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4 days / 3 nights Code: MCE001

This Tour is no longer available

Unfortunately we no longer offer this Tour, but we haven't removed the information so you can have more ideas for your trip. If you want something similar write us, or perhaps you might be interested in some of the following alternatives:

Do you want to see a huge esmerald colour lake, millennial glaciers and exotic animals staying in an outstanding lodge in North Patagonia ?. All of these in a private spot of 400 acres? Do you want horseback riding, rafting or trekking to a glacier ?



In Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, you will be welcomed by members of the Christensen Family through their direct and personal attention, to an intimate and relaxing environment. The Ecolodge offers programs of 4 days to one week, with lodging, full board (including barbecued lamb), horseback riding and other selected daily activities, and transportation to and from the Balmaceda airport on the Austral Highway. A member of the family will pick you up in Balmaceda and attend to you throughout your stay. All programs are designed for you to disconnect from your daily routine, turn over the responsibility to us, and leave you with only these concerns: to enjoy yourself, relax, and appreciate the things offered to you by the people and natural surroundings of this mythical corner of the earth.
We consider every detail to be sure that your stay will be a time to escape the noise of the modern world and reconnect with you inner being in an astonishing natural environment.
Family oriented attentiveness and isolation combine to make this a perfect place to meet the wild and untouched natural surroundings head on. You can choose from a variety of activities, all of which are accompanied by an expert guide. Mallin Colorado is the headquarters for exploring the local paradise that is Patagonia. You can appreciate the profound natural beauty of Patagonia by covering with us its essentially unexplored territories. This program includes two nights lodging in basic family houses without private bathroom in Caleta Tortel and Glacier Montt.


Departures from Balmaceda airport under request(Flights recommended arriving in Balmaceda airport near midday).


• Transfer to and from Balmaceda airport/Mallin Colorado Ecolodge / Balmaceda

• Lodging in Mallín Colorado Ecolodge

• Full board during the whole stay (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Includes box lunch for full day excursions

• Menu of excursions to choose during your stay

• Bilingual guide for the group

Excursions included in the program

Horseback riding to Mallin Colorado Lagoon: Four hours (ascent from 300 meters to 670 meters above sea level).
Horseback riding through a forest of native trees such as coigue, ñirre and lenga, with stops to view glaciers and lakes General Carrera, Bertrand and Plomo, appreciating spectacular viewa of the Andes foothills of the Northern Ice Field. Picnic lunch included.

Passage through Lake Bertrand. Four hours.

A ride by boat crossing the bridge over Lake General Carrera, towards the narrow, hidden Lake Bertrand, alongside of which you can disembark to explore its many small beaches. This is a tranquil trip to observe - and take photos of - snow-capped mountains, flora and fauna.

The Port Guadal Fossils: Full day.

After a 20 km trip by truck, you can hike in an old-growth lenga forest for two hours, until you arrive at your destination: above the tree-line, there is very rich soil with a high quantity of marine fossils and mountain wildflowers. Also, you´ll enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Lake General Carrera and the Northern Ice Field. Lunch will be served at the destination, followed by a rest, and then you´ll return.

Excursions to the Marble Cathedral and the Explorers Glacier: a full day´s hike.

A boat trip through the Puerto Tranquilo area of Lake General Carrera, where you can enjoy the famous rock formations of the Marble Cathedral on the calypso waters of the lake. The trip continues 50 km to the Bahia Exploradores, a narrow valley with huge mountains and diverse glaciers. Later you will walk another hour towards the extraordinary Explorers Glacier, which descends directly from San Valentín Hill (which, at 4000 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Patagonia). This is also a spectacular opportunity to take photos and film.

Lake Leones on Horseback: Full day.

A driving trip to the Leones River, from which you´ll ride a horse up through native forest to the grey waters of the Lake Leones. There you´ll encounter the Leones Glacier, which is the entrance to the Northern Ice Field. Horsebackriding for min. 6 people.

Tamango River and Chacabuco Valley. Full day.

You´ll start by driving 70 km south on the Austral Highway to the town of Cochrane, population 3,000. You´ll then continue to the Tamango National Reserve, the only area where you can observe the huemul (a protected species here). After a hike through the park´s abundant vegetation and fauna, you´ll enjoy a satisfying lunch in these spectacular surroundings. On the way back to Mallin Colorado, you´ll visit the Chacabuco Valley area, a landscape very similar to the Patagonian pampas of Argentina. Here you can observe guanacos, condors, sheep, cattle and diverse bird species.

Trekking through the Mallin Colorado Forest. Four hours (ascent from 300 to 670 meters above sea level).

A medium-length hike through a native-growth forest of lengas and coigues, with ample opportunities to see exotic birds and abundant native plants. Also, you will experience an amazing view of glaciers, as well as Lakes General Carrera, Plomo, and Bertrand.

Baker River Confluence. Four hours.

An excursion by truck 35 km south along Chile´s Austral Highway. Participants will travel by lakes and mountains, and then arrive at Port Bertrand, a small town located in a picturesque area near the source of the Baker River, which is the river with the largest-volume flow in Chile. After the tour, participants can get out of the truck to view the actual source of the river, whose strong flow is surrounded by high and imposing mountains covered by abundant native vegetation. The trip then continues to its next destination, a wide plateau from which it´s possible to view the confluence of the Baker River with the Nef River (which flows from the Northern Ice Fields). You will have ample opportunities to take photos and observe the mountain range.

A full-day trip to Chile Chico.

A journey to Chile Chico, 122 km along the southern coast of Lake General Carrera, with spectacular views of the lake. You´ll notice the changes in climate and terrain as you approach the wide and arid Argentine pampa. Lunch will be served in Chile Chico, surrounded by farms; you´ll find that the mild and sunny climate here is very similar to that of Central Chile.

A full-day hike to the Lake Bertrand Glacier.

After a boat trip on Lake Bertrand, you´ll hike up towards this lagoon and glacier. From there you can enjoy views of the narrow, hidden Lake Bertrand, the origin of the Baker River. Lunch will be served by the lake, after which you´ll return to Mallin Colorado in the afternoon. For six people.


Starting point : Balmaceda airport under request( Private Departures)
Not included:
- Santiago / Balmaceda / Santiago flights
- Alcoholic beverages
Over flight to San Rafael glacier
Departing from lake General Carrera, you cross over the Northern Ice Fields in an hydroplane over river Leones, viewing Mount St. Valentine, the highest pick in Patagonian fields, and fly over glacier St Rafael until you reach the floating icebergs in the Pacific Ocean. You fly back to the cabins in two hours.
Over flight on Northern Ice Fields
Departing from lake General Carrera, you fly over the Northern Ice Fields in an hydroplane over river Leones, viewing Mount St. Valentin, the highest pick in Patagonian ice fields. After a passionate round trip over flying river Baker and Lake Bertrand, the flight finishes on the turquoise waters of Lake General Carrera.
Lodging. Fusion of rustic luxury, comfort, and hospitality The EcoLodge hosts its clients in cabins built of native wood, with excellent views of Lake General Carrera. Each cabin is isolated and provides a private and peaceful environment that is harmonious with the local landscape. They are rustic, comfortable, and elegantly furnished cabins, surrounded by a park of native trees, and can provide lodging for up to 18 people. They have hard wood floors, beds with natural down comforters, box spring mattresses, wood stoves, and ample windows with views of the immense Lake.
There is no better way to relax than to be in one of these cabins, appreciating the spectacular views that they provide. We guarantee a great night of sleep and an even better morning!
A world of evocative and homemade flavors From the beginning, this lodge has been characterized by the excellent food it offers its visitors, in which the owner of the house puts all of her love and good taste. She prepares homemade and traditional dishes with fresh vegetables from their garden and healthy meats of the region. The food is cooked over a wood fire in clay pots, and above all, with lots of love and care.
The most wonderful surprise at the end of the world. The best climate in Patagonia is found at Lake General Carrera. There are no strong winds, no heavy rains, it is never very cold, and there are many days of sun and agreeable temperatures. It is an ideal climate for enjoying outdoor activities. At the lodge you can experience all four seasons in one day. However, the presence of the large ice fields (Campos de Hielo) to the west causes the condensation of the moisture that comes from the Pacific Ocean. This makes our climate fairly arid, with many clear days throughout the year and short rains (800 mm/yr) that occur mainly at night. The temperature in the summer can reach 30° C and almost never drops below 4° C. Because of our latitude, the days are very long. It´s common to have 16-18 hours of light. Recommendations on what to take with you - Sunscreen
- Dark non-reflecting sunglasses
- Your normal medicines
- A good hat
- Comfortable and durable shoes
- Short and long trousers
- Short-sleeved Polo-necked shirt
- Sweaters and a Jacket
- Photo camera

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