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Overland Adventure from Torres del Paine to Tierra del Fuego

8 days / 7 nights Code: SAT001

Patagonia, at the south of the world, far and distant place whose voyage fills your senses and it is a long lasting reminder for travellers in time. A trip through the Patagonia in Overland is a commitment for those fond of adventure and nature.


We invite you to live the Overland´s unique experience. An experience to live with your family, with your partner, or with your friends, in the most beauty and unknown parks in Chile.
You don´t need to be an adventurer to be in touch with the virgin nature from extreme zones, gar away from the city, with extremely beautiful landscapes, a rich in endemic species flora and fauna, and with native inhabitants only. These are the destinations of an special interests turism every time more required.


Day 01: Punta Arenas - Torres del Paine.

Departure from the Hotel in Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine National Park, declared World Biosphere National Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978. Arrival in Camping Serrano. Camping arrangements. Dinner and Accommodation.

Day 02: Torres del Paine.

Breakfast at the camping. Climbing Torres del Paine base. Departure by Overland to Las Torres Hostelry, from where we begin to walk across to the Ascencio River, through a bridge and, after four hours of walking, we arrive at a wonderful Lagoon at the Torres del Paine base. It takes place with certain difficulty along the way. Box Lunch for the tour. In the afternoon, return to the camping. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 03: Torres del Paine - Grey Glacier - Milodon Cave - Puerto Natales.

Breakfast in camp. Trekking the Condor lookout point from where we have a 360 degree view of the park. Up camp and visit to the Park Administration, where we give a short talk explaining the place of the environmental and safety measures in the park. Trekking to the viewpoint of Grey Glacier where we will walk along the beach of Lake Grey, where the icebergs come pushed by the wind. Picnic - lunch. Out of the Torres del Paine National Park. Visit Milodon Cave Natural Monument. Arrive at sunset to Puerto Natales, capital of the province of Ultima Esperanza. Accommodation at the hotel. Time to visit this beautiful tourist town. Dinner and overnight.

Day 04: Puerto Natales - Tierra del Fuego - Porvenir.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure from Puerto Natales in the morning to Punta Delgada in the first narrows of the Strait of Magellan. On the way visit to "Estancia San Gregorio". Picnic - lunch.

Cross by ferry to Tierra del Fuego to take the route that goes between the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego the pampas, where we met lots of birds to arrive in the afternoon to the city of Porvenir. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 05: Porvenir - Onaisin - Cameron - Lake Fagnano.

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, departure from Porvenir to the road that surrounds the Inutil Bay, with an extremely beautiful view and many cattle belonging to the different farms in the zone. Visit to Onaisin, village created near the Josefina Cove, founded in 1893 by the Tierra del Fuego Operating Society. Picnic - lunch. Visit to the Cameron village, from where we will go into the Fuegian Pampas and see huge herds of huanacos and towards the South, the Tierra del Fuego Mountain Range, where we will pass through the Despreciado and Deseado lakes to cross the Mountain Range and arrive, in the afternoon, to the Fagnano Lake, with a beautiful view to the Darwin Mountain Range. Camping arrangements. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 06: Fagnano Lake.

Breakfast at the camping Different activities will be held at the banks of the Fagnano Lake. Box Lunch for trekking. We can either choose a trekking to the Azopardo River, Fagnano’s Lake outlet towards the Almirantazgo Bay or through the Fuegian woods, that are now are been cut down and full of beavers, species brought from Canada by fur operators. We will end of the day with a typical Fuegian barbecue. Accommodation.

Day 07: Fagnano Lake - Cultural Routees of Tierra del Fuego - Porvenir.

Breakfast at the camping. Departure early in the morning from Lake Fagnano, where you will see different farms in Tierra del Fuego, such as the Vicuña and Las Flores Farms, crossing the Carmen Sylvia mountain range, where you will see clear views of the Atlantic Coast. This route is parallel to the Argentina border. Box Lunch on the road. Arrival at Porvenir in the afternoon. Accommodation at the Hotel. Dinner and Accommodation.

Day 08: Porvenir - Punta Arenas.

Breakfast at the hotel. A trip across this wonderful town of 6,000 inhabitants, capital of the Tierra del Fuego province. At the scheduled time, we will cross by ferry in approximately 2 hours and a half from Porvenir by the Magellan Strait. Visit to Pali Aike National Park. Picnic - lunch. Arrive to Punta Arenas in the afternoon.


IMPORTANT: Rates in American dollar are referential only and they will be confirmed when booking. Excursion subject to weather conditions.

- 1700 Thursday December 29, 2016 to Thursday January 05, 2017
- 1701 Sunday January 08, 2016 to Sunday January 15, 2017
- 1702 Tuesday January 17, 2017 to Tuesday January 24, 2017
- 1703 Thursday January 26, 2017 to Thursday February 02, 2017
- 1705 Monday February 13, 2017 to Monday February 20, 2017
- 1706 Thursday February 23, 2017 to Thursday March 02, 2017

- Camping Serrano, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (2 Nights)
- Hotel Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales (1 Nights)
- Hotel España, Porvenir (1 Nights)
- Estancia Lago Fagnano, Lago Fagnano (2 Nights)
- Hotel España, Porvenir (1 Night)

- Full tour by Overland.
- Coordinating Guide, support Guide and driver, with wide experience in trips throughout the area.
- Camping accommodation in tents, for 2 or 3 people, including self-inflatable light mattresses. For the passenger travelling alone, there will be a personal tent.
- Meals according to schedule.
- Passengers insurance in case of car accidents.
- All trips described on the program.
- Ferry ticket.

Not includes:
- Air tickets.
- Sleeping bag.
- Museums and National Park tickets. (aprox. USD 60.- per person)
- Trips not specified on the program.
- Services not listed on the program.
- All kinds of beverages, (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), outside the camping area.

Equipment and logistics:
We have a group of people with wide experience, and with the proper vehicle, the required supplies and logistics, necessary to make this adventure come true and discover the most hidden and marvellous places at the Austral Patagonia. Specialized tourist guide in charge of the tour, driver for the whole trip, with thorough knowledge of the road, and a guide in charge of the cooking stuff. This tour is carried out thoroughly with our Overland equipment which has the following features: “Overland” truck-bus; Mercedes Benz 1117. It has 16 seats in the passengers’ cabin, plus the driver’s, and guides in the front cabin. Individual sliding windows, full heating system, audio, radio and microphones. Baggage car in the backside of the vehicle. Kitchen and full service equipment. Refrigerator, tables and stools for 16 people. Doite tents for 2 or 3 people with Doite self-inflatable light mattresses and feather pillows. Manufactured in Germany to be used in every kind of soil and weather. Auxiliary kit equipment for soils in bad state. Fully equipped first aid kit.

Travelling style:
Trips on Overland have a concept of harmony, cooperation participation, mutual respect and what is most important, tolerance with each other. Thus, even though there is someone in charge of the kitchen, if you feel like helping, feel free in doing so. Tents’ setting and dismantling are the responsibility of each passenger. Most campings to be visited are the best ones. Regarding meals, these include:
- Breakfast: cereals, yoghurt, bread, marmalade, cheese, milk, coffee, tea and herbs, amongst other things.
- Box lunch: It depends whether for the route or to be carried for a tour. For the former, it is based generally in a cold picnic, for example, cold meat, potatoes, tuna, or vegetable tortillas, salads, soup or sandwiches prepared by the same passengers, plus beverages. The Box Lunchs for the trips consists of sandwiches prepared by the own passengers after breakfast, fruit, cereals or chocolate bars and beverage.
- Dinner: the most important meal of the day, along with breakfast. Including hors d’oeuvre or hot soup, main course and dessert, with beverages.
As to the timetable, in the Patagonia, dawn takes place much earlier and for the fact of sleeping in tents, the activities begin early in the morning. Likewise, daily activities require a good rest, so this implies leaving at a proper time to adequately rest.

General conditions:
- Reserves the right to include photos or videos and other visual material of the passengers in advertising material in order to promote.
- The trips do not include special insurances, just the one for the vehicle to be used. We recommend our passengers to get a suitable insurance.
- Can delay departures up to 24 hours before or modify the schedule if the weather demands it or for reasons beyond its control. The company could cancel the trip if the problem remains and passengers will receive a full refund. There is no additional refund for the passenger.
- Departures with 8 passengers minimum. If this is the case, there is full refund for the money paid, but without additional payment for the passengers.

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