> > > Puerto Natales, postcard of the south of the world

Puerto Natales, postcard of the south of the world

This beautiful city is located at the southern extreme of our country, at the shores of Señoret channel and the Ultima Esperanza Cape. It offers an steppe landscape, where the vegetation is crushed by the force of the cold austral wind.

During many years, the main activity in Puerto Natales was the breeding, and the fishing and seafood are used even now, since the days of the kaweskar, the ancient inhabitants of this territory. But now is the tourism the attraction of the zone, because of its landscapes and the nearness of amazing places such as Torres del Paine, Bernardo O'Higgins National Park and Milodon's Cave.

Puerto Natales also counts with other places to discover, besides of its natural attractions. Some of these places are Arturo Prat square in the center of the town, where are the municipal buildings and church. The visitors can also see the Salesian Museum Alberto de Agostini, with beautiful collections of the regional flora and fauna.

Other attraction is the beautiful Ether Aike Artisan Town, where are many handmade traditional products. Puerto Natales also has a Municipal Historical Museum, with five thematic rooms which contain all the history of the zone, from the legends of the first natives, to the colonization and finally to collection of objects of Frigorifico Bories, a National Monument from 1966, and the old Breeding Society of Tierra del Fuego.

The city also has a road next to the sea where the visitors can admire Tenerife, Ballena, Mocho and Benitez hills, with snow capped summits, the home of many patagonian birds. In the port there is the Artisanal Fisherman's Pior, where they do the seafood recollection.

Puerto Natales counts with interesting surroundings to visit such as Dorotea Viewpoint, located in the ravine of the same name, at 11 kilometers away from the city. It has 600 meters of height, so you can see all the glaciar landscape of the zone. Another interesting point is Cerro Castillo, a small village located at the northwest, a breeding place, and El Palenque Ranch where the visitors will find llamas and alpacas.

In the zone there are also amazing lakes and lagoons, such as Balmaceda Lake, where the visitors can observe the local fauna as black necked swans and seagulls, or they can practice sports and camping. The beautiful lagoon Diana is surrounded by a evergreen forest and Dos Lagunas lagoons are in the same road which gets to Torres del Paine National Park. Sofia Lagoon is right beside the Milodon's Cave and also a nice beach for nautical sports and fishing during summer.

The biggest lake of the zone is Toro Lake, which has 202 squared meters as surface and is surrounded by the wonderful austral vegetation. It also has a beach in El Bote Bay, with a huge camping area with all the needed services.

One of the best attractions of Puerto Natales are its amazing glaciers, such as Balmaceda glacier, which hangs at the end of Ultima Esperanza fiord. Other glaciers are Serrano glacier, located in Balmaceda Mount, and the huge Pio XI glacier, the biggest of Southamerica, inside Bernardo O'Higgins National Park, in Southern Ice Fields.

And inside of the main attraction of Puerto Natales, the impressive Torres del Paine National Park, you can find incredible natural places such as Pehoe Lake, with green waters which reflex the Paine Horns Mountain, and Grey Lake, with grey colored waters, where float the ices detached from the Grey Glacier, in the shores of the lake. There is an island or nunatak where you can see the iceberg closely.

In Torres del Paine National Park there is the Salto Grande, a waterfall of Paine River, which falls into the Nordenskhold Lake, and many other incredible places.

For its wonderful landscapes and its countless attractives, Puerto Natales is a must during your visit to austral Chile. Besides, at just 247 kilometers, there is Punta Arenas, the southernmost city of the country, with its own wonderful corners to see and explore.

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