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Why VisitChile.com?

Industry leader

Visitchile.com is the number 1 ranked website for inbound tourism in Chile. With over 450.000 visitors every month, we are the main "online" sales channel of tourist services in Chile. We attend to over 6.000 passengers and 500 travel agencies every year. Hotel reservations, tours, travel packages, air tickets and car rentals are just our main services and products.

Our tours and travel programs are developed with the highest service standards. We operate our tours with guides, which have been highly qualified in every area of the country such as Atacama, Easter Island, Santiago, Valparaiso, the Lake District, Patagonia and other places.

Worldwide known

Visitchile.com is an allied member of USTOA (UNITED STATES TOUR OPERATORS ASSOCIATION) and active member of TURISMO CHILE the main entity for promotion and certification of tourism in Chile.

We have been selected many times as one of the best tourism websites in Chile, and have been featured in articles in newspapers, magazines and websites such as CNN.COM, HOW2VACATION.COM, TRAVELWORLD.CN, YAHOO and DMOZ, to name a few.

Experts in special interests tourism

VisitChile.com is an expert in nature and special interests tourism. Our trips include several activities like trekking, bike riding, observation of flora and fauna, cultural tours, scuba diving, expeditions, adventures in cruises and others. For all those activities we are your main reservation venue to visit this wonderful land. With VisitChile.com you can be sure that you will live a different experience.

Tailor-made Tours

Visitchile.com offers many alternatives of tours and programs all over the territory, operated directly by VisitChile.com or by some of its representatives in each region of the country. We offer an alternative of flexibility in each travel package or tour and fulfill every passenger or group's needs. Our tours offer a variety of prices, accommodations and activities, including the luxury market and choices for the middle-class as well. We developed an easy-to-use search engine so you can choose the tour that better fits what you want, looking into accommodations, prices and activities.

Flexibility in your trip

All our trips can be modified to help you fulfill your dream of a perfect vacation while you stay in Chile. You can expand or shorten your itinerary, switch hotels and activities, all to satisfy your needs. Many of our trips begin on the day of your choosing.

Lowest rates guaranteed

Because our low costs structure, due to being an internet based business, our company is able to offer tourist services that cost 20% lower than in the traditional market, for the very same travel program, allowing you to save a lot of money. Therefore, we can deliver the best discounts for groups as well.

Compromised with sustentable tourism

While we do our best to take you to the most beautiful and unexplored corners of Chile, we also wish to do it by preserving the local environment and not attacking nature. This way, the wonderful Earth in which we live will remain alive and in the best shape for the upcoming generations.

For that very reason, VisitChile.com is constantly supporting ecological project that are meant to preserve the environment in all our best-sold destinations.

Satisfied customers testimonies

Our words are not the only ones speaking for us. Surf around our satisfied customer's page. Many of our passengers have written back to share their experiences with you. See what they had to say.

Live your experience with VisitChile.com

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They recommend us

  • "Our agent, Gianina Lillo was excellent. She responded immediately to emails and phone calls. She did her very best to correct any issues. I was very impressed with her professionalism. The Hotel Manutara…"


    Alexandra Sternstein

  • "I booked the 5 day w trek and first thought your price was a lot. After seeing how much fantastico sur charge per night I was very happy with what I paid. You should provide a link or something to show…"


    Emma Knowles

  • "Very satisfied with services provided. Our driver/guide arrived on schedule and was most helpful and informative. Thank you"


    Pamela Donaldson

  • "This was our first visit to Chile and VisitChile.com made our vacation a wonderful stress free experience. Travel representative, Diego Morales who speaks Spanish and English provided excellent customer…"


    Deborah Lau Okamura

  • "I would suggest VisitChile to anyone. All of the transfers and tours were excellent!"


    Frances Scheib


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