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Santiago and Farellones

Touristic attractions of Santiago and Farellones

  • Civic District of Santiago

    Civic District of Santiago

    Dozens of modern buildings welcome you to Santiago's civic district, which was supposed to connect La Moneda Palace to the former National Congress building in one very long street. The project never came to be, but it was filled with beautiful squares that now hold statues of the founding fathers. There, you can see the Liberty Square, the general…

  • La Chascona Pablo Neruda's House

    La Chascona Pablo Neruda's House

    Located in the San Cristobal Hill, La Chascona is yet another house built for poet Pablo Neruda; another musem you can visit while you are in Santiago. La Chascona was built in 1953 with special and natural materials. It was designed by German Rodriguez, and today it is a Chilean cultural patrimony. Also, it has a library administrated by the Neruda…

  • EL Colorado Ski Center

    EL Colorado Ski Center

    Located between the 2500 and 3500 meters above sea level, the center has two towns connected to each other. It has an incredible tourist equipment and 40 kilometers to ski, with 22 tracks, being one of the best ski centers in South America. Attractions Tourist equipment, tracks. Activities Snow trekking, ski or randonne, snowboard,…

  • La Parva Ski Center

    La Parva Ski Center

    Located by the Farellones road, the ski center has a wonderful view of the Central Valley. This attraction offers different snow activities and a great tourist infrastructure. It has 30 snow tracks and you can get to it through an special entrance that allows you to go to Valle Nevado Ski Center. Attractions Tourist equipment, tracks. Activities …

  • Valle Nevado Ski Center

    Valle Nevado Ski Center

    Valle Nevado was built in 1988 and it has an incredible tourist infrastructure that had turned it into one of the best Ski Center in SouthAmerica, with La Parva and El Colorado nearby. Located between the 2860 and 3670 meters above sea level, Valle Nevado is Chile's main ski center, with 29 tracks in an area of 31 kilometers . …

  • Santa Lucia Hill

    Santa Lucia Hill

    In 1872, Santa Lucia Hill was rebuilt to fix problems in its infrastructure caused by several earthquakes, according to the mandate of the Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna's government. However, the remodel of the Santa Lucia Hill finished after the Mackenna's Goverment, by the Villenueve architect, who went for a neoclasical style. The hill represents 19th…

  • Farellones


    Farellones is the ideal place to enjoy nature and winter sports. High mountain tours, walks, excursions or just relaxing are some of the activities you can enjoy here. The area has excellent tourism equipment and fantastic tracks. Attractions Natural landscape, tracks. Activities Snow trekking, ski or randonne, snowboard,…

  • Cousiño Palace

    Cousiño Palace

    Built by Luis Cousiño as a gift to his wife Isidora Goyenechea, the palace construction was inspired by the Versalles architecture. It belonged to the Cousiño Family between 1928 and 1940, today is a Historical Monument and a museum that offers beautiful landscapes, ballrooms and a winter garden. Attractions Cultural, architecture…

  • La Moneda Palace

    La Moneda Palace

    A Joaquin Toesca and Agustin Cavallero project, this neoclasical building is the Chilean Government Seat since 1922. Its high walls are witnesses of the country's history, like the bombing during the Military Coup in 1973 when former president Salvador Allende died. Today, you can access to the Palace from the Constitution Square going north, getting…

  • Forestal Park

    Forestal Park

    Forestal Park is a beautiful place right by the Mapocho River in the middle of the city. Created by Jorge Dubois, the park is a display of the 19th century aesthetic. In it you can find the German Fountain, the Independence Witters Monument, Bruna Palace, The Fine Arts National Museum and the Contemporian Art Museum (MAC), and others. …

  • Caren Lagoon Park

    Caren Lagoon Park

    Caren park is a 100.000 hectares facility, where you can find a big number of cuca garzas, hualas, taguas and the beautiful seven-colors bird. The lagoon is inside the park and offers an amazing landscape surrounded by eucalyptus, algarrobos, espinos and maitenes forests. There are dressing rooms and selected areas for picnics. Attractions …

  • Plaza de Armas

    Plaza de Armas

    Santiago´s Main Square was the principal civic center when Santiago was found by the Spaniards in the 16th century. In Colony times, the square was used for popular activities like fairs and civil ceremonies. as well as commercial activities. During the Bernardo O´Higgins government, the commercial activity migrated to the Central Market. In the 19th…

  • Santiago


    Santiago is the main city in the Metropolitan Region. Over 6 million people live there, making it one of the most modern cities in America. Its architecture combines historical and modern times. Santiago is also the country´s capital and it has the best urban infrastructure in the Chile. Besides, it has beautiful landscapes surrounding it and many…

  • Cousiño Macul Vine

    Cousiño Macul Vine

    Property of Matias Cousiño, the vineyard produces high quality wines since 1856. You can visit the viña with a guide, where you can get some wine samplings. Attractions Vineyard, wine sampling. Activities Photography Location Metropolitan region. How to get there? To Santiago: Airway, to the Arturo Merino Benitez…

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