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Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales

Touristic attractions of Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales

  • Base de las Torres del Paine

    Base de las Torres del Paine

    With a beautiful and charming landscape, Torres del Paine base is the first step to get to Torres del Paine National Park –one of the most visited places by national and forein tourists-. It´s surrounded by a rich flora and fauna like guanacos, sea birds and condors, woodpeckers, lloicas, tordos and tucuqueres. This place is a natural refuge, protected…

  • Castillo Hill

    Castillo Hill

    Known for promoting national identity activities -like the splinter, the rodeo and Chilean races- Cerro Castillo is a small town recognized by its cattle activities. Its population reaches 400 people that live in 200th century constructions, which are a great attraction to visitors. Cerro Castillo used to be a cattle ranch. Now, it´s de comunal capital…

  • Circuito "W" Base Las Torres-Frances Valley-Grey Lake


    The circuit features different outdoor activities that can be done in four days in which, if the weather conditions are the best, it´s possible to visit the Torres del Paine Base, the Torres del Paine National Park, Nordenskjold Lake, Cuernos del Paine, the French Glacier, Paine Grande, Grey Lake, Paine and Pudeto. For those who enjoy walking, the circuit…

  • Circuito Largo Cordillera Paine

    Circuito Largo Cordillera Paine

    It´s the longest circuit made in Patagonia –lasts one week- in which is possible to enjoy the Torres del Paine Base, Paine Lake, Dickson shelter, Los Perros, Grey shelter, Pehoe shelter and Franch Valley, among others. The circuit invites you to contemplate austral landscapes and an incredible topography. Trekking and hiking are the main activities…

  • Costanera Puerto Natales

    Costanera Puerto Natales

    The Puerto Natales seashort has a marvelous landscape in which you can find native flora and fauna and beautiful panoramic views f the city. Its hills are another beautiful element in the landscape. Ballena, Benitez, Mocho and Tenerife Hills are surrounded by seagulls and flamingos –you can find them near Señoret Channel-. In the seashort you will…

  • Balmaceda Glacier

    Balmaceda Glacier

    Located in the west side of Balmaceda Mount, the glacier is a unique view and a must-see attraction in Bernardo O´Higgins National Park. With 2035 meters of extension, the Balmaceda offers a real show when its icebergs detach from the east side of the glacier. Nevertheless its activity is in retrocession, losing ice due to global warming. Still,…

  • Grey Glacier

    Grey Glacier

    With 19 kilometers of extension, Grey Glacier is a massive natural ice construction, of unique beauty. There are morrenas on its sides and multiple shades of white, which increase the beauty of the landscape. You can also find there a "nunatak" – piece of land that divides the glacier in two-, creating an island in the middle of the glacier, where…

  • Pio XI Glacier

    Pio XI Glacier

    Located in Bernardo O´Higgins National Park, Pio XI Glacier is another must-see place in the region. Pio XI is as big as Santiago, with a surface of 1265 squared kilometers, which grows 50 meters in height, length and density every day. This is a unique quality, all the other glaciers in Patagonia and in most areas of the world are losing extension,…

  • Serrano Glacier

    Serrano Glacier

    Massive icebergs and an amazing landscape, Serrano Glacier is another Patagonia attraction. It´s part of the Southern Ice Field and it stands as another fantastic place to see for visitors from all over the world. Attractions Colorful geography. Activities Hiking, flora and fauna contemplation, photography. Location …

  • Tyndall Glacier

    Tyndall Glacier

    Tyndall is one of the many glaciers you can find n the Torres del Paine National Park. Its beauty and spectacular location turn it into an incredible atraction for visitors, where you can see native flora and fauna as well as a unique scenery. Attractions Colorful geography. Activities Hiking, flora and fauna contemplation,…

  • Balmaceda Lake

    Balmaceda Lake

    Located nearby Puerto Natales, Balmaceda Lake has beautiful waters, an ideal place to practice aquatic sports. Its landscape and natural conditions make the Balmaceda Lake an ideal refuge to practice entertaining activities and enjoy an exhuberant native flora and fauna, in which you can find flamingos, black-neck swans, ducks and seagulls. …

  • Toro Lake

    Toro Lake

    Toro Lake is another “crystalline” attraction of the region. With 202 km 2 in surface and 320 meters of depth, the lake offers more than beautiful suroundings, exotic vegetation and native fauna. It has an irregular tophography, in which the peninsulas and inlets are the protagonists. The lake offers the possibility to walk around it if the weather…

  • Grey Lake

    Grey Lake

    Grey lake is a beautiful show of nature for visitors from around the world. Its waters –recovered by sediments in the surface-, and the Paine Mountain behind it, turn it into a postcard worthy picture. It has more than 500 meters of depth, surrounded by incredible rocky attractions. It was born from the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, and it is the birhtplace…

  • Nordenskjold Lake

    Nordenskjold Lake

    Its colorful waters are the main attraction of Nordenskjold Lake. The lake is ideal for walking around it, because of the wonderful colors and the flora and fauna. Nearby “Cuernos del Paine” (a part of Paine Mountain), it has 200 meters of depth that enables navigation and other aquatic sports. Attractions Colorful waters. Activities Hiking,…

  • Paine Lake

    Paine Lake

    Located in Torres del Paine National Park, its colorful waters are the main attraction of Paine Lake. In a place with wonderful weather –in optimal conditions surpasses 20°C- you have walks around it to enjoy the flora, fauna and the lake itself. It is advisable to go in summer season, that means from January to April and from September to December.…

  • Pehoe Lake

    Pehoe Lake

    Located near Castillo Hill Village, Pehoe Lake is a beautiful attraction in Patagonia. Its crystalline waters gives it an incredible beauty, in which you can see the Cuernos del Paine reflected. The lake is the perfect scene to see exotic animal species and unique vegetation. Attractions Flora and fauna. Amazing topography…

  • Macizo del Paine

    Macizo del Paine

    The Paine Mountain is the little darling of the Patagonia. A unique place that offers beautiful landscapes that include rivers, mountains, lakes, valleys, lagoons and a great environment for those who like to practice sports and enjoy of an exciting vacation. The Mountain itself -made of granite- is a visual wonder, especially when the sun reflects…

  • Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument

    Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument

    Visiting Cueva del Milodon means to breathe and go back to prehistoric times. Located 30 kilometers (18 miles) from Puerto Natales, the cave still shows signs of the people who lived there over 12,000 years ago. This historical monument –made naturally of rock- is 30 meters high, 50 meters wide and 200 meters deep. The cave's attraction is not only…

  • Torres del Paine National Park

    Torres del Paine National Park

    Located over 100 kilometers away from Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park has amazing landscapes in almost 243000 hectares. It´s the ideal place to practice entertaining and sport activities, if the weather conditions allow it. It has different geographic attractions; one of them is Paine Mountain and the Cuernos del Paine. The park is…

  • Eden Port

    Eden Port

    Located in the north coast of Wellington Island, Puerto Eden has a marvelous environment, in which the topography, flora, fauna and the ancient ice fields are the protagonists. Puerto Eden has beautiful natural resources and native indian vestiges –about 20 kaweskar inhabitants left in a total of 250 people that live there. Hand made crafts and fishing…

  • Puerto Natales

    Puerto Natales

    With 19.116 inhabitants, Puerto Natales was founded in 1911 and today it´s one of the most important urban centers in Patagonia. Located in the north side of the region, between the Pacific Ocean and Argentina, Puerto Natales has marvelous geography with different geographic formations such as valleys, fjords, archipelagos and millenary ice fields.…

  • Serrano River

    Serrano River

    Serrano River is the Torres del Paine National Park´s main fluvial network and one of its natural frontiers. It has 38 kilometers of extention and its volume allows visitors to practice fly fishing and other aquatic sports. The navigation and other aquatic activities are also possible in this river which waters drain of in the Toro Lake. Attractions …

  • Seno Ultima Esperanza

    Seno Ultima Esperanza

    With amazing geography, Ultima Esperanza Inlet connects the Balmaceda and Serrano snowcaps with Puerto Natales city. It was baptized by Juan Ladrilleros in 1557, who believed the inlet was an exit to the Magellian Strait. The inlet features incredible visual attractions like fjords, channels ans snowcaps. Its favorable weather in summer season varies…

  • Torres del Paine

    Torres del Paine

    Located more than 100 kilometers from Puerto Natales, This national park has incredible landscapes and 242.242 ha surface. It's the ideal place to practice entertaining and sport activities, if the weather conditions are the best. Torres del Paine has different geographic attractions; one of them is Paine Mountain and the Cuerno and the Torres of…

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