Abril 14, 2021

Known for its great landscape and climatic diversity, Chilean Patagonia is considered one of the most mystical and picturesque places on the planet. This vast space is enveloped by lavish natural scenes, ranging from the imposing glaciers, to the extensive areas of forests, rivers and maritime spaces, which make Patagonia an exotic place of wild nature where you can experience great adventures.


1. Marble Chapels

Declared a "nature sanctuary" by the Chilean government, the Marble Chapels, also known as the Marble Cathedrals, are rock formations surrounded by turquoise waters located on the shores of Lake General Carrera, in the Aysen region, considered one of the most important and archaic tourist stops in Chilean Patagonia. These chapels make up a unique geological formation that has been sculpted over the years as a result of rock erosion, wind, waves and the dissolution of limestone, so that each of these geological wonders has sculpted walls, colorful columns and vaulted roofs that reach to impress all visitors.


2.Grey Glacier

Want to venture into the cold attraction of the glaciers? Torres del Paine National Park, located in the Magallanes region, offers you the possibility of visiting numerous natural ice constructions belonging to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, of which the amazing Grey Glacier stands out for its colorful ice floes that break off over the turquoise waters of Grey Lake. This mass of blue ice is 6 kilometers wide and more than 30 meters high, so there are numerous activities ideal for any adventurer, while you can trek through a rocky terrain, you can also choose to take a boat trip that leads to the base of the glacier. No matter which route you take, this tourist stop promises to surprise you, not only for its dazzling colors in shades of blue-gray, but also for its unusual shapes and the sound of the ice breaking off over the water.


3. The Pier of Souls

If what you are looking for is a spectacular panoramic view of the sea and fascinating mythological stories, then one of the places you should visit is the Muelle de las Almas, located in the Chiloé archipelago in the extreme north of Patagonia. To get to this tourist stop in the Los Lagos region, you can make an extensive tour on foot or by car, in both cases you can enjoy the great natural beauty that characterizes the area. However, when you reach the destination you will not only find a pier made of natural wood projected upwards, but also an important representation of local beliefs, where it is thought that when a person dies, his spirit comes to the sector waiting for the Tempilkawe, mythical character in charge of taking the deceased souls to the afterlife.


4. Osorno Volcano

Known as the starting point for the Chilean Patagonia, the Osorno Volcano is located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue in the Los Lagos Region, being one of the most visible points in Chile for its 2,652 meters of altitude. This wonderful tourist destination has several activities that can be performed in different climatic seasons; on the one hand, during the winter, sports such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and ice climbing are usually carried out on the slopes of the volcano. On the other hand, the summer is not left behind, at this time of the year, with the melting of the snow, trekking and excursions guided by locals are carried out. In this way, the Osorno Volcano is definitely a natural stop that allows both traditional and adventurous tourism, thus offering a complete adventure.


5. Puyuhuapi

If on the other hand you are looking for a serene and quiet place, the village of Puyuhuapi is your ideal tourist destination. Located in Cisnes, in the region of Aysén, it usually stands out for its picturesque green forests, due to the abundant rains that maintain the vegetation most of the year. Thus, its tourist interest is mostly focused on the contemplation of the natural environment and its charms. When talking about Puyuhuapi, the fact that in this town you can witness the crossing of two great cultures is usually highlighted, since it has rich traditions that are still maintained from its first settlers of Chiloé and German origin. Thus, this remote village is considered a perfect combination of incredible landscapes and comfortable spaces that will make your visit to the Chilean Patagonia a totally relaxing and inspiring trip.