A journey through the wonderful and amazing regions of northern Chile!
Octubre 25, 2022
A journey through the wonderful and amazing regions of northern Chile!

Region of Arica and Parinacota:

Located in the north of the country, despite being a region that mostly occupies a desert climate, thanks to the fact that to the north it is bordered by the Department of Tecna in Peru, to the south by the Tarapacá Region, to the east by the departments of La Paz and Oruro and west by the Pacific Ocean you can also find a diverse range of landscapes with different climatic touches.
Its geography is characterized by five longitudinal strips that are composed as follows: Coastal plains, The Andes mountain range, The Andean Altiplano, where a great diversity of rivers and lagoons are located, which in turn produces part of the most important salt flats located in Chile: Salar de Surire, and bofedales, also including a great biodiversity in animals such as llamas, guanacos, vicuñas, alpacas and flamingos.

Tarapacá Region

Its capital is Iquique. It is also located in the north of the country. Bordered on the north by the region of Arica and Parinacota, on the east by the departments of Oruro and Potosi belonging to Bolivia, on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the south by the Antofagasta Region.
It has spectacular beaches and a great nightlife, also has an extensive coastline where you can find places and attractions that for many today are unexplored.

Its hills are also part of one of the most magnificent landscapes of this region, where you can experience paragliding and SandBoarding.

Antofagasta Region

We continue in the north of Chile and we enter to look at the riches and the heart of the land of Chile, as we are in an area that is known as the mining heart of the country.

But its beauty does not stop here because we can also find a lot of extensive and beautiful beaches, accompanied by privileged skies that allow all those lovers of the universe and astronomical sciences to carry out their studies with ease. It is important to highlight that we are talking about a place where one of the most important observatories in the world is located.  


Atacama Region

Looking for beautiful flowery deserts and mind-blowingly crystalline beaches? Atacama is your favorite place.

This region is located in an area that makes it wrap you in a semi-arid climate, with deserts where you can see how beautiful colors bloom, thus having a phenomenon rarely seen in the world. seen in the world, a phenomenon rarely seen in the world, the flowery desert.  

We have already involved you in one of the most emblematic characteristics of the Atacama Region, but this is not all, you will also discover paradisiacal beaches of turquoise waters and white sands, among which stand out: Caldera, Playa Virgen and Bahía Inglesa.

If you have come this far, it is because this region has undoubtedly managed to envelop you in its magnificent geography, get ready to know even more! If you decide to continue your journey through the Atacama Region, towards the mountain range you can reach the Ojos del Salado, an active volcano that is known for being the highest in the world and if your attraction is not volcanoes, you can enjoy one of its most important and representative national parks, the Nevado Tres Cruces, where you can find one of the richest and southernmost preserves of high Andean ecosystems in South America.


Coquimbo Region

We are already heading a little further towards the center-north of Chile, to an area that offers a wide range of cultural and natural landscapes that will undoubtedly envelop all your senses in a magical experience.

In the Region of Coquimbo you will find everything from a pleasant city atmosphere, to beaches and even seaside resorts that extend along the coast and reach the imposing Andes Mountains.

In addition to wonderful beaches, in the Coquimbo Region we can also find large rivers that, channeled by mountain ranges, provide the right conditions for the cultivation of a wide and varied range of products such as grapes, avocados, tangerines, wine, nuts, goat cheese and pisco. The most outstanding is the papaya, which, thanks to its characteristic sweetness, has become an icon of the Coquimbo Region.

We have known a little of all the magic that these regions located in the north of Chile hold and we are sure that you have been excited with the idea of visiting if not all, at least one and live a totally innovative, immersive and mind-blowing experience.

In the following articles of our blog we will be telling you more about other regions of Chile and the spectacular places that await you when you visit us.