Top best beaches in Chile to visit on your vacations!
Abril 23, 2023
Top best beaches in Chile to visit on your vacations!

 Cavancha Beach: Tarapacá.

In the north of Chile, Cavancha beach, sector where it is located and which is known for its exclusivity and great traditions is, therefore, one of the first options you should consider if you want to delve into the culture of Chile and its tourist wealth.

This sector is located in the emblematic and attractive port city of Iquique. Cavancha is also located a meter away from the old part of the city, if you are looking to enrich yourself with the Chilean history of this area in the north of Chile.

In the place you can also find more than 20 restaurants, restobars, casino games, residential towers and luxurious hotels. If, on the other hand, you are a sports lover, here you can also find the former stadium where Club Deportes Iquique used to play professional soccer until 1993. You can also, at the northern end of Cavancha, practice various water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and bodyboarding.

This beach is perfect if you want to spend an incredible vacation, because surrounded by palm trees, parks, aquarium, a pond where shows with sea lions and an exhibition of camelid animals are performed, fun will always be at your disposal. In addition, you can visit it in any season of the year, since its temperature is always warm and its sea is very calm, it also has white sands that attract the photographic lenses of tourists throughout the year.


La virgen beach: Atacama.

For many beachgoers who have visited it, it is one of the best beaches in Chile, we tell you the possible reasons why these beach addicts can classify it as such.

It is located 70 kilometers from Copiapó, also in northern Chile, a city that is known or perceived as a Chilean oasis where the desert blooms and, as a plus, has in its valley the first and most important export of grapes and raisins throughout the Chilean territory.
And you may wonder why the virgin beach? Well, the locals usually comment that this name is due to the fact that on the way to the beach there is a rock that simulates the image of a virgin, curious, isn't it?

In this beach you are totally protected from the wind, since its horseshoe shape favors the relaxed and calm waters that make up this beach, in addition, its temperature is usually mild, compared to the beaches that are located on the central coast. On the other hand, its exciting landscapes of turquoise waters and white sand can transport us directly to the Caribbean and its charms.


Anakena Beach: Easter Island.

Located in one of the largest islands of the entire Chilean insular territory and place that becomes one of the main tourist attractions of Chile, Anakena is undoubtedly one of the beaches of the Chilean territory that you must visit.

The Rapa Nui National Park is who, in its spaces offers us this natural wonder, as one of the few natural beaches in the area and therefore, the largest; however, this is not the only attraction you will find in this area, as the mentioned park houses and preserves the villages where ancestral ceremonies and petroglyphs of the ancient natives of Rapa Nui were performed, where you can also find caves with cave paintings, archaeological sites and even altars of the time.  

Anakena is a coral beach and has spectacular white sand that is covered by the amazing turquoise waters of the sea. Are you ready to live this experience?


Buchupureo: Ñuble

Buchupureo is an area located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so its beach is located in an inlet that brings hundreds of tourists every year, especially during the summer. Besides, it is an area known for its very good restaurants.

On the other hand, the beach of Buchupureo is one of the best known by surfers, even internationally, because its waves are strong and suitable for this sport. But do not be discouraged, because if you are not a surfer, you can still enjoy the wonderful scenery offered by the cove and the river that surrounds the entire beach, which is totally suitable for swimming.

If you are looking for an option to relax, this river around the beach of Buchupureo is one of your best options, also because the town is surrounded by a quiet pine forest, and you can also do sport fishing, horseback riding and walks in which to let yourself be enveloped by the wonderful view of the seashore.

And tell us, did any beach manage to envelop you in its magical landscapes? We hope you can enjoy one of these beaches this summer and have a totally mind-blowing and renewing experience.