Julio 02, 2021

The authentic city of Santiago, also known as the Chilean capital, is located in the Maipo Valley, close to the Andes and the coast. In this sense, it is a great city where the major economic and political activity of the country is centered, being also an indispensable place for cultural preservation. Therefore, it is possible to find numerous attractions that make Santiago an unmissable place, whether you are looking for bohemian neighborhoods, historic centers or natural parks, the Chilean capital is ideal to enjoy an excellent stay. These are some of the best tourist attractions in the capital that you must visit:


Cerro Santa Lucia

Among the natural tourist sites in Chile is the Cerro Santa Lucia, located in the center of the capital and counting around 69 meters high. Although it is a small hill, it is an area of great historical and cultural interest due to the fact that in the mid-sixteenth century the foundation of the city by Pedro de Valdivia took place in these lands. On the other hand, it is possible to find many hidden corners full of charm, such as the Neptune Fountain and the Hidalgo Castle; in any case, this point of the city offers a magnificent panorama to contemplate the beauty that characterizes all of Santiago.


Bellavista Neighborhood

If you are looking for a destination where the free and lively lifestyle stands out, Barrio de Bellavista will undoubtedly be a stop you must visit. It is a charming neighborhood located on the banks of the Cerro de San Cristobal characterized by its colorful colonial buildings, bars and theaters that adorn every street in the area. Among its main tourist stops is La Chascona, an old building belonging to the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Therefore, it is a destination where bohemian life reigns, influenced by incredible artists and their legacy.


Lastarria Neighborhood

Among other picturesque neighborhoods that adorn the Chilean capital is Lastarria, close to Plaza Italia and Santa Lucia Hill. It is an illustrious neighborhood surrounded by striking old architecture that keeps alive the historical influence of a great variety of artists and intellectuals of the place, and is currently a tourist destination full of cultural centers, museums and cafes that will make your visit to the area an experience hand in hand with art.


La Parva

Located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 2750 meters is one of the stops of tourist interest in Santiago, it is a skiable area with approximately 38km of excellent slopes that make up a perfect winter center for adventures on snow during the winter and cycling tours in the summer. Basically, La Parva is a fun place to connect with nature and take a break from the urban activity of the city that you must visit.


O'Higgins Park

Also known as the largest urban park in the capital, Parque O'Higgins corresponds to an extensive area with approximately 80 hectares of surface that has been considered the green lung of Santiago. Among its attractions it is possible to find various outdoor activities, including concerts of international music, sports areas and art museums that make this a destination full of fun and entertainment.


Main Square

The famous Plaza de Armas is one of the tourist places in Santiago where the most emblematic colonial buildings of the city are preserved; therefore, it is one of the most visited destinations by tourists as it is an area considered as a historical center. In fact, this square is often the site of important political and cultural celebrations.

On the other hand, nearby tourist attractions include the post office station, the Historical Museum and various art galleries. However, the famous Metropolitan Cathedral stands out as one of the most important religious buildings in the country. Basically, Plaza de Armas has become an essential stop to get to know the historical charms of the capital.


Central Market

As for the distinctive Chilean gastronomy, it is possible to find throughout Santiago different places destined to make known the traditional dishes of the country. In this way, the Central Market is considered one of the best gastronomic centers due to the variety of dishes available that owe their fame to the excellent quality and freshness that characterizes them. Therefore, this picturesque market is surrounded by different restaurants ideal to taste the particular Chilean flavors; being also a perfect place to find local handicrafts.