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Overland Puerto Montt through Carretera Austral

15 days / 14 nights Code: SAT002

This Tour is no longer available

Unfortunately we no longer offer this Tour, but we haven't removed the information so you can have more ideas for your trip. If you want something similar write us.

We invite you to live the Overland´s unique experience. An experience to live with your family, with your partner, or with your friends, in the most beauty and unknown parks in Chile.



- January 13, 2013.

Departure from: Puerto Montt.

Arrival to: Coyhaique.

Day 1: Puerto Montt - Hornopirén.

Departure from Puerto Montt in the morning heading to Hornopiren. The route goes bordering the Reloncavi Seno to Caleta La Arena where we cross by ferry up to Caleta Puelche. From Caleta Puelche we continue making our way across the Austral forest to Hornopiren.
Picnic Lunch on the route.
Arrival to Hornopiren. Accommodation in cabins. Visit to Llancahue Termas.

Day 02: Hornopiren - Transbordador - Parque Pumalin - Chaiten.

Departure from Hornopiren early in the morning by Ferry to Caleta Gonzalo. Visit to the Pumalin Park facilities at Caleta Gonzalo, ecologic project of the entrepreneur Douglas Tompkins, whose aim is to preserve vast mild, rain forest areas with so endemic sorts.
Picnic Lunch. At the park we will visit the wonderful Larch Path, which allows envisioning these trees, the oldest existing in Chile, declared National Monuments. Arround Chaiten where will be able to realize the effects caused by the eruption of the Chaiten Volcano en May 2008. Arrival to Chaiten in the evening.
Accommodation in cabins.

Day 3: Chaitén - Ventisquero Yelcho - Futaleufú.

Departure from Chaiten early in the morning, trekking by the Patrimonial Route Icefield River, 6 km/9 miles path, by the mild and rainy forest, whose vegetation ends in a Belvedere that faces the Yelcho Icefield. Picnic Lunch in the route. We continue travelling towards the Austral Highway, then reaching the Santa Lucía Villa, where we will continue making our way for the East and arrive to Futaleufu Village, most renowned by kayak and rafting specialists worldwide, with the Espolon and Futaleufu River. Accommodation in cabins.

Day 4: Chaitén - Ventisquero Yelcho - Futaleufú.

Return to the Austral Highway to pass through the Vanguardia Villa, bordering the Palena River, between the austral jungle and arrive at La Junta, little village colonized in 1950.
We continue Southwards, through a jungle mountain range, travelling by the Rodado Falls, with plentiful cascades. We follow the banks of the Risopatron River and then arrive to the lake bearing the same name, where its hills abruptly fall, leaving no space for beaches. Picnic Lunch in the route.
Arrival at the Queulat National Park, where we find the Puerto Puyuhuapi, with unrestrained design, wooden houses of several stories and gardens, faithful legacy of the German settlers. Visit to the famous Carpet Factory, completely handicraft.
Accommodation in cabins.

Day 05: Puyuhuapi - Parque Nacional Queulat - Puerto Cisnes.

In the morning, departure bordering the Puyuhuapi Canal and the icefield bay, to reach the Park camping area. Trekking to the Hanging Icefield. Picnic Lunch.
We will continue to the South, skirting the Queulat slope, with a unique view to the Icefield river, thick glaciers walls and native jungle. Trekking to the Cascade River path and Encantado Forest, ending up at the Icefield lagoon. We will continue our trip between the rocky cliffs, skirting the Cisnes River and reach the Puerto Cisnes town.
Accommodation in cabins.

Day 06: Río Cisnes - "La Trapanada" - Puerto Cisnes.

Boat sailing along the Cisnes River and then arrive to “La Trapananda”. Sail activities along the Cisnes River, trekking through the trails along the place, fishing activities and Patagonia barbecue sharing with the settlers from the zone, amongst many other activities. Return to Puerto Cisnes in the evening.

Day 07: Puerto Cisnes - Coyhaique.

Departure to the South through the Austral Highway, passing through Piedra del Gato, with beautiful views to the Cisnes River. Visit to the Amengual Village and Villa Mañihuales, founded by settlers in 1935, by means of axes and knives, all through the deep Southernmost mañiu forests. Picnic Lunch. This area belongs to the Mañihuales National Reserve, where forest studies are being carried out and also, this is a Huemule protection area, found at the higher reservation spots. We will continue through the Simpson River to reach the city of Coyhaique, capital of the XI region, in the evening.
Accommodation in cabins.

Day 08: Coyhaique - Villa Cerro Castillo - Lago General Carrera - Puerto Río Tranquilo.

Tour around Coyhaique, capital of the Aysen Region and then continue towards the General Carrera Lake. We will pass through Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Vista Hermosa, Piedra del Conde and the Ibañez River valley, with and marvellous view to the Hudson Volcano and to the 2,675 mt/8,774 feet high Cerro Castillo sharp peaks, covered with fine rocky threads.
Picnic Lunch on the way.
Continuing to Puerto Murta, we border the General Carrera Lake and arrive in Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Sail through the General Carrera Lake, with a deep blue colour that contrasts with the emerald green of some bays, a visit to the Marble Chapel, Nature Sanctuary where you will see caves with brilliant marble walls polished by the sea effect.
Accommodation in hostelry.

Day 09: Puerto Río Tranquilo - Puerto Bertrand - Río Baker - Cochrane - Caleta Tortel.

We will continue our trip along the banks of the General Carrera Lake, to arrive at Puerto Bertrand, where the Baker River begins. We continue bordering this impressive turquoise colour water river to finally arrive in the city of Cochrane, province capital. Picnic Lunch.
Southwards, we found an outstanding spectacle, which are the Northern Ice fields and then arrive at Caleta Tortel in the evening, located at the Baker River delta, estuary of fiords and waterways between the Northern and Southern Ice fields.
Accommodation in hostelry.

Day 10: Caleta Tortel.

Activities in Caleta Tortel all day long. This town is located on the sea shore, being all its structures supported on the rock, with Guaitecas Cypress trunks. There are no streets, but 7.5 km/12 miles of gateways and stairways. It is an exciting experience to walk across them and you should do it.
Picnic Lunch
Sailing to the Muertos Island (MN), located at the Baker River delta. Optional you could sail to the Steffens Icefield in a full day tour.

Day 11: Caleta Tortel - Villa O´Higgins.

Our Austral trip continues towards Puerto Yungay, where we cross the Mitchell Fiord by ferry up to the Bravo River slope, in a narrow valley, with sharp rocks and where we often see some Huemuls. From here, a continuous succession of lakes and lagoons begins and also, a beautiful view to the Cordon Nevado with Hanging Glaciers and several waterfalls.
Picnic Lunch.
Afterwards, we arrive at the Villa O’Higgins frontier town, located in the mouth of the Mayer River, one of the scarce flat places in the area, surrounded by marshlands and steep mountains. Accommodation in lodge.

Day 12: Villa O´Higgins - Circuitos trekking alrededores .

Activities in O’Higgins Village all day long. Tour around the village, founded in 1966, visit to the Padre Roncci Museum and Cerro Santiago sightseeing with beatifull view of the viilage, to the south is the lake O’Higgins, where the Austral Highway ends in Bahamondez Bay. Trekking to the patrimonial route Sendero Rio Mosco. Box lunch for trekking.
Optional you could sail in full day tour to the O’Higgins Glacier or Big Icefield.

Day 13: Villa O'Higgins - Cochrane.

We will begin our trip back, passing through the Colonel Van Schouwen hanging bridge, 83 mt/134 miles long. We will continue among the valleys, marshlands and mosses, through Paso Colgado, close to a 150 mt/492 feet cliff over the Bravo River. Cross by ferry to Puerto Yungay. Picnic Lunch.
We continue our way to Cochrane to arrive in the afternoon.
Accommodation in cabins. Dinner.

Day 14: Cochrane - Chile Chico.

Departure from Cochrane to the North, passing through the Tamango National Park and the Chacabuco Valley to arrive at the banks of the beautiful Bertrand Lake. In El Maiten, bordering the General Carrera Lake, we visit Puerto Guadal, founded in 1934 by Lucas Bridges, port used to take the production to Argentina across the General Carrera Lake. Picnic Lunch
We will cross the Paso of the Keys, open recently in 1991, and finally arrive in Chile Chico in the afternoon. Accommodation in Hotel. Dinner.

Day 15: Chile Chico - Transbordador - Puerto Ibáñez - Coyhaique.

Departure from Chile Chico by Ferry, in the morning, and in 03 hours we cross the General Carrera Lake to arrive to Port Ingeniero Ibañez, founded in 1921, in 1952 was open the route to Coihaique, and Port Ibañez is main important because communicated all the people that lives at the border of General Carrera Lake. Picnic Lunch.
Departure from Puerto Ibañez and we will cross the del Diablo Slope, passing through Portezuelo Ibañez, Simpson Village and finally arrive in Coyhaique in the afternoon.



- January 13, 2013.

- 1 night in "Hostería Catalina"(Hornopiren)
- 1 night in "Pudu" Cabins (Chaiten)
- 1 night in "La Escondida" Cabins (Futaleufu)
- 1 nicht in "Aonikenk" Cabins (Puyuhuapi)
- 2 noghts in "Portal del Mar" Cabins (Puerto Cisnes).
- 1 night in "San Rafael" Cabins (Coyhaique).
- 1 night in "Hostería Costanera" (Puerto Río Tranquilo).
- 2 nights in "Hosteria Costanera" (Caleta Tortel)
- 2 nights in "Camping y Hosteria El Mosco" (Villa O'higgins).
- 1 night in "Rogeri" Cabins (Cochrane)
- 1 night in "Don Manuel" Cabins (CHile Chico)

- Full tour by Overland.
- Coordinating guide, backup guide and driver, professionals with wide experience in trips, all through the trip.
- Accommodation in hotels, cabins, hostels, etc.
- Meals according to schedule.
- Passengers insurance in case of car accidents.
- Ferry ticket.

Does not include:
- Air tickets.
- Sleeping bag.
- Museums and National Park tickets.
- Trips not specified on the program.
- Services not listed on the program.

Equipment and Logistics:
We have a group of people with wide experience, with the proper vehicle, the needed supplies and logistics to make this adventure come true and discover the most hidden places in the marvellous and Southernmost Patagonia. Specialized tour guide in charge of the expedition, a driver for the whole trip with unique knowledge of the road, and a guide in charge of the kitchen stuff. This tour is carried out thoroughly with our Overland which has the following features:
- The “Overland” bus: Mercedes Benz OF 1417. It has 18 soft reclining seats, observation terrace, photographs and luggage on the top of the vehicle, heating system and air conditioning, audio and radio system, microphone.
- Baggage car in the backside of the vehicle.
- Kitchen and full service equipment. Refrigerator, tables and stools for 18 people.
- Doite tents for 2 or 3 people with Doite self-inflatable light mattresses and feather pillows.
- Auxiliary kit equipment for soils in bad state.
- Fully equipped with first aid kit.

Travelling style:
Trips by Overland have a harmonious concept, cooperation, participation, mutual respect and most important, tolerance with the others. Thus, even though there is someone in charge of the kitchen, it does not mean that whoever wants to participate can do so.
Regarding meals, these include:
- Breakfast: cereals, yoghurt, bread, marmalade, cheese, milk, coffee, tea and herbs, amongst others.
- Box lunch: It depends if it takes place in the route or in a tour. The former is based in a picnic, generally cold, for example: cold meat, potatoes, tuna tortilla or vegetable tortillas, salads, soup or sandwiches prepared by the same passengers plus beverages. Box lunch for the trip is generally based in sandwiches prepared by the same participants after breakfast, fruit, cereals or chocolate bars and beverages. - Dinner: the most important meal of the day, along with breakfast. It includes hors d’oeuvre or hot soup, main course and dessert, with beverages.
Regarding schedule, in the Patagonia dawn takes place much earlier and, because of sleeping in tents, the first activities begin early in the morning. Likewise, daily activities require a good recess, so they are stopped at the proper time, to adequately rest.

General Conditions:
- Reserves the right to include photos or videos and other visual material of the passengers in advertising material in order to promote.
- The trips do not include special insurances, just the one for the vehicle to be used. We recommend our passengers to get a suitable insurance.
- Can delay departures up to 24 hours before or modify the schedule if the weather demands it or for reasons beyond its control. The company could cancel the trip if the problem remains and passengers will receive a full refund. There is no additional refund for the passenger.
- Departures with 15 passengers minimum. If this is the case, there is full refund for the money paid, but without additional payment for the passengers.
- Refund Policies:
* 45 days before departure: 100%.
* 44-30 days before departure: 90% or tranfer to another person.
* 29-15 days before departure: 75% or tranfer to another person.
* 14-1 days before departure: 50% or transfer to another person.
* No show: 0%.

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