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Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

Touristic attractions of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

  • Maitencillo Beach

    Maitencillo Beach

    Maitencillo is a place that combines the country landscape and the beach. It has beautiful forests and beaches that tourists from all over the world will appreciate. It features modern tourist equipment for those who enjoy the outdoor activities and sports. Attractions Tourism facilities. Calm waters. Activities Hiking, scuba…

  • Reñaca Beach

    Reñaca Beach

    The beach is one of the most popular in the region, with white sand and wonderful waves. It has six areas, with important tourist services and a coastal walking path. Attractions Tourist facilities. Calm waters. Activities Hiking, photography, swimming, sailing, surf, windsurf. Location Fifth region. Localized in Reñaca. How to…

  • Papudo Creek

    Papudo Creek

    Papudo bay is another attraction of the region. In the bay you can find sea food products and enjoy traditions that tell you a bit of the folklor of this part of the country. Attractions Sea products. Activities Hiking, photography, sport fishing, swimming, flora and fauna contemplation. Location Fifth region. Located…

  • Portales Fishermen Creek

    Portales Fishermen Creek

    The bay has the only monument to the fishermen of the country, created by Ricardo Santander Balos in 1983. The attraction allows visitors to enjoy the handmade crafts of the fishermen and taste the exquisit sea food. Attractions Sea products. Activities Photography, sport fishing. Location Fifth region. Located in Valparaiso.…

  • Camino del Inca

    Camino del Inca

    This attraction was the route the connected Cuzco, the most important city of the Empire, to its southern border. Located 20 kilometers from Alicahua, the path offers important cultural interest zones for visitors. Attractions Archaeological interest zone. Activities Hiking, mountainbike, high mountain tours, photography. Location …

  • Con-Con


  • La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda’s House)

    La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda’s House)

    La Sebastiana was a Pablo Neruda's house, in which he created many poems about love and the sea. Today, La Sebastiana is an important museum, where you can get a glimpse of the poet's life and inspiration. Attractions Cultural interest zone. Activities Photography. Location Fifth region. Located in Valparaiso. How to…

  • Sausalito Lagoon

    Sausalito Lagoon

    Built to keep a reserve of water for the vineyards in the area, Sausalito Lagoon is today a tourist club with beaches, sailing and sport activities. It was “La Hacienda” dam of the Vergara Family. Today, it´s an important tourism center, that also features a representation of the “Mississippi” Ship. Attractions Beautiful landscape. Outdoor and…

  • Marbella


  • Playa Amarilla

    Playa Amarilla

    Playa Amarilla (Yellow Beach) is another attraction near Vina del mar. Located to the south of the Aconcagua River, it has a great infrastructure and calm waters. Attractions Calm waters. Activities Hiking, aquatic ski, surf, windsurf, photography, sport fishing, swimming. Location Fifth region. Located in Concon, 26 kilometers northwest…

  • Lagoon Green Beach

    Lagoon Green Beach

    Located 18 kilometers south of Placha Ancha in Valparaiso, Laguna Verde beach is a perfect place to swim and have a relaxing time. You can also get to El Plateado Lagoon, with beautiful native forests and tourist equipment. Attractions Calm waters Activities Hiking, bicycle ridings, photography, sport fishing, flora and fauna…

  • Peñuelas Lake Forestal Reserve

    Peñuelas Lake Forestal Reserve

    Located east of Valparaiso, its main attraction is an artificial lake (Peñuelas), created between 1895 and 1900 as a water reserve for Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. With 9256,3 hectares, the reserve is administrated by CONAF, it was declarated National Park in 1959, and Forestal Reserve in 1970. You can visit it on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,…

  • Casablanca Valley Wine Circuit

    Casablanca Valley Wine Circuit

    The Casablanca Valley is one of the most popular vineyards in the country. Thanks to its favorable conditions, the wines produced here have a high quality known all over the world. In the circuit you will find the Viña William Cole Vineyards, Viña Indómita Wines, Viña Tarapacá, Viña Veramonte and Viña Estates. You can get a taste of all the different…

  • Valparaíso


    Valparaiso was the first commercial port in Chile and today is Patrimony of the Humanity, and the Cultural capital in the country. The city has 45 hills and a colorful architecture that turn it in a singular city in the world. Its marvelous social and urban landscape is combined with the National Congress, house of the Chilean Legislative Power. …

  • Viña del Mar

    Viña del Mar

    Viña del Mar is the tourism capital of the country. The garden city has beautiful vegetation and eight miles of coast and beaches to enjoy the summer time. Some of its attractions are Quinta Vergara, Sausalito Lagoon, the Sporting Club and the Botanical Garden, with many tourist and urban services. With a colorful architecture, the city holds the…

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