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General Carrera Lake and Baker River

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Patagonia has become an important sweet water reserve (declared Turism Attaction Zone), featuring important lakes and rivers such as General Carrera Lake, Bertrand Lake, Cochrane Lake, Leones Lake, Baker River And San Lorenzo River, among others. This area also has attractive snowcaps, colorful vegetation and an amazing austral fauna. The natural landscape conditions are perfect for ecoturism in nearby protected areas and national reserves like Castillo Hill, Jeinimeni and Tamango Lake. Its marvelous topography –volcanos, rivers and mountains-, also allows access to Calafate, Perito and Torres del Paine. Sport activities –fly fishing, kayak and rafting- are possible in Baker River and General Carrera Lake, while you can have walks, bike rides and horseback trips in the whole area. Rural tourism has helped agroturism. You can enjoy the Tehuelches' (and other native population) archeological and anthropological vestiges, nearby General Carrera lake, Castillo Hill –Las Manos National Monument- and the Guanaca.


Exotic flora –lenga forrest- and native fauna like aegles, cachañas, condors, guanacos, huemules, pumas and foxes. Crafts and deep waters that allow extreme sports. Colorful geography –glaciers, rocks and mountains-. Anthropological attractions (Kaweskar and Selknam patrimony).


Hiking, high mountain tours, bicycle riding, horseback riding, sport fishing, rowing, sailing, picnic, flora and fauna contemplation, photography.


Eleventh region.

How to get there?

Santiago-Coyhaique: Land route and airway. Coyhaique-Teniente Vidal, Balmaceda, Chile Chico and Cochrane: Airway, by airports Cochrane-Tortel: Airway Coyhaique-Puerto Ibañez, Murta, Puerto Tranquilo, Puerto Bertrand and Cochrane: Land route Cochrane-Tortel: Land route Coyhaique-Chile Chico: Land route by Argentina.

When to go?

All year long. Although, is better during January, February, March, October, November and December.


Cold weather. The annual media temperature is 9ºC. The rains are plentiful during all year, with a media of 600 to 4000 milimiters per year.


Housing, food, transportation, outdoor activities, cafeteria, crafts, museums, information center, camping.


General Carrera Lake, Tortel bay, Exploradores bay, Castillo Hill, Las Manos cave, Bertrand Lake, Cochrane lake, Leones lake, San Lrenzo Hill, Bernardo O`Higgins National Park, Castillo Hill National Reserve, Tamango National Reserve, Baker River, Capilla de Mármol Nature Sanctuary, Jorge Montt snowcap, Leones snowcap, Soler snowcap.

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Some featured hotels in General Carrera Lake and Baker River

  • Terra Luna Lodge

    Terra Luna Lodge is located in Puerto Guadal, a well-known bay due to its microclimate, which allows visiting the area all year long and carrying out several activities from water sports and winter sports, depending on the season of…

    From USD$50 Ref. 1 - 2 Passengers

    Terra Luna Lodge
  • Mallin Colorado Eco Lodge

    Mallín Colorado, a cozy, secluded countryside with four cabins, constructed in 12 acres, facing the huge General Carrera Lake, 4 hours south of the airport of Balmaceda and five hours from the city of Coyhaique. From the hill upon,…

    From USD$220 Ref. Double Couple

    Mallin Colorado Eco Lodge
  • Hotel Cabañas El Mirador de Guadal

    This cabin complex is located in front of General Carrera Lake shores, at two kilometers from Puerto Guadal, the most importan beach of Aysen, in the chilean Patagonia. It offers eight cozy and comfort cabins, built with noble woods…

    From USD- Ref.

    Hotel Cabañas El Mirador de Guadal

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