Agosto 01, 2021

The Chilean territory has an endless number of tourist attractions capable of enchanting each of its visitors; in this way, when touring Chile it is possible to find from immense mountains and glaciers, to big waves and hidden treasures in the desert. However, beyond its amazing landscapes, this southern country usually stands out as one of the best places to experience adventure tourism. Thus, it is one of the most frequented areas in the world for the practice of extreme sports, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to live unforgettable adventures. Here are 6 adventure sports and where to practice them:


1. Trekking

One of the best sports to get to know Chile's amazing landscapes is, without a doubt, trekking, which consists of long walks or excursions through different natural sceneries that include views adorned by great mountains, mighty rivers, native forests, colossal jungles or arid deserts. In this sense, it is possible to find throughout the country several hiking trails perfect for testing the physical abilities of any adventurer.

Among the most outstanding trekking circuits is Torres del Paine, which stands out for the amazing glaciers that adorn the area, with different shelters for those who wish to hike for several days. On the other hand, the Natural Monument El Morado prevails as one of the best destinations closer to the Chilean capital for hiking; while in the Moon Valley there are multiple routes perfect to know the wonders of the desert.


2. Hiking on ice

Would you dare to live an icy experience? In Chile you will not only be able to do ordinary trekking, since there are also ideal areas for hiking on ice; basically, this practice consists of following hiking routes on the white snow in the southernmost area of Chilean territory.

Thus, the best destinations for these walks are in the Torres del Paine National Park and its millenary formations of frozen water; also highlighting the Ventisquero del Yelcho, where it is possible to know cracks and tunnels formed from the detachment of glaciers. Undoubtedly, this is an adventure sport not to be missed.


3. Paragliding

If you are looking to feel free, you will be interested to know that paragliding has become one of the most outstanding adventure sports not only for the fantastic views it offers from the heights, but also for the unforgettable feeling of freedom offered by floating in the air. Thus, the varied Chilean geography has high altitude mountains that have become the perfect spots for the practice of numerous aerial sports.

Therefore, Morro de Arica and Cerro Dragón stand out as tourist attractions that make skydiving a reality thanks to the beautiful skies that remain clear most of the year. Evidently, this is one of the sports where the adrenaline of rapid descents reigns.


4. Skiing and Snowboarding

Among the most popular adventure sports in Chile, skiing and snowboarding stand out, because the Andes Mountain Range has around 19 centers designed for snow sports, each one characterized by the quality of the surface and the different ski slopes designed for both expert skiers and beginners.

Thus, the highlights are distributed among the Santiago centers: El Colorado, La Parva, Portillo, Farellones and Valle Nevado, each known for offering a complete experience with easy access to rental stores for the necessary equipment. Therefore, this is one of the adventures that you must practice in your tour of the territory.


5. Surfing

On the other hand, one of the most popular sports worldwide practiced in Chile is surfing, due to the fact that the extensive Chilean coast is characterized by high quality waves perfect for the practice of this water sport most of the year. That is why it is one of the areas of the world where, without a doubt, you will find your ideal wave.

In this sense, there are numerous tourist destinations known for being great exponents of international surfing, among them is the so-called world capital of surfing Punta de Lobos in central Chile, its growing fame is due to the incredible waves of more than 4 meters high that favor sliding on the sea.


6. Rafting

This is one of the most exciting sports to enjoy time with the family while traveling in the front row of the best rivers in Chile; basically, in the practice of rafting is not necessary previous experience, as it corresponds to an adventure where you must enjoy the scenery and put to the test in teamwork.

Among the routes with less intense currents are the Claro River, known for its fun family atmosphere, and the Maipo River, located a few kilometers from the capital and considered a must for rafting. However, if you are looking for more challenging experiences, the Futaleufú River stands out not only for its majestic scenery, but also for its class V rapids and impressive descents.