Mayo 25, 2021

The entire planet has an infinity of remote places whose peculiarities have no explanation, these are unknown places with uncertain stories and special attraction for those who seek to know the curiosities around the world. In this sense, among the tourist attractions located throughout Chile you can find various sites that stand out mainly for their ancestral culture, secrets and legends that allow every tourist to live experiences close to the supernatural. So, take note of these great mysteries that you have to visit:


Robinson Crusoe Island

This mystical Chilean island is located within the Juan Fernandez archipelago, usually noted for the literary attention it has received over the years after offering poets and writers inspiration about the lives of ancient sailors. In fact, Robinson Crusoe Island corresponds to one of the most mysterious tourist destinations due to the different myths and legends that describe the curiosities of the area, it happens that this island is famous for having been the secret spot for miners and pirates seeking to protect their belongings from their enemies; therefore, today it is believed that there are multiple treasures and riches hidden among these lands.


Red Lagoon

It is a very special place that stands out mainly for its surreal nature, the Red Lagoon corresponds to a remote discovery located in the Region of Arica and Parinacota in northern Chile, and is named for its mysterious and unknown deep red waters. Among the curiosities of this territory is the fact that the depth and origin of the tonality of the water are questions without conclusive scientific answers; however, there are numerous beliefs and legends that attribute supernatural explanations to the lagoon.

In this sense, it is believed that these waters belonged to an evil entity, who gave the lagoon its suspicious reddish color as a warning to humans; therefore, when the first Aymara settled in the area and drank from these waters, the entire community died, thus contributing to turn the tone of the lagoon into an intense bloody red.


Raja de Manquehua

Another of the mysteries hidden throughout the Chilean territory is located in the Coquimbo Region within the Commune of Salamanca, considered as a sanctuary of nature, the Raja de Manquehua has become an ideal place to discover mysticism in its maximum splendor. In this sense, this mountain is approximately 2,000 meters high and is characterized by having a crack that opens to a deep cave; among its interests stands out the fact that in ancient times it was believed that Chile was linked by subway tunnels used by witches to perform magical rituals, therefore, for years it has been considered inside this cave as a site of covens and legends.



Would you venture into an ancient desolate town? This tourist destination represents the golden years of saltpeter and its exhausted way of working. It is known that at the beginning of the 20th century the saltpeter of Atacama was considered the white gold due to its growing demand; however, after the collapse of its success, Humberstone became a ghost town. Today, there are buildings that have been maintained over the years due to the desert climate of the area. It is worth noting that although human life disappeared from these lands, legends and paranormal stories have become more alive than ever. Tourists who venture into this town are considered to be very brave people, as it is said that it is possible to hear voices and glimpse specters among the desolate streets of the old saltpeter.


Easter Island

This famous island is considered one of the most incredible treasures that the deep Pacific Ocean has to offer, since it is an isolated territory characterized by the great mysteries that keep alive the ancient culture and traditions. Thus, the most outstanding attraction of Easter Island is found in the symbolic Moai sculptures, known for their distinctive human forms carved in volcanic stone weighing more than 50 tons. Throughout the island you can find more than 900 sculptures created by the natives, so its name alludes to the living face of the ancestors in order to keep their energy present.

This enigmatic island belongs to the Chilean region of Valparaiso, is surrounded by hillsides and has a tropical climate due to the oceanic influence. Undoubtedly, it is one of the great mysteries of the world that you must visit.