Central Chile Region Where culture and tradition are lived in every corner
Noviembre 08, 2022
Central Chile Region Where culture and tradition are lived in every corner

Central Chile Region Where culture and tradition are lived in every corner!

Valparaiso Region

Full of bright colors, an amazing coastline, prodigious natural parks. In addition to having a quality that stands out in every season of the year, highlighting the mountain range that is soaked in snow during the winter and in the summer opens the way for multiple trails.

On the other hand, not only we can observe its wonders in terms of extension and landscapes, we can also notice a great maritime gastronomic richness and fertile interior valleys that are producers of wines recognized even internationally.

If you are a person who, besides enjoying nature, enjoys human, cultural and artistic activities, in Valparaíso you can find various activities in the Litoral de los Poetas and the World Heritage Site of Valparaíso.

Wrapped in wonderful spaces full of charm and magic, Valparaíso offers you the opportunity to discover spaces that are undoubtedly waiting to be discovered.

O'Higgins Region

Located in the center of Chile, its capital is Rancagua. We find ourselves with an iconic name, which refers to Bernardo O'Higgins, who is considered a liberator and father of the fatherland for the Chilean country.
We find ourselves with a geographical area full of living and natural heritage, which undoubtedly reflects the great and impressive customs and also exalts one of the typical characters of the history of Chile, known as "El Huaso Chileno".

In the region of O'Higgins, we can also find fertile land for the agriculture of some of the best grapes of the whole territory, so its wines are also recognized worldwide.

We will also find at the foot of the Andes, Sewell, a World Heritage Site, which is known as the city of stairs and also contains a very rich history of mining in our country.
In this area of central Chile you can also practice one of the most emblematic sports in Chile, surfing, finding the area of Punta de Lobos, recognized as the surfing capital of the country.  

Maule Region

We continue in the extensive but amazing tour through the center of Chile, in the Maule Region, where you can soak up the culture and great tradition of the Chilean region in a totally innovative and impressive way.

Great diversity of striking landscapes open a door to connect with nature and forget about the everyday life of the city, you will observe the coast, vineyards, foothills and valleys, lakes, lakes, native flora and fauna, traditions, heritage, typical cuisine and a host of totally transformative experience. Its name alludes to the Maule River, which in Mapudungún means "River of rain".

Ñuble Region

The center of Chile offers us a very rich extension, which we can find distributed along all its regions that in themselves, give us a little bit of their magic in each step.

Do you remember when we mentioned Bernardo O'Higgins? The Ñuble region was the birthplace of this character, who is one of the greatest and most important in the history of Chile. But it does not end here, as we can also find beaches, mountains and extensive valleys. This new region is born between Nevados de Chillán and the paradisiacal beaches of its coastline.

Its main tourist attractions are the Termas de Chillán, which is surrounded by ancient forests and hot springs; Conbquecura, an area full of beaches and specific places for hiking; Avendaño Lagoon, perfect for practicing a wide range of water sports including water skiing, swimming and kayaking; Chillán, here you can find the market and the fair of Chillán, where you can also enjoy the historic center of the city; Chillán Viejo, here you can enjoy the monumental park that pays homage to Bernardo O'Higgins in his name and where you can also find traces of the hero of the country.


Biobío Region

If you are a lover of waterfalls, lakes, forests and beaches, this region is for you. Biobío is also the cradle of artists, patriotic heroes and witness to great historical events.

Biobío also owes its name to the river that crosses the eastern part of the region. Concepción was also chosen as the "Best city to live in Chile" by the Atlas de Bienestar Territorial of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

If you decide to travel to Biobío, these are some of the places you cannot miss: Lota, where you can visit the old mines and the towns that border these; Alto Biobío, here you can find one of the most important reserves in the country: The Ralco National Reserve and, among its mountainous areas, the Laguna La Mula; Lake Lleu Lleu, which is known as one of the lakes with the cleanest water in the entire South American continent, this because it has a very low production of algae. Here you can find places to do cappings and also cabins to stay.

So far our tour through the wonderful, extensive and enriching wonders of central Chile, have you already chosen your next destination? No doubt it will be an arduous decision, but we are sure that whatever you choose, it will be an experience you will never forget.

We are pleased to have been part of your discovery of these areas and we look forward to seeing you in our next blog where we will continue exploring the areas you should discover in the north of Chile.