

  • Tara Lagoon

    Tara Lagoon

    Located in Los Flamencos National Reserve. Tara Lagoon is the main water resource for the native flora and fauna of the area. With a surface that varies between the 3 and 25 squared kilometers, the lagoon exist thanks to the Zapaleri River (origin in Bolivia). In the place you can find bofedales, coirones, paja amarilla, tolas amaja, flamencos, vicuñas,…

  • Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons

    Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons

    Located 4000 meters above sea level, these four lagoons are in the middle of a magical natural landscape, surrounded by mountains. Apart from their beautiful landscape, the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons are perfect places to do some birdwatching, with species like flamencos and parinas. You can enjoy aquatic sports in the area as well. Attractions …

  • Gustavo Le Paige Museum

    Gustavo Le Paige Museum

    Gustavo Le Paige Museum is a great place to see how the Atacameña culture developed in the area. With more than 450.000 archaeological records and 100 etnographic vestiges, the museum shows the evolution of a culture that existed 15 thousand years b.C, through a display of ceramics, tools, knitting, drugs, metals, and other materials. The tourists…

  • Quitor Pucara

    Quitor Pucara

    National Monument and pre-inca architecture patrimony, the Quitor Pukara was a fortress made of rock. It was built in the 12th century by an agricultural population known as “Ayllu de Quitor”, before the conquest period. Attractions Colorful architecture. Anchaeological and anthropological interest zone. Activities Photography.…

  • Los Flamencos National Reserve

    Los Flamencos National Reserve

    With 73986 hectares, the Flamenco National Reserve has different attractions for visitors, like mountains, salars, rocky forms, lagoons, archaeological areas and native flora and fauna. The reserve is divided in seven areas: Tara Salar, Aguas Calientes Salar, Puisa Salar, Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons, Soncor area, Aguas de Quelana Lagoon (Atacama…

  • Atacama Salt

    Atacama Salt

    The Atacama Salar it's the second salt marsh in the country. It's in the middle of a fantastic natural landscape and it has an impressive geology with important archaeological vestiges. The Atacama Salar also allows the flora and fauna contemplation, with lagoons in its surroundings. The avifauna includes pink flamencos in the high cordillera. …

  • Tara Salt

    Tara Salt

    Located in the middle of Los Flamencos National Reserve -4300 meters height-, the Tara Salar is another attraction in the second region. With lagoons and rivers, it has 48 squared kilometers of surface and a colorful relief with native flora and fauna. In the salar you can find bofedales, coirones, paja amarilla, tolas amaja, flamencos, vicuñas, chululos…

  • Socaire


    In the Socaire town you will find the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Atacama Salar. Located 3500 meters above sea level, in the second region, Socaire is the main natural balcony of the salar and it has a beautiful handmade crafts (specially jerseys). The town features special housing for tourists. Attractions …

  • Toconao


    Toconao is a must-see destination because of the constructions made of volcanic rocks. The town is the perfect place for those who enjoy the singular attractions of the zone, among which you can find the church, the main square and the San Lucas Camp. Agriculture and handmade crafts are the main work activities. Attractions Interesting…

  • Moon Valley

    Moon Valley

    Natural Sanctuary since 1982, the Moon Valley is a wonderful place with colorful geology. Located in the Sierra Obate depression, 2550 meters above sea level, it has different visual attractions that turn it in an extraordinary place called "Moon Valley" because of its similar look to lunar soil. The Moon Valley is a perfect place to contemplate desertic…

  • Licancabur Volcano

    Licancabur Volcano

    Licancabur Volcano is 5916 meters hight, it is part of the Andes and you can see it from San Pedro de Atacama. Located in the border between Chile and Bolivia, the volcano offers excursions to visitors from a base camp (4300 meters above sea level) or from the intermediate camp at 4700 meters. It as an archaeological and anthropological interest because…

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