Kaweskar Explorers Route Cruise: Skorpios III

Code: CSK004
  • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
  • Eccursions: Shared
  • Departures: According to coordinated departures (October to April)
  • Official languages: Spanish / English
  • Start: Skorpios Puerto Natales Terminal

Among fjords and Patagonian channels, discover the stunning Kaweskar Route with all the comforts of the Skorpios II Cruise, sailing on Tuesday or Friday.

Price includes
Breakfasts, lunch and dinner and open bar
Welcome Cocktails and farewell party.
All the activities inside the ship.
Onboard medical care
Price does not include
Air ticket.
Port taxes: USD 75
Additional night before departure
Milodon Cave and Cave Paintings Tour

Note: The program and schedules may vary according to weather conditions or force majeure. Likewise, the disembarkation and duration will depend on the authorization of the captain of the boat, who will evaluate the safety and ice conditions of each place. The schedules of talks and activities of the guides will be indicated during
will be indicated in navigation

Departures Season 2024-2025

  • October 2024: 14-19-25-30
  • November 2024:  05-10-16-21-27
  • December 2024: 02-08-13-19-24-30
  • January 2025: 04-10-15-21-26
  • February 2025: 01-06-12-17-23-28
  • March 2025: 06-11-17-22-28
  • April 2025: 02-07-12-17-23

Sailing Program
5 Days / 4 Nights Cruises

Optional additional night before departure (additional cost).  Accommodation on the ship in the same cabin as your cruise. Includes dinner and buffet breakfast. Optional tour to Milodon Cave and Cave Paintings (Additional cost).

Day 1: 10.30 hrs. Boarding begins. 13.00 hrs. Departure from Skorpios terminal. Talk about the safety of the ship, the place will be indicated. 14.00 hrs. Lunch. Navigation through Almirante Montt Gulf. 16.30 hrs. Arrival to Caleta Juarez in Guardramiro Fjord and disembark in boats to see a colony of elephant seals 18.00 hrs. Sailing, crossing Angostura Kirke, Morla Vicuña, Unión, Collingwood and Sarmiento channels.

Day 2: 08:00 hrs. We continue sailing north through Pitt Channel. On the port side, Chatam Island, to enter the Guillard Fjord at 10:00 hrs. Navigation through the interior of the fjord to Guillard Glacier. 11.00 hrs. Disembarkation at the glacier and walk around the place 13.30 hrs.
Lunch. 15.30 hrs. Disembarkation in boats for a tour through the channels of the Glacier. 17.00 hrs. Sailing to Sarratea Bay. 18.00 hrs. Disembarkation for a boat ride around the place. (this excursion depends on sunlight and weather conditions) 19.00 hrs. Return back to the boat. 20.00 hrs. Dinner on board. 24.00 hrs. Sailing southbound through Pitt Channel.

Day 3: 08:00 hrs. Arrival at Amalia Glacier. The ship approaches the glacier. Panoramic view from the ship. 09.30 hrs. Disembark at a nearby beach for a walk through sand, vegetation and rocks, vegetation and rocks, arriving at a viewpoint from where you can appreciate this beautiful glacier. 11.30 hrs. Navigation to El Brujo Glacier. 14.00 hrs. Arrival to El Brujo Glacier. If the weather and ice conditions allow it, you can go down to see this glacier from a closer rock.
15.30 hrs. Departure to the spectacular Calvo Fjord. 17.10 hrs. Landing at Calvo Fjord, where an excursion is made in a boat suitable for sailing among the ice, called Captain Constantine the ice, visiting the glaciers Fernando, Capitán Constantino and Alipio, among others and Alipio glaciers. 20.00 hrs. Departure to the Fjord of the Mountains.

Day 4: 09.00 hrs. Visit to the Fiordo de las Montañas, where we will be able to observe four glaciers, from the Cordillera Sarmiento to the sea, two of them are in our binnacle. 09.30 hrs. Visit to the Alsina Glacier, disembark in our exploration boats to tour this small bay and its colorful glacier appreciating all its beauty and its huge mountains that surround it. 10.30 hrs. Return to Skorpios III, we continue sailing through the Fjord of the Mountains to the towards the Bernal Glacier. 11.15 hrs. Disembark at the glacier. We start hiking in the middle of a small native forest, and then cross a path that crosses a small lagoon of glacier water. We continue the hike over the front and lateral moraines until we reach the front of the glacier side. From here we will have the opportunity to touch some ice and be watching the receding phase of a glacier that no longer reaches the sea. 12.45 hrs. The passengers return to the boat, which is in a maneuver of supplying pure and natural water from a waterfall. This water is consumed on board for all the ship's services of the ship. 14.00 hrs. The Motonave Skorpios III continues navigating the Fjord of the Mountains and we will be able to see from the ship the Herman and Zamudio glaciers. 17.45 hrs. Crossing of the Angostura White. 21.00 hrs. Farewell party, Captain's dinner, dancing. Navigation through Almirante Montt Gulf 

Day 5: Arrival at Puerto Natales between 02.00 and 07.00 hrs, depending on wind conditions, to dock at the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales. 08.00 and 09.30 hrs. docking at Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales. 08.00 and 09.30 hrs. Disembarkation of passengers.


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