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Leisure in Patagonia in Remota Hotel

4 days / 3 nights Code: REM001

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A hotel so far from major cities, you are immersed in nature and culture of a place untouched and remote, but so close to the comfort we have come to flush out for a walk outdoors is a pleasure and not a feat.


We all sometimes day-dream, about spending a week of leisure in a remote place, a place so far away, that even with an internet signal or a mobile phone connection, it is ourselves who lose the connection, that keeps us stuck to daily duties and obligations. Close your diary, and forget your responsabilities, be a child again for a moment, busier whith what happens outside than inside yourself.
As it slogan says, Remota is such a distant place, that you have to deserve get there. Is the ideal place to complety forget about city and enjoy in a land full of nature and patagonic culture.
The hotel is located in Puerto Natales, Patagonia’s center, three hours from Punta Arenas city. The large house where it is at has a magalleanic and british inspiration and mixes open spaces with luxury elements to traveler’s comfort. Remota hotel is tradition and nature, enjoyed with luxury and splendor.

Visits of unforgettable splendor and mistery, in small groups, and in the company of a bilingual guide, are selected by our guests every day. A full experience that includes not only visiting Torres del Paine National Park, but the area that surrounds Puerto Natales, the local farms, sailing through the fiords, and meeting the people and the culture of Patagonia.


1.- Puerto Natales and Sierra Dorotea:

- Puerto Natales and its people.
Half-day, walk, easy.
This excursion puts us in contact with the people of Puerto Natales, their life and history, since the days of the indigenous Aónikenk and Kawésqar to the early pioneers and their development of sheep ranching. We visit the Frigorífico Museum (sheep production facility) in Puerto Bories, the Fisherman’s Pier, the Municipal Museum, the Main Plaza, and the greenhouses of Señora Rosalba.

- Walk at Sierra Dorotea.
Full day, walk, difficult, not a defined trail.
We first climb for 3 hours until reaching the peak at 900 meters high. The view from Sierra Dorotea offers us an excellent view of Patagonian geography: on one end the mountainous characteristics of Chilean Patagonia, and at the other end the infinite Argentine pampa. Toward the south, we can see the fjords and snowy peaks of the Southern Ice Field.

- Horseback ride at Sierra Dorotea.
Full day, horseback, medium difficulty, not a marked trail.
Sierra Dorotea is one of the most beautiful mountains in the region, with an extraordinary landscape where you can see mountains, the pampa, and the canals all from one viewpoint. It is a wonderful place to ride atop docile horses that are accustomed to difficult terrain. The ride is accompanied by a gaucho (also called a baquedano), who will share with guests a hot mate tea by a bonfire. The clothing, the character and culture of the gauchos offers guests a chance to understand life and work in sometimes inhospitable land.

- Trekking and horseback ride through Sierra Dorotea.
Full day, difficult, not a marked trail.
This excursion begins with a walk for 3 hours to the mountain shoulder of Sierra Dorotea where, along with a lake, we meet a gaucho with horses. We then ride for 3 hours through beech forest and a high mountain valley. Good opportunity to see condors.

2.- Southern Fjords:

- Lamb BBQ at Villa Luisa.
Full day, walk, easy.
We visit Puerto Consuelo, the first estancia in the Última Esperanza province. Then we head to Villa Luisa where we will enjoy a typical lamb BBQ. Because Villa Luisa cannot be reached by road, we propose 4 alternatives:
a) 1 hour of trekking.
b) 5 hours of trekking.
c) 3 hours by bicycle.
d)10 minutes in a zodiac inflatable boat. Here Hermann Eberhard greets us, the great-grandson of the first pioneer, who will tell the story and history of his family.

- Navigation through the Última Esperanza Sound.
Full day, walk, easy.
We will navigate for 3 hours through the Última Esperanza fjord to the Mount Balmaceda, which is within the Bernardo O´Higgins National Park, the largest national park in Chile. Here we’ll see waterfalls, sea lions, a cormorant colony, seagulls, Chilean skuas and condors, and the Balmaceda Glacier. We then take a brief walk that will put us up-close to the Glacier Serrano.

3.- Lake Sofia:

- Three Caves.
Half-day, walk, easy.
This excursion takes us to the caves Cueva Chica and Cueva del Medio, then to the Cueva del Milodón, site of the extinct giant sloth, the milodon, and the famous cave the incited the imagination of early European settlers at the end of the 19th century who, believing the milodon to still be alive, organized expeditions through Patagonia to hunt the beast. We then visit the Puerto Consuelo Estancia, to Puerto Prat and to the Villa Bories, places where the first colonists in the area worked and dreamed.

4.- Torres del Paine National Park:

- Lakes, forests, and ice formations of Torres del Paine National Park.
Full day, walk, easy.
We visit Torres del Paine from one extreme end to the other by van, passing by different lookout points: Laguna Amarga, Lake Nordenskjold, and the Salto Grande cascade. This excursion, weather permitting, allows guests to see the principal peaks including the Towers, the Horns, Almirante Nieto peak, and the Paine Grande peak. After lunch, we walk to the beach at Lake Grey, where we can view huge icebergs along the shore. From a lookout point here we can also see the Glacier Grey in the distance. This excursion offers a good introduction to Torres del Paine, and gives visitors an idea of the size and geographical diversity of Chilean Patagonia, and its flora and fauna that is present in all of Remota’s excursions.

- Mirador del Toro.
Full day, walk, medium.
Along this route we will see excellent views of Lake Sarmiento and Torres del Paine. We begin walking to the traditional Estancia Lazo, on the shore of Lake Verde. The path crosses through forests of beech and, in spring, the area is replete with a variety of species of flowers. The trail ends at the Mirador del Toro, one of the best places to contemplate the rich geography of Torres del Paine: the enormous and cobalt-blue waters of Lake Toro, the Andean Mountain Range, the Almirante Nieto peak, the Horns, Paine Grande Mountain, and Glacier Grey.

- Base of the Towers.
Full day, walk, difficult.
We begin this walk at the Estancia Cerro Paine, climbing to the Los Vientos pass, with a panoramic view of the pampa, lakes and the Río Ascencio valley. After three hours we arrive at the foot of a glacier moraine, then climb from boulder to boulder until we arrive at the lake at the base of the Towers. This is an unforgettable experience that any hiker will keep close to his/her heart.

- Valle Pingo.
Full day, walk, difficult.
This walk takes us through old forests of Antarctic, evergreen, and deciduous beech, to the impressive waterfall of Río Pingo. This region is known for birdwatching, including diucons, long-tailed meadowlarks, and chimango caracaras. This is one of the few places still inhabited by the huemul, a native, endangered deer.

5.- Sierra Baguales:

- The Peaks of Las Chinas.
Full day, walk, medium, not a marked trail.
Sierra Baguales owes its name to the wild horses that still today flee from herders. The indigenous Aónikenk were fearful of these horses, and kept their distance. We walk a few kilometers along a basalt dike until we reach an extraordinary geological formation called the “The Peaks of las Chinas”.

6.- Mount Rotundo:

- Bicycle Ride to Estancia Los Rebaños.
Full day, medium.
Bicycle ride to the Estancia los Rebaños that follows a road surrounded by forests of evergreen and deciduous beech, and canelo. In two hours we arrive at a lookout point that offers excellent views of the Almirante Montt gulf, Mount Rotundo, the Paine Massif, and the Mounumeto Moore peak.


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Family rates are for children up to 16 years accompanied by their parents.
- Lodging in Remota Hotel.
- Transfer.
- Breakfast, snacks, appetizers, lunch, dinner, soft drinks, liquors and house wines.
- Daily excursions according to the schedule of the day, with bilingual guide English-Spanish (the times of the excursions are pre-set, ask in the reception).
- Using Spa facilities, Jacuzzi, heated pool).
- Transfers every day at the following times:
     From Punta Arenas Airport from Remota Hotel, from 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.
     From Remota Hotel to Punta Arenas Airport, from 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.
     From Remota Hotel to El Calafate International Airport, from 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs. (Minimum 2 passengers).
     From El Calafate International Airport to Remota Hotel, from 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs. (Minimum 2 passengers).
Does not included:
- Phone calls.
- Premium wines.
- Massages.
- Extras not specified.

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