Fitzroya cupressoides

It reaches the 50 meters of height, and about 4 meters in diameter. Its slow growth turns it into an old tree, three to four thousand years old. It has irregular ramification with a pyramid shaped top. The bark is reddish and quite thick, and it produces high quality wood that is impenetrable for insects. Usually, it can be found in places where other trees live, like ñirras and coigües, which also live in humid places. The oldest Alerce found has been over 3600 years old, making it the second oldest tree in the world, only topped by the California pine tree.


Between Valdivia and Chiloe. In the Pelada Cordillera (600 meters above sea level), between Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt and in the Andes, between Llanquihue and Futalufu River.