Mayo 17, 2021

All of Chile is spread over an extensive territory surrounded by numerous landscapes of extravagant nature, which is why in every corner you can find both stories that promote national culture, tourist stops of natural environment, as well as endless activities and adventures suitable for any visitor. In this sense, the Chilean territory has several routes through which you can get to explore the surprises in this part of the world; so, dare to know Chile in depth with the following routes:


1. Capital Route

The central zone of the Chilean territory turns out to be one of the best routes to know in depth the urban tourism. In this sense, the capital route is made up of five picturesque destinations: Bellavista, Nueva Costanera, Centro Cívico, Lastarria and Yungay. It is known that each of these neighborhoods stands out mainly for the preservation of its history and culture; however, other of the most important attractions lies in its lively nightlife and varied cuisine that manage to enchant all visitors.


2. Route of the Sea

Undoubtedly, the sea is an indispensable part of the life of Chileans, which is why it has become one of the biggest protagonists of tourism. Thus, the Route of the Sea is distributed among four regions: First, part of the Valparaiso region, where you can find beautiful beaches perfect for vacationing; then the Bio Bio region and its resorts; then the Maule region, where the coves stand out; and finally the extensive region of Los Rios. It is worth mentioning that western Chile borders the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean; therefore, it is possible to find in this extensive territory diverse aquatic activities and a variety of marine and terrestrial fauna.


3. Desert Route

Among the peculiarities that make the Chilean desert a unique place on earth is the fact that it is the most arid zone in the world, which is characterized by its incredible "Martian" landscapes that offer views considered from another planet, being this one of its main tourist interests. In this sense, some of the circuits of the Desert Route are distributed among the regions of Atacama, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Arica and Parinacota. At each stop you will find large oasis, valleys, altiplanic ecosystems and salt flats that make up the magical attractions of the Chilean desert.


4. Route of the Stars

If you want to do astro-tourism, you will be interested to know that the Chilean territory has one of the clearest skies in the world due to its geographical conditions, therefore, it has become a great window to get to know the infinite space paradise. In this sense, the Route of the Stars is spread between two circuits: the Antakari and the Gabriela Mistral, each characterized by its incredible observatories that allow you to enjoy the view of planets, constellations, stars and nebulae most of the year.


5. Carretera Austral Route

The Carretera Austral usually stands out for its varied scenery of unquestionable beauty. It is an extensive stretch that crosses the Chilean Patagonia where you can find incredible tourist stops such as lagoons, rivers, forests and national parks. Thus, the Ruta Carretera Austral is mainly located in the region of Aysen, in this area you can appreciate the lush evergreen vegetation that makes possible numerous adventures such as trekking, kayaking, rafting, the approach to huge glaciers and even expeditions in its surroundings.


6. Route of the Islands

Due to the little human activity in the islands of the Chilean territory, it can be said that in its interior there are virgin landscapes of living nature surrounded by the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the Route of the Islands is made up of the entire Chilean insular territory, where you can mainly appreciate the three most emblematic tourist destinations in Chile: Easter Island, the Juan Fernandez Archipelago and the Chiloe Archipelago, where an extensive biodiversity inhabits and Chilean history and culture is carried high.


7. End of the World Route

Chile is located in the southernmost area of the planet, so it is often mentioned that among its roads you can reach the end of the world. In this sense, the End of the World Route includes mainly two wonderful areas of the territory: the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctica, known as areas of unmissable nature because they have numerous snowdrifts, glaciers, mountains, rivers and lakes in their surroundings; basically, this area makes up one of the wildest and most fascinating routes on the planet.