El Loa and Calama

Know El Loa and Calama

The main city of this destination is El Loa, in Calama. The city possesses great facilities to welcome tourists from Chile and other countries. One of the attractions is the Chuquicamata Mine, the biggest copper mine in the world. Also, you can find natural wonders such as valleys, mountains, lagoons, Carcote and Ascotan Salars, geysers and the aquatic fauna that includes flamingos, parinos huallotos, taguas, wild ducks and huaycos. The journey allows the visitors to see the atacameñan culture (in the highlands and precordillera), with native population that offers agricultural products and handmade crafts. The religious ceremonies like “limpia canales”, “enfloramiento de animales” and the “carnavales” are some of the cultural activities celebrated during a year. Amongst the Catholic ceremonies, the most important one is the Fiesta of the Ayquina Virgin. The favorable weather conditions allow the visitors to go outside most of the day and to enjoy the prehispanic architecture –made by the aymaras and atacameños- in Ayquina, Caspana, Chiu Chiu, Lasana, Ollague Y Toconce, as well as practicing sports and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Información del Destino:
  • Attractions:

    Flora and fauna. Anchaeological and anthropological interest zone.

  • When to go:

    All year long.

  • Activities:

    Hiking, trekking, bicycle ridings, raid, high mountain tours, picnic, flora and fauna contemplation, photography.

  • Weather:

    Desert weather. The temperature oscillates between day and night time, and the summer rain is more frequent with a high media of 3 milimeters. The high media temperature is 24,5ºC and the lowest is 17,1ºC.

  • Location:

    Flora and fauna. Anchaeological and anthropological interest zone.

  • Services;

    Housing, food, transportation, outdoor activities, museums, handmade crafts, information centers.

  • How to get there:

    Santiago-Antofagasta: Airway and land route, by Panamericana 5 North.
    Anywhere-Antofagasta: Airway, Cerro Moreno Airport (LanChile and Sky)
    Anywhere-Antofagasta: Seaway.
    Antofagasta-Calama: Land route, by Route 25 CH. Airway.

  • Surroundings:

    Ayquina, Calama, Caspana, Chiu-Chiu, Cupo, Conchi Dam, Geyser del Tatio, Ayquina Church, Lasana, Chuquicamata, Ollague, Conchi town, Coska town, Lasana Pukara, Turi Pukara, Loa River, Ascotan Salar, Carcote Salar, Toconce, Aucanquilcha Volcano.

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