Cabo Froward

Know Cabo Froward

Known by the Cross of the Sea on the top of its hill, Cape Froward indicates the very last place of the American continent. It's a popular attraction, in spite of its distance, due to the climate and scenery -almost antarctic-, and the biological diversity you can see around it. It's a great place to practice sports such as hiking and trekking, and enjoy nature.

Información del Destino:
  • Attractions:

    Colorful flora and fauna. Amazing landscapes.

  • When to go:

    January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December.

  • Activities:

    Hiking, trekking, horseback riding, flora and fauna contemplation, photography.

  • Weather:

    Cold moderate rainy weather, without dry season but with microclimates. The annual media temperature is 8°C, meanwhile during summer time the temperature goes from 10° to 18°C. The annual media rain is 450 milimiters.

  • Location:

    Colorful flora and fauna. Amazing landscapes.

  • Services;

    Information center, transportation.

  • How to get there:

    Santiago-Punta Arenas: Airway.
    Punta Arenas-San Juan: Private land route
    San Juan-Froward Cape: Through paths.
    Punta Arenas-Froward Cape: Sea way.

  • Surroundings:

    Froward Cape, Punta Arenas cementery, de la Cruz Hill, Pali-Aike cave, El Salto, Magellian Strait, San Isidro lighthouse, Bulnes Fortress, Pali-Aike National Park, Punta Arenas, Magallanes National Reserve, Otway Inlet.


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