San Rafael Lagoon Cruise Chonos Route: Skorpios II

Code: CSK003
  • Duracion: 6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Start: Skorpios Dock in Puerto Montt
  • Departure: Saturday (September to April)

Sail through the immensity of this lands and seas, where is the world biggest ecological reserve.

Price includes
Breakfasts, lunch, dinner and open bar
Welcome Cocktails and farewell party.
All the activities inside the ship.
Mentioned excursions
Price does not include
Air tickets
Embarkation boarding Tax: US$40
Additional night
  • Aboard the Cruise Vessels is a shop with all of the articles appropriate for such a trip; rolls of film, batteries, t-shirts, hats, sweaters, parkas, etc.
  • Children’s rate: From 1 to 5 years old: Free sharing bed. From 6 to 11 years old: 50% discount for children sharing cabin with parents. From 12 years up: Normal rate.
  • Recommendations: Dress for the Cruises is totally informal, casual & for adventure. Remember to bring both thick and light clothing, appropriate footwear, a suit & tie or formal wear for the farewell gala & a bathing suit for the thermal springs (only Aysen Adventure and San Rafael Classic Routes.
  • Transfers: The transfers corresponding to the embarkation days (Fridays and Saturdays) and disembarkation days (Thursday), cost US$40 per person between the Tepual Airport and the Skorpios Terminal.In order to use it, it should be requested upon reservation of the cruise. The schedule of the transfers will be informed.

Departure 2022-2023  (subject to confirmation and availability):

  • September : 16
  • October : 08-15-22-29
  • November : 05-12-19-26
  • December : 03-10-17-24
  • January : 07-14-21-28
  • February : 04-11-18-25
  • March : 04-11-18-25
  • April : 01-08-15-22

The San Rafael Glacier

This Chilean National Park was declared to be a worldwide reserve by UNESCO in 1979. Located at latitude 46 – 45 south of the Chilean Patagonia it is 1,242,000 hectares of millenary beauty. A Spanish navigator discovered this place four centuries ago. Today it has become one of the natural splendors of Chile, of the greatest international importance. The ice of the San Rafael Glacier date back as far as 300,000 years, its frontal face is 2kms wide and its ice towers reach up to more than 75 mts. and plunges down into the ocean waters more than 230 meters. It has a length of and stems from the San Valentín Nevado of the Southern Ice Fields of the Los Andes Mountains. The blues of the ice and its constant avalanches have converted this natural spectacle into international fame. With its ice floes of different shapes and colors it is a spectacle that is unique in this world.
There are also excursions on the fjord's quiet, transparent waters in safe motorboats, where you are shown the rich marine fauna, such as the banks of mussels and the playful southern dolphins. 
Sailing every Saturday from Puerto Montt, a city located 1000 kilometers (620 mi.) south of Santiago, to the San Rafael Glacier, the majestic relic of the planet's last glaciation, Skorpios carries you on a Dream Cruise of six days and five nights. Its goes through spectacular channels and archipelagos, where an exuberant nature stands out in all its splendor and man's presence is barely perceptible, and where softly shaped islands are scattered in the ocean. We will visit isolated and picturesque fishing villages and settlements, such as Puerto Aguirre and Queilen, the city of Castro, the Quitralco fjord with its thermal baths and the San Rafael National Park, which was declared world biosphere reserve by the UNESCO with its Glacier of magical and spectacular 30,000 years old ice that rises in multicolored towers to a height of more than seventy meters and then sinks into the ocean.
On board the M/V Skorpios II, you will find a friendly, personalized service, always with the exceptional hospitality provided by the Kochifas family and their experienced and well-trained crews who will offer warmth and efficiency in a unique and unforgettable cruise. You will have an enjoyable gastronomic experience, alternating international cuisine with the best culinary traditions of southern Chile, where the most outstanding are Chilean Kingcrab, giant mussels (Mitilus), mussels, oysters, sea urchins, barnacles, salmon, croaker, sea pike, kingclip, red and white meats and the juicy and delicious Curanto, always accompanied by the best Chilean wines and exclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the Skorpios' traditional open Bar.
The M/V Skorpios II has capacity for 160 passengers, its cabins are fully equipped and decorated, all have private bathrooms, background music, intercoms and television. It also has the Quitralco saloon (smokers), the San Rafael bar (non-smokers) and a main dining room.


12:00 pm Departure from Puerto Montt Skorpios Terminal. Navigation through the archipelago of Llanquihue. View of the City of Calbuco. Gulf of Ancud, 04:30 pm Arrival in Quemchi, in the Chiloé Island. Disembarkation by boats in this picturesque town, where we will visit the handcraft market, streets and caffees, and the House-Museum of the Chilean writer Francisco Coloane. 06:30 pm, we will head south to the Chiloé archipelago, crossing the Corcovado Gulf by midnight.

08:00 am Navigation through the Moraleda and Ferronave. Arrival in the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre at 11:00 am At 01:00 pm we continue navigation through Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa Channel. At 05:30 pm arrival in Punta Pescadores, disembarkation in a beach full of small stones, in order to carry out a 2-kilometer trekking heading south, watching the natural enviroment, and the Patagonian flora and fauna. At 08:00 pm sail heading south. At 09:30 pm approximately we will anchored in Caleta Quesahuen or in Caleta Punta Leopardos, 20 miles away from the San Rafael Glacier.

07:30 am The ship sails to the San Rafael Inlet and Témpanos Channel. 09:00 am The ship enters the lagoon and anchor 2 kms away from the glacier. Excursion by boats between the multicolored glaciers, weather permitting. 03:30 pm the ship will reach the glacier. At 05:00 pm sail towards the Quitralco Fjord.


08:00 am Berthin in the Quitralco dock. After breakfast, passengers will be able to enjoy thermal baths at 32 º and 30 º C º, in indoor pools or outdoor. If weather permits, excursions by motorboat for the fjord. At 05:00 pm Sail towards Chiloé, navigating through the Moraleda and Pérez Norte channels.

08:00 am Sailing through the Leucayec Channel, parcial view of the Melinka village, in the Chonos Archipelago.Corcovado Gulf Crossing. In this area, if conditions permit we will be able to see blue whale or Alfaguara. Then continue and sail along the eastern coast of Chiloé. At 11:00 am arrival in the Conejos Islet, located in the Quieilen Channel. Disembarkation in order to enjoy a boat trip, surrounding this small island where Maguellan Penguins and birds live. At 01:00 pm we will sail between the Lemuy and Chelin Islands. At 05:00 pm arrival in Dalcahue, disembarkation and visit. We recommend its handcraft market, church and a stroll by the Promenade. At 11:00 pm Sail to Puerto Montt. Farewell party, Captain Dinner, dancing.

08:00 am Docking Terminal dock in Puerto Montt Skorpios. 09:00 hrs Breakfast, disembark and transfer.

End of the Cruise.

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  • Double Exterior Acrópolis Cabin

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Important note: In the event that one of the hotels does not have availability, it will be exchanged for a hotel with similar characteristics.

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