Junio 09, 2021

Much of Chile's biodiversity is located along its coasts; basically, it is an extensive territory that makes possible an endless number of activities near the sea, from rest, relaxation and family enjoyment, to the practice of water sports. In this sense, the north coast is characterized by its paradisiacal beaches of arid climate with warm waters, while the south coast stands out for its exuberant landscapes with cold and fun waters. In any case, the beaches of Chile are capable of delighting each of its visitors with its exquisite nature; so if you are looking for a destination to vacation under the sun, we show you below a list with 7 of the best Chilean beaches:


La Puntilla, Pichilemu

The tourist town of Pichilemu is characterized mainly by the excellent quality of its waves that make the area the perfect paradise for surfing. In this sense, La Puntilla beach is located in the center of Pichilemu, although its fame is due to the great waves of the area, also highlights a magnificent sandbank that makes it possible to enter the water thanks to its peaceful tide. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect beach for those looking to experience extreme sports, as well as for those who wish to vacation while enjoying a relaxing landscape. 


White Beach, Coquimbo

Named for the fine white sand that characterizes the area, it is also an ideal place for family vacations due to the tranquility of its waters. In fact, Playa Blanca has pleasant waters with low waves, being an ideal place for practices such as diving. It should be noted that in the surroundings of this extensive beach it is possible to find various accommodations such as hotels and campsites, including various services and entertainment at the seashore.


Cavancha Beach, Iquique

A fun urban beach with close access to the city of Iquique, Cavancha Beach has numerous attractions, such as extreme sports, parks, children's games and walks through the city, which make it one of the best destinations to live the beach life and its charms to the fullest. It also happens to be one of the most popular beaches in Chile, mainly because of the beauty of its white sand and the characteristic moderate swell of the area that allows access to the water. In short, it is a beach full of energy and entertainment suitable for the whole family.


Condor Cove Beach, Rio Negro

Considered one of the most paradisiacal secrets of the Lake District, Caleta Cóndor Beach is a peaceful tourist destination characterized by the peace of its surroundings. It is a territory surrounded by forests, hills and rivers that make up an incredible landscape where quietness abounds. In turn, its waters stand out for its intense turquoise color, while its sand stands out for its golden hue, without a doubt, this beach has become an excellent tourist destination to know the marine life of southern Chile.


Totoralillo, Coquimbo

This authentic paradise of white sand is characterized mainly by a small peninsula that divides the island into two parts, thus being a destination ready to receive any visitor. In this way, one side is destined to the practice of surfing for its great waves, while the other corresponds to an area of lower waves perfect for those looking to relax in the sun. In fact, Totoralillo has emerald and cold waters where there is an extensive marine biodiversity such as starfish and different mollusks.


Reñaca Beach, Viña del Mar

This is one of the most popular beaches among tourists visiting the Chilean territory, its fame is due to the fact that its cold waters have become one of the best beach spots for international surfing; at the same time, there are different activities full of entertainment that can be found in the bars, restaurants and stores in the area. Undoubtedly, Playa Reñaca is a place where nature and fun come together to create an unmissable tourist destination.


Zapatilla, Caldera

If you are looking for a beach to vacation with children, you will be interested to know that Zapatilla Beach is considered an ideal destination for children to enjoy fun on the beach. It is a territory made up of several natural pools of transparent waters and white sand, each one has different depths, so there are pools suitable for children and adults. Indeed, it is a perfect beach for the family and good rest.