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Nevados de Chillan Mountain Resort, thermal waters and adventure

17:30 in the afternoon, and Santiago melts under more than 31 degrees. Our trip starts in a train and after 4 hours will get to a place that's still in the center of our country, but it feels like south, warm and paradisiac. We are heading to Nevados de Chillan Mountain Resort, which is, at the same time, an excellent project, a mountain hotel and a dream of relaxing, rest and adventure surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape.

Our journey starts and the landscape keeps changing while we are heading away from Santiago. The supermarkets and the house are gone, while brown and green mountains cover all our sight, so the sunset is the only way to recognize the cardinal points.

Four hours later and close to midnight at the Train Station of Chillan, starts the real adventure. The trip continues through a winding road to the mountain, into the darkness to the volcanoes Chillan Nuevo and Viejo. The stars in the sky and the shadows of the hills which cut the marine blue of the night, are an overwhelming and unforgettable picture.

The paved road ends, but the trip continues in a dirt road, with a thick forest around. Lights announce that our destiny is close and soon we see the cozy facade of a building, made of wood and stone. A big Saint Bernard dog comes out to say hello and we enter to the hotel and the warm rooms of its two floors, with view to the swimming pool or to the forests, with a space very well distributed, which shapes a minimalistic environment, but without losing the mountain style.

After sleeping in those comfortable beds, the morning comes quickly and when we open the window, we can see the incredible thermal swimming pool and of river water, surrounded by mountain forest. The sun rays lights their waters, giving them a green tone because of the vegetation, but their real color is grey, because of sulfur and many minerals with curative and therapeutic proprieties for illness like rheumatism, anemia, allergies, asthma, among others.

If you watch to the hills, you will see the fumaroles of thermal waters, contrasting with the clear sky above. The thermal waters of Nevados de Chillan can be used on summer and winter and they guarantee relax and harmony for everyone who submerges in them.

After this relaxing awakening in the thermal waters, the next step is a breakfast in the dinning room, a place decorated with mountain style: wood and stone. Here, the passengers will delight themselves with the gastronomy of the zone and its cakes, lemon pies, kuchen, jam and milk jam, delicious fruit juices, fresh fruits, bread, cereals and infusions.

With the energy from the breakfast, the passengers can keep resting in the swimming pool or take one of the funny activities prepared by the Entertainment Department of Nevados de Chillan. There are interesting excursions to the surroundings, like visit the Gruta de los Pangues or Mirador El Regalo, places full of flora and natural wonders such as waterfalls.

After that, the hotel wait for its guests with an exquisite buffet lunch and a aperitif in the bar. This place is as cozy as the living room of your own house, with sofas, carpets, soft lights and a big chimney with open fire during the whole winter, the perfect room for rest of the daily activities.

The lunch offers a salad bar, three varieties of hot plates, soup and the best selection of desserts, which go from fresh fruit to wonderful cakes of local confectionery.

After a lunch blunt, the next activity may be rest at the exterior, in the thermal swimming pool, enjoying the sun and the nature, or in winter, stay inside the bar. There are also afternoon excursions and one of the most exciting of them is the Canopy. Counting with 10 stages at more than 38 meters of height and metallic ropes of 130 meters length; the passengers who take this adventure literally "will fly" over two mountains, in the middle of amazing cliffs, waterfalls, rivers and forests. The activity counts with the presence of experts instructors, who guarantees a completely secure experience.

The hotel also counts with other adventures, like climbing to Chillan volcano and to the fumaroles. The guests can do trekking into the forests that surround the hotel and watch the beautiful fauna of the zone such as woodpeckers, rodents and other birds.

Nevados de Chillan counts with an incredible Bike Park full equipped with bumps and other obstacles to create an exciting ride. In the winter, that tracks are covered with snow, are ski runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. There are also Ski School, where every person, no matter their age, can learn to practice the white sport, enjoying the best view of the mountain.

To enjoy of gastronomy even in the middle of the mountain, Nevados de Chillan has two spectacular coffee and cake shops: Otto and 2.0, where the skiers can taste delicious sandwich, hot drinks and the specialty of the house, the Turbo Sour, an special cocktail prepared with pisco, lemon and a secret ingredient.

The Mountain Resort also offers activities for the guests who don't practice ski or snowboard, like ascensions in to the summit of Chillan volcano and other excursions. The kids also count with entertainment activities in the Club de los Exploradores, games room or watching movies in the bar of the hotel. For adults there are also billiard tables, more games and a gym.

In Nevados de Chillan hotel the relaxing is the most important activity, so it counts with an excellent thermal spa with many therapies such as hydro massage with thermal waters, sauna, different kind of massages, hot stone massage, cosmetology, mud treatments and much more.

After a day full of activities, the best thing is enjoy an exquisite buffet dinner in the dinning room with salads, hot plates and delicious deserts. After dinner, the amusement continues in the bar of the hotel, which offers different shows like live music, magic, karaoke night, among many others.

Our trip ends when the sun rays are falling and it's time to return to Santiago, but Nevados de Chillan Mountain Resort will be waiting for the passengers that climb up to the hills to enjoy for some days of a paradise in the mountain.

Mariel Lizana, journalist

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