Junio 29, 2021

Chile is known for its different tourist treasures that are characterized by the beauty of its landscapes. Thus, it is considered that throughout the Chilean territory it is possible to know a unique natural paradise; therefore, whether in the depths of the desert, the extensive beaches or the lush forests, you will find numerous perfect destinations to live unforgettable experiences in one of the southernmost countries. In this sense, these are 6 places in Chile that you must visit:


Selkrirk viewpoint

This picturesque tourist destination is located on the famous Robinson Crusoe Island and has a height of approximately 565 meters, which is an incredible panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by an attractive exuberant nature. Among its curiosities is the fact that the Selkrirk lookout is named after Alexander Selkrirk, a sailor who, after being punished, was left on the island and had to watch the horizon in search of a ship to rescue him. On the other hand, today it has become one of the most visited trekking routes, with about 6 hours of excursion, being also a paradisiacal place to camp and contemplate a beautiful sunrise like never before.



This paradisiacal place corresponds to a commune located in the Lakes Region in the Chilean Patagonia, which is distinguished by its proximity to the Futaleufú River, which makes this town one of the best places to carry out extreme adventures such as kayaking, rafting and trekking, highlighting the bi-national routes due to the border with Argentina. Therefore, Futaleufú is an ideal destination for nature lovers looking for rural tourism in Chile.


Wulaia Bay

Also known as Caleta Wulaia, this is one of the paradisiacal places located in the southernmost area of Chile: Navarino Island. It is worth noting that this bay receives its name from the Yaghan "beautiful view" and has come to be considered a heritage area for being the land of the first inhabitants. In this sense, Wulaia Bay has become a site of archaeological and scientific interest where it is possible to find ancient utensils such as tools, knives and spears that make it possible to approach the lifestyle of the past. In other words, it is a destination that allows to contemplate the ancestral energy and its legacy today.


Puerto Murta

It corresponds to a hamlet belonging to the Aysen Region, specifically located on the shores of Lake General Carrera, which is characterized as a remote area of Chilean territory surrounded by forests and evergreen nature that make up a route out of stories perfect to accompany tourists in different activities such as hiking. On the other hand, the fame of Puerto Murta is due to the handicrafts and livestock of the area, highlighting mainly sheep and cattle that makes possible the sale of organic meat of excellent quality.


The Vik Vineyard

It is an artistic place located in the Millahue Valley, 160 km south of Santiago, which is characterized for being a surprising architectural project in the middle of the vineyards. Among its attractions is the incredible undulating titanium roof designed to shine during certain hours of the day in representation of the Millahue Valley and its golden lands. Basically, it is a modern site that unites art and paradisiacal nature, where the production of quality wine takes place surrounded by avant-garde buildings ideal for art lovers.



Among the peculiar cities found on the island of Chiloé, its largest city and capital stands out: Castro, mainly due to the famous stilt houses that make the place a colorful tourist destination with beautiful architecture where entertainment abounds. In addition, among other attractions you can find the San Francisco Church, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chiloé and the Castro Craft Fair, each characterized by keeping the Chiloé culture high and enchanting tourists looking for a destination full of fun.