Basic Conditions

Reservations and all kind of sales through the visitchile.com web site, are dealed by VisitChile.com along with their service suppliers (ground operators, transportation, hotels and others).

All of the present conditions and the total amount of the service fare may change without previous warning, thus the responsibility for all these changes rely upon the service suppliers only. CHT S.A, therefore, assumes no responsibility what so ever, for any of these inconvenients.

Rates and Taxes

Rates are expressed in US Dollars and do not include taxes. Non Chilean resident tourist do not have to pay taxes if they pay in US Dollars. Chile residents pay a 19% taxs. Rates subject to change without prior notice.

Payment Methods
1.- Credit Card
Secure Form:

Once the reservation is confirmed by our staff, a secure form must be filled with the credit card number, card type, bank holder and name on the card.

2.- Bank acount transfer

Once the reservation is confirmed by our staff, you must transfer the full payment to the bank account in US dollars that we'll inform in order to confirm the reservation.


Once the full payment is received, Visitchile.com staff will send a printable electronic voucher that must be presented to each service involved. (hotel, tour guide or transportation).


Once the customer received the confirmation of the reservation by our staff, visitchile.com need a deposit fee or full payment to ensure the availability of the chosen tourist service. Full payment or balance must be received within a minimum of 30 days before the arrival of the passengers. If the total price of the service is not paid on this date there will be no security regarding the availability of the reservation and it will be cancelled.

Important: There are some hotels that can be paid directly by the customer credit card before the arrival date.

Flights and Cars Online Reservations: Any error in the information entered in our online reservation system for flights or cars is the sole responsibility of the person who performs it. Therefore VisitChile.com is not responsible for erroneous information entered through the airline and car reservation system. This is an automated booking system in which VisitChile.com has no control over the information provided.


Tour / Programs with Flights:


The following is the scale of charges for cancellations per participant before their date of arrival

Days Charge
More than 30 days US$ 100
Between 15 and 30 days 20% of total amount
Between 07 and 15 days 25% of total amount
Less than 7 days No refund
For earlybooking reservations no refund will be made
*** Important: There are specific policies and charges for hoteles, cruises and for travel packages. There is no refund for unused portions of services.

Important: There are specific policies and charges for cruises and for some travel packages. There is no refund for unused portions of services.


All the information provided by the clients is strictly confidential and will only be used by visitchile.com in order to process the payment.


Except for verifiable extenuating circumstances, refunds are not made for any missed tour services. Please see "Responsibility and Liability" on this page. For verifiable claims to be considered, they must be received in writing within 30 days of the termination of the tour and be accompanied by supporting documentation and/or a statement from the tour operating company verifying the claim.

Any adjustments will not be made for unused sightseeing trips or meals. We will not accept any liability for any claims that are not received within 30 days of the termination of the tour.


VisitChile.com acts as an agent relating to transportation, hotel accommodations, professional guide services and other facilities provided by third parties, then VisitChile.com shall not be liable as a whole or individual for any death, delay, loss, damage, injury, accident, any kind of terrorist act regarding check in or any kind of further delay caused by terrorist acts or related to them and any irregularity which the client may suffer or his/her property as a result of any event or through the result of any negligent event or through situations of omission, oversight, or negligence of any company or person contracted to fulfill or carry out any service or part of service that VisitChile.com offers.

Confirmation or payment of services costs constitute your acceptance of the above exclusions of liability provision.

We reserves the right to adjust U.S. dollars prices without notice, to reflect fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets.

We also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it, to make such alterations in the itineraries as it deems necessary or desirable, to refuse to accept or retain as member of the tour any person at any time, and to pass on to tour members any expenditures or losses, caused by delays or events beyond its control. Confirmation or payment of tour costs constitute acceptance to the Terms and Conditions set herein and in more specific pre-tour passenger documentation, including the reservation confirmation form.