Marzo 04, 2021

1- Tortel Cove 

Located in the commune of Tortel, Caleta de Tortel is its capital, a small town with mountainous landscapes that, at first sight, will make you feel in a magical and different place. A very natural environment with a chain of roads made of cypress wood throughout the town, making a connection between the vegetation, the villages and the sea. At the same time, these paths offer us the opportunity to observe more easily the magnificent buildings and boats of the place. This is a place where the trees and mountains have a unique face in every season of the year. Would you dare to live this unforgettable and amazing adventure? Undoubtedly yes, this and much more awaits you in the wonderful Chilean lands.


2- Pier of the souls

Would you like to dive into the depths of Chile? This beautiful place is located south of the town of Cucao shows us one of its most captivating places, Pier of the souls. The legends say that when a person dies, his soul goes to these cliffs, where a rafter would be waiting to take his soul to heaven, with the only condition that he would ask for it. In 2005 the artist Marcelo Orellana was in charge of building this beautiful sculpture that has become an enigmatic place, which despite having to do with the dead, has done nothing more than bring life to the island of Chiloé. Here the mythological and the real come together to give us a unique and unforgettable experience.

3- Lookout Point Torres Del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the largest and most visited tourist sites in the country, giving rise to one of the most impressive trekking circuits in the world, which will be a challenge. This place is located in the Chilean Patagonia and is one of the main protected wilderness areas. A place full of geographical landmarks among which stand out its three huge granite walls where the highest is over 3,000 meters high, in addition to this you can enjoy unique landscapes such as lakes, rivers, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain massifs and is one of the few places that overlooks the impressive southern ice fields, where you can see ice as far as the eye can see.


4- Valley of the Moon

This Cordillera de Sal is located between the Andes Mountains and the Atacama Desert. The so called valley of the moon gets its name from the fact that the surface of the terrain is very similar to that of the moon. The main features of this desert paradise are enormous and vast. Miles and miles of dunes, valleys, salt hills, rock and sand are its main attractions. A vast, magical and unique place that you can enjoy at any time of the day.


5- Red Lagoon

There are many mysteries surrounding the great red lagoon. Behind all this enigmatic place hides an unparalleled wonder that at first glance differs from any common lagoon. Its waters, as the name indicates, are of a vehement red color, however, the truth is that they are of a transparent color and what gives it that reddish color is the clay found at the bottom. Its temperature ranges between 40 to 50 °C so they are fresh and warm waters, it is also worth mentioning that its depth is unknown. This one will undoubtedly impress you, it will arouse your curiosity and will fulfill all your expectations.


6- Polanco Hill Elevator

The Polanco elevator is undoubtedly one of the most unique elevators in all of Valparaiso because it travels vertically in comparison with the others, which are located on the slopes of the hills. It was built between 1913 and 1915 by engineer Federico Page and the Easton Lift Company. At the highest point of this historic monument you can appreciate views of the entire bay of the port of Valparaiso.   


7- The fort of Valdivia

Declared a historical monument in 1950, the fort of Valdivia is the only one today that depicts the battles between Chilean soldiers and the Spaniards.  In its time, the Spaniards with great determination built this set of fortifications including these forts, batteries, walls and castles that served to strategically protect the city of Valparaiso, in addition to serving as a strategic point for trade routes. That is why it received the name of Key of the South Sea because it guaranteed a safe passage for ships, especially in times of Dutch pirates and English corsairs. Would you like to know more about these incredible stories?


8- Anakena Beach

This is undoubtedly one of the best places on Easter Island, for its beautiful natural scenery and stands out for its proximity to the "ahu" a ceremonial platform with seven moais where we can witness the great cultural development found in this place. In its abundant sand you can sunbathe and refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters with the ideal temperature to spend a pleasant time. What are you waiting for to go to Anakena Beach? This spiritual place is waiting for you.


9- Conguillío National Park

In this grandiose park you will find a beautiful crossroads between solidified lava and native forest of coihues, araucarias and ñirres. This valuable ecosystem will enliven your love for nature with its environment full of lakes and lagoons while you will find yourself in front of one of the most active volcanoes in South America, with its imposing presence that you can appreciate at first sight and in contrast with the rich vegetation that surrounds it. The Conguillío National Park will give you the impression that time has stood still.


10- Explorers Glacier

This millenary ice colossus, 23 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, is located in the region of Aysén, 52 kilometers west of Puerto Tranquilo and it is also the third largest water reserve in the world. With a walk of a few minutes you will reach the viewpoint where you can appreciate how formidable nature is in this ice formation in addition to being able to go trekking on its surface and have an adventure like no other. The Explorers Glacier is synonymous with adventure, beauty and teamwork.