Mayo 03, 2021

The Chilean territory has great tourist attractions suitable for any adventurer, whether you want to know the arid deserts, the cold of the icebergs or life in the city, Chile promises to make your experience unforgettable. However, when planning trips in 2021 we are often faced with numerous doubts due to global contingencies, which is why here are 13 useful tips to help you organize your trip:


1. Find out about local requirements

Undoubtedly, before embarking on your trip to Chile in 2021 it is necessary to know what are the mandatory requirements and conditions regarding the entry of tourists. Thus, you should inform yourself about the requirements for entering and leaving the country, local restrictions and check the documents required regarding sanitary regulations, such as the presentation of a negative PCR test for COVID-19 days before the trip.


2. Create a travel plan

Improvisation can often make your trip much more fun; however, given the contingencies that may arise today, it is advisable that you create your own travel plan, this will allow you to organize your ideas to make the most of your stay in Chile. Basically, it is about making a list and identifying what is your accommodation of interest, the possible dates of the trip, how long you will be in the country, and even the tours or activities you would like to do.


3. Plan your trip ahead of time

Organizing with time each of the guidelines that you will need during the trip will bring advantages in your favor, because nowadays there is little availability of flights and accommodations compared to previous years. Therefore, managing months in advance will allow you to ensure your stay in Chilean territory and prevent any incident regarding flights and accommodation at the last minute.


4. Choose your destination

Each region of Chile has dazzling cultures, gastronomies, climates and lifestyles that will make your trip an enriching experience. That is why making a list of the places of interest you would like to visit will allow you not only to take full advantage of your stay in Chilean territory, but also to identify the routes you will have to take and the approximate time it will take you to make each stop.


5. Go to travel blogs

If you still do not know what you would like to do on your trip to Chile in 2021, do not hesitate to go to travel blogs, as they can offer you details about the different Chilean regions, their curiosities and characteristics, which are the places of tourist interest and even the different adventures you can live in each of them.


6. Take into account flexible rates

As we know, nowadays it is common for unforeseen events to arise that can alter our travel plans. However, there are some flight and lodging alternatives that offer rescheduling, insurance and cancellation policies; therefore, by opting for flexible fares, you will be able to make the modifications that your trip needs without wasting the money invested.



7. Plan a budget

It is important to establish a budget in order to know the approximate amount of money you will have available during your stay in Chile, taking into account that some destinations may be more expensive than others. Likewise, it will be useful to take with you both local currency, Chilean pesos, and the most common currency in international transactions, the U.S. dollar.


8. Choose your ideal lodging

All around Chile you will be able to find different accommodations to suit your needs and expectations during your trip, whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, comfortable hostels or even camping sites in natural areas. No matter what region of Chile you choose, take the time to research your area of interest and the different types of accommodations that exist there, so you can select your perfect lodging.


9. Means of transportation

In the Chilean territory there are several alternatives in terms of transportation, such as bus companies, car rentals and domestic flights. If something characterizes the entire Chilean territory is that there are access roads that communicate each region with each other; however, it is essential to take into account the approximate time it takes to get from one destination to another, since distances are usually long.


10. Pack appropriately

It is essential to pack what is absolutely necessary for your stay in Chile. A useful tip when selecting your clothing and accessories is to research the expected temperature at your destination during the dates of your trip and the type of activities you plan to do during your stay.


11. The extra money

Another useful tip regarding the budget is that it is essential to select an extra amount of money, which will be destined to solve any monetary eventuality. This way, you will be able to solve any circumstance that may require an expense during the trip.


12. Take the essentials

Once you arrive in Chile, do not forget to take with you the necessary documentation, such as your official identification. Also, keep in mind to collect local telephone numbers in case of emergency, find out about telephone rates abroad in case you want to hire one and, finally, write down the location of your lodging and each of the places you plan to visit.


13. Protect yourself during your trip

Finally, to travel in 2021 it is necessary to take into account the local health recommendations at all times in order to fully enjoy your stay and guarantee your protection, so do not forget to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth, and remember to keep your social distance as far as possible.