Mayo 11, 2021

One of the most surprising treasures of Chile is undoubtedly its varied landscapes ready to dazzle each of its visitors. Throughout the territory you can find beautiful views that allow you to contemplate from the desert and isolated life, to cold mountains and glaciers; basically, Chile offers a wide list of ideal destinations to know in depth the natural life. Here are some of the most unforgettable landscapes of this territory:


Salar de Tara

150 km from San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most amazing highland landscapes of the Chilean territory: The Salar de Tara, characterized by its great biodiversity, its majestic barriers of volcanic origin and huge structures molded as a result of wind erosion through time. In this sense, one of the most outstanding attractions of the area is the Tara Cathedral, an extensive rock formation that surrounds the entire Salar. On the other hand, due to the lack of human life in the area, it is possible to observe animal species such as the flamingo and culpeo foxes, making it an ideal landscape to learn about desert life.


Valley of the Moon

Another fantastic desert landscape located 13 km from the town of San Pedro de Atacama is undoubtedly the Moon Valley. It is an attractive area surrounded by dunes and formations of stone and salt, considered one of the strangest and most similar representations of the lunar surface on earth. Although it is not a place where flora and fauna abound, it should be noted that this valley is an excellent spot to observe the dazzling colors of the desert and the immense starry sky.


Dientes de Navarino

Known as the tourist destination located at the end of the world, Dientes de Navarino stands out as one of the picturesque mountainous landscapes of the Chilean territory, located at the southern end of the continent. This grouping of mountains receives its name due to the natural structures in the shape of sharp teeth that adorn the area. However, what makes this area an extraordinary stop are its extreme trekking routes, which require considerable physical effort due to its gorges and dangerous trails, making it an unforgettable experience for adventurers.


San Rafael Lagoon

Among the tourist attractions of Chile are also the impenetrable ice landscapes surrounded by white and blue tones of the glaciers; in this way, the Laguna de San Rafael stands out as one of the places with the most varied biodiversity, as you can see animals such as dolphins, elephant seals and black-necked swans; and amazing natural events such as the detachment of the glaciers. The tours of the area are done by water in small boats, from which it is possible to appreciate the waterfalls, canals and fjords of the lagoon.


Hanging snowdrift

Queulat National Park has one of the most extraordinary wooded landscapes to discover nature in its purest state. It is a great millenary glacier that looks out between two mountains with a view of the void, known as the Ventisquero Colgante (Hanging Glacier). Among the charms of the area are the numerous waterfalls that have emerged as a result of melting ice over the years; in turn, it has a humid climate that keeps the entire surface full of vegetation, so it is considered an "evergreen" destination. At times, you can hear the crunching of ice rumbling through the mountains.


La Junta

Undoubtedly, La Junta is a valley that will make you feel tiny in front of all the splendor of nature, due to the impressive landscape surrounded by immense granite massifs that characterize the area. It is located in the interior of the Cochamó Valley, and has several trails and ditches of up to two meters that have been the result of erosion, so it has become one of the best routes for trekking and climbing. Among the stops of interest within La Junta you can find several natural slides, waterfalls and colorful hills perfect for getting in touch with natural life.


Maipo Canyon

One of the must-see landscapes closest to the Chilean capital is located in the Cajón del Maipo, an Andean canyon full of routes ideal for cycling, kayaking, trekking and even astro-tourism. In addition, this tourist destination stands out for its varied nature that ranges from glaciers, massifs and volcanoes, to amazing surprises such as the natural hot springs that reach 70°C (104°F). Other points of interest include the gypsum reservoir and the El Morado Natural Monument.