Know Tongariki

An ancient cementery, 200 meters long, that features 15 statues. It is the most important in Rapa Nui and it was restored between 1995 and 1996 by Chilean archaeologists, after its destruction by a tsunami in 1960. There are moais and pukao surrounding it. Behind it, there is the Hanga Hotu Iti bay.

Información del Destino:
  • Attractions:

    Cultural and archaeological interest zone.

  • When to go:

    All year long.

  • Activities:

    Hiking, photography.

  • Weather:

    Maritime with tropical characteristics. The high media temperature is 22ºC and the lowest is 17ºC on October. The rain is subtropical with a media of 1,126 milimeters per year.

  • Location:

    Cultural and archaeological interest zone.

  • Services;

    Outdoor activities.

  • How to get there:

    Land route. From Hanga Roa to Hotu Iti bay (east coast of the island)

  • Surroundings:

    Ahu Akahanga, Ahu Te Pito Kura, Ahu Uri a Hurenga, Perousse Bay or Hanga Hoonu, Hanga Roa Bay or Tai, Orongo, Easter Island National Park, Poike peninsula, Anakena Beach, Ovahe Beach, Te pito te Henua, Tongariki, Rano Kau Volcano, Rano Raraku Volcano.

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