Abril 24, 2021

1- Valparaíso, Chile's main port

Considered a World Heritage City, not only for its social, historical and traditional aspects, but also for its strategic geographic development, Valparaíso has become one of the Chilean cities that, without a doubt, has an extraordinary urban and architectural reality that has allowed it to transform its ports into a first international order, where although commercial transport also stands out, passenger transport also stands out, thus being the main Chilean port.


2- Santiago, the Chilean capital

Standing out for being the main gateway to Chile, the great city of Santiago plays a fundamental role in Chilean tourism generally because of the number of experiences it offers to each visitor, which are distributed between natural and cultural attractions overlooking stretches of the Andes Mountains, where hiking and trekking can be done; and between urban attractions made up of modern infrastructure ideal for shopping and business. It is worth mentioning that in both attractions you will find excellent typical and multicultural gastronomic stops ready to satisfy your palate.


3- Lake Llanquihue

With its surface of approximately 877 km², Lake Llanquihue is positioned as the second largest lake in Chile, being one of the outstanding hydrographic resources of the country. Such landscape has been a product of the geographic process of glaciation after the melting of the glaciers, thus, at present, Lake Llanquihue has a great significance that lies in its tourist potential, both for its green landscapes and blue waters overlooking the Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes, and for its picturesque coastline surrounded by cities such as Frutillar, Puerto Varas and Llanquihue, each considered wonderful adventurous destinations.


4- Tierra del Fuego Island

Would you venture to one of the most remote and least explored places in ChileTierra del Fuego Island promises to be an ideal destination, often referred to as "the Patagonian desert" because of its rugged landscape. In this sense, this island is characterized by the power of its nature and the intense climate that allows the realization of diverse outdoor activities. However, the main adventurous attraction of this tourist destination is the King Penguin Natural Park located in Bahía Inútil, where it is possible to learn about the conservation and protection of the second largest penguins in the world.


5- Cochamó Town

The name Cochamó refers to the definition "where the waters meet" meaning from the Mapuche language to represent the union of the Reloncaví Estuary River with the sea; thus, this town is surrounded by mountainous landscapes with granite-covered hills, with a variety of maritime influence distributed among rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Therefore, the town of Cochamó turns out to be a remote tourist destination where it is ideal for the practice of sports such as climbing, kayaking and trekking.


6- San Pedro de Atacama

The gateway to the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama is a tourist destination surrounded by incredible archaeological ruins, rich history and ancestral nature that serves as a base for numerous extreme desert adventures. You can visit from active geysers, such as the Tatio geysers, and salt flats, such as the Salar de Tara and Pujsa, to enormous dunes ideal for snowboarding and altiplanic lagoons where the wonderful Chilean flamingo can be found. In addition, in this locality also stands out the success of astro-tourism, carried out under the imposing night sky of the desert.


7- Pichilemu, the perfect place for surfing

Beach, entertainment and even relaxation? The city of Pichilemu has a variety of activities and adventures suitable for any tourist. This city located in the O'Higgins region classifies as one of the most relaxing tourist destinations with a Mediterranean climate, where it is not only possible to visit beautiful beaches and perform various water activities, but also enjoy hotels and cabins overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is worth mentioning that, due to the incredible conditions of its beaches and the splendor of its waves, the city of Pichilemu has been named as one of the best surfing capitals, thus becoming a surfer's paradise.


8- Camping in Sollipulli

Located in the Araucanía region and standing approximately 2,282m high, the Sollipulli volcano is among one of the most active volcanic areas on the planet. That's right! This great geological structure has become an attractive tourist stop ready to delight anyone looking for extreme adventure, offering activities such as mountaineering and trekking with a beautiful view of the entire region in the background. However, the greatest attraction of this volcano is the possibility of camping or crossing the surrounding area, which houses a glacier of about 4 km in diameter.


9- Lake Budi and the Mapuche Territory

Being one of the salt lakes of South America, Lake Budi has picturesque landscapes and coasts that captivate all visitors. It is located in the Araucanía region and shelters in its entrails a variety of birds, such as the black-necked swan; at the same time, activities such as fishing and trekking are usually carried out in this lake. However, one of the most captivating characteristics of Lake Budi lies in its wide cultural preservation, so it is possible to find rucas and handicrafts typical of tourism in the Mapuche territory.


10- Futaleufú, the river of the adventurers

To the north of the Chilean Patagonia, in the region of Los Lagos, is located the Futaleufú commune, which receives its name after having a great river perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking and recreational fishing, as well as incredible extreme activities such as rafting and kayaking, so if you are looking for a place to live experiences to the limit, you should definitely visit Futaleufú.