Huasco Lagoon

Know Huasco Lagoon

Huasco Lagoon is a fantastic place to visit in the middle of the desert. The lagoon was created by ancient glaciers and summer rain. It´s located 3780 meters above sea level. It has an amazing flora and fauna such as alpacas, guanacos, llamas, vicuñas and vizcachas. Birds are also part of the enviroment, and you can find flamencos, wild geese, ducks, caiti, juarjales, jergones and the andes seagull, as well as the american ostrich.

Información del Destino:
  • Attractions:

    Flora and fauna.

  • When to go:

    All year long.

  • Activities:

    Flora and fauna contemplation, photography.

  • Weather:

    Desert weather. The temperature oscillates between day and night time, and the summer rain is more frequent with a high media of 0,9 milimeters. The high media temperature is 24,4ºC and the lowest is 12,5ºC.


  • Location:

    Flora and fauna.

  • Services;

  • How to get there:

    Anywhere-Santiago: Airway
    Santiago-Iquique: Airway (LanChile and Sky)
    Anywhere-Iquique: Land route
    Iquique-Huasco Lagoon: Land route

  • Surroundings:

    Huatacondo prehispanic towns, Collagua, Pintados geoglifos, La Huayca, Lagar, Huasco Lagoon, Humberstone Saltpeter Office, Pisadas de Dinosaurios, Santa Laura Saltpeter Office vestiges, La Tirana Catholic Sanctuary, Macaya, Lirima and Mamiña Springs

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