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Valparaíso, Santiago and Vineyards

Touristic attractions of Valparaíso, Santiago and Vineyards

  • Cajón del Maipo

    Cajón del Maipo

    Cajon del Maipo is one of the most popular attractions in the capital city. Located only an hour away from Santiago, it offers beautiful landscapes; some of them are El Morado Natural Monument, Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary and Clarillo River National Reserve. It is an ideal place to practice adventure sports, considering it features springs,…

  • Isla Negra and San Antonio

    Isla Negra and San Antonio

    Located in the south shore of Valparaiso, Isla Negra and San Antonio offer many attractions for tourists. Due to its favorable weather conditions, you can enjoy swimming, outdoor activities and different sports. The area has a very important cultural and natural patrimony known all over the world; some of them are Pablo Neruda´s house, which it's now…

  • Rapel Lake

    Rapel Lake

    Located an hour away from Melipilla, Rapel Lake is an ideal place to practice aquatic activities. Fly fishing is the most popular activity here, due to a great fish population. Surrounded by small and quiet towns, agriculture is the region's main production activity. In the area, also, you can find the Satelital Longovillo and Rapel hydroelectric centrals…

  • Linares and El Melado Hill

    Linares and El Melado Hill

    Of singular beauty, this destination stands out thanks to its incredible natural resources. Calm water, volcanoes and cordilleras are some of them; which invite visitors from all over the world to o have a relaxing time or enjoy all kinds of sports. The springs, the colony towns, museums, handmade crafts, the gastronomy and the national reserve are…

  • Los Andes and Portillo

    Los Andes and Portillo

    In the middle of a beautiful natural landscape and a cultural and historical zone, this destination is the main grape-cultive center in the area, with high quality wines. It has different wine networks in the Aconcagua Valley and Potrerillo, a very important ski center in South America. The Corazon and Jahuel Springs are another attractions of the region…

  • La Campana National Park and Olmue

    La Campana National Park and Olmue

    Located in the Quillota Province, this destination is an old city, founded in the 18th century. Today, it features the same public and private services than Valparaiso. This destination was part of Charles Darwin journey. Attractions Flora and fauna. Vineyards. Activities Hiking, high mountain tours, climbing, picnic, photography, bird…

  • Pichilemu


    Pichilemu is famous for its beautiful beaches, where you can ski and enjoy a wonderful combination of sea and country landscapes. It's a small town that keeps traditions alive. With an important historical value, the zone features aristocratic architecture like the Casino and the Agustin Ross Park National Monument. You can find relaxing places, calm…

  • Pomaire and Maipo Valley

    Pomaire and Maipo Valley

    Located in southern Santiago, this destination has rural characteristic and agricultural activities. Chilean food, chicha and “dulces de Curacavi” are part of the traditional gastronomy that visitors can enjoy here. Handmade crafts are very popular, and you can even find some sale centers by the highways. Pomaire is one of the major handmade crafts…

  • Rancagua and Cachapoal Valley

    Rancagua and Cachapoal Valley

    Located south of Santiago and known in the country for keeping popular traditions, Rancagua features fertile lands, handmade crafts and traditional music and customs. The mineral activity is also important to the region. You will find cupper mines, protected natural areas, the Cuaquenes Springs and Cipreses River Ski Center. Attractions Flora…

  • Santiago and Farellones

    Santiago and Farellones

    Santiago is the main urban center of the Metropolitan region and the country´s capital. Farellones is located a few kilometers northeast of Santiago and it´s the perfect place to practice snow sports in one of the most important ski centers in South America. This destination offers high quality urban services, with an spectacular public and private…

  • Colchagua Valley

    Colchagua Valley

    The destination is known for the Chilean cowboy, the huaso, and the traditional activities in the area. In the middle of a beautiful landscape, by the wine route, where you can visit vineyards, wine cellars and enjoy wines samples in the Colchagua Valley. Near them, there are places of great historical value. Handmade crafts and the Chilean Horse are…

  • Curico Valley and Radal Siete Tazas

    Curico Valley and Radal Siete Tazas

    This destination is located in the precordillera of Curico and offers different activities for tourist. The area holds waterfalls, native forest, springs, rivers and volcanoes, as well as beaches and bays, ideal places for adventurous tourism. The Vichuquen Lake, Radal Siete Tazas and Torca Lagoon National Reserves are the main attractions' in the area…

  • Maule Valley and Talca

    Maule Valley and Talca

    Talca is an important urban center in the Chilean Central Valley. With great cultural legacy, this destination has historical monuments like the O´Higgins Museum, Fine Arts Museum and Huilquilemu Cultural Village. Chanco was declared Typical Zone, featuring beautiful colony architecture and handmade crafts. One of the major nature refuges is the Altos…

  • Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

    Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

    Valparaiso is the main commercial port in the country, meanwhile Viña del Mar is the tourist capital of Chile. They feature beautiful beaches, bays, museums, national monuments and different handmade craft centers for everybody to visit. The destination has an incredible and colorful architecture that combines old and modern times. The Coast Cordillera…

  • Zapallar



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