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Adventure in the Heartland of Torres del Paine in Las Torres Hotel

5 days / 4 nights Code: HLT001

Places you will see

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the world's most beautiful places. This All inclusive program will allow you to experience Patagonia, breathing the freedom of our Pampas and stunning mountains.


Starting point: Punta Arenas.

Validity: September to April.

All Inclusive Program in Torres del Paine, enjoying the wonders that offers the Chilean Patagonia.
Live the 1900 chilean patagonia. On the way from Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine, visit the "Black Mountain stay" where settlers lived, known as the end of the world. You can tour the facility of the "Colonial" house at that time and enjoy, depending on the time, a patagonian barbecue patagonian barbecue on Magellan style.

The pisco sour and the Chilean wines have different taste at the foot of a mountain. Enjoy the taste of our land, at the end of a captivating journey, watching the white mantle that covers the Mount Almirante Nieto.

We offer a variety of different vehicles excursions, trekking or horseback riding, that why in this program you makes the itinerary, you only need to choose according to your mood and interest. We invite you to ride the pampas, walking by beautiful virgin trails and marvel step by step with the flora and fauna of this place.

Our guides will take you to discover life at the end of the world while looking out into the hills, ancient glaciers observed in our footsteps. That is the Chilean Patagonia.

In the menu of excursions include:

- Nordenskjöld Lake: (3 hours, difficulty: medium)

Great way to learn and enjoy with horses, cross rivers, go down and visit beautiful sandy environments. We will have the option to practice and learn how to ride horses we have in Patagonia.

- Salto Grande: (4 hours,difficu: medium)

Arrive at the Salto Grande area by vehicle and we will find one of the best views that exist of the Paine Massif. After a mini trek through the site visit the Salto Grande, natural union of lakes Pehoé and Nordenskjöld. This area is also characterized by its rich vegetation.

- Patagon: (4 hours, difficulty: basic)

Excursion designed to learn about the culture Aonikenk, traveling for sites where they used to live, finding still the fauna and flora existing at that time. Good choice also see birds of prey.

- Lenga forests: (3 hours, difficulty: medium)

Leaving the hotel to the north, surrounded the Paine hill getting in a beautiful lenga forest where we can find Magellanic woodpeckers, beeps and all variety of birds related to the park's forest. Ascend to a single viewpoint of the blue lagoon.

- Blue Lagoon: (3 hours, difficulty: low)

Idfeal hiking for observation of flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes where they are able make out the Towers of Paine and the vast plains that attracted most browsers. Visit the "Laguna Amarga" and discover different organisms and species that inhabit it.

- Sarmiento Lake: (3 to 4 hours, difficulty: medium)

Explore the bush for Pre-Andean landscapes, combining the contrasting colors of Patagonia, with a carved and majestic mountain backdrop. The ultimate goal is the Sarmiento Lake, with its impressive rock formations of limestones, which show a unique landscape within the park.

- Inge lagoon: (3 to 4 hours, difficulty: basic)

Leaving the hotel, bordering the south side of Mount Almirante Nieto, with a spectacular view of this, knowing a part of our pre Andean vegetation, we arrive at the Inge Lagoon, from where you can also appreciate the Nordenskjöld Lake.

- Horseback riding by la estancia: (1 hour, difficulty: basic)

This tour is designed to allow passengers to achieve a rapprochement with the horses, having or no previous experience. Specialized easy to handle, teach them how to ride properly.

- Full Paine: (7-10 hours, difficulty: low)

Entertaining way to discover the National Park, visiting each one of its most famous lookouts and short walks reveling in where we will learn more about their animals and plants that adorn the beautiful mountains that comprise the Paine Massif.
After a picnic lunch we drive to the Grey Lake where we will choose to walk along the shoreline, or navigate and thence to the foot of Glacier.

- The Ascencio Path: (6-8 hours, difficulty: high)

Explore the valley of "Cuatrero Ascencio", hike across beautiful Lenga forest, which lead us to approach the imposing Torres del Paine. In our tour also walk in thickets, streams and moraine. If you like the horses they will have the option to help us climb to the Chilean refuge where we return the path to walk.

- Los Cuernos: (6-8 hours, difficulty: medium)

Leaving the hotel, bordering the south side of Mount Almirante Nieto, with a spectacular view of this, besides the Nordenskjöld Lake. The end point is the refuge Los Cuernos.

- Mark of the Puma: (8 hours, difficulty: medium)

Leaving from the Hotel, bordering the western flanks of Paine Hill, with a spectacular view of it at its highest height. Ability to appreciate the park's water network, Nothofagus forests and breathtaking formations of the Park. The bottom line is possibly the best vantage point that provides the park with a height of 1,509 m.o.s.l.

- Encantado Valley: (6-8 hours, difficulty: medium)

One of the best ways to enjoy the Patagonian landscape is on horseback. This tour gives us the opportunity to delve into one of the most important places within the Estancia Cerro Paine, with large forests, streams and a plain of more than two miles where we give free rein to gallop our horses and surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

- Lakes Trail: (6-8 hours, difficulty: medium)

We will arrive at Estancia Lazo by car, from this beautiful place we start our hike that leads us to wonderful Nothofagus forests surrounded by colorful lakes and streams, which provide a setting to appreciate the magnificent panoramic view of Paine Mountain Range.
When you reach the lookout Lago del Toro will have a 360 degree view where we can feel important part of the landscape that surrounds us. Privileged place for observation of flora and fauna.

- Fair Step: (7-8 hours, difficulty: medium)

Explore hidden landscapes within Nothofagus deciduous forests, which at times is open to show the magnificent Massif Piane training. We will finish our walk on the shores of Lake Sarmiento, where we appreciate the impressive formations of calcareous rocks, which show a unique landscape within the park.

- French Valley: (12 hours, difficulty: medium)

Arrive at Pudeto area by vehicle. Here we take the catamaran Patagonia Ice Field, which crosses Lake Pehoé, after 30 minutes of sailing, we will begin our walk to the French Valley, the tour will be accompanied by forest, lakes and streams, plus a wonderful view of the Paine Massif. Arriving at the foot of Monte Paine Grande rest under the French glacier, while we become spectators of the impressive eruptions that occur at this location. (Catamaran is included only from November to March.)

- Mirador Grey: (10 to 12 hours, difficulty: high)

Arrive at Pudeto area by vehicle. Here we take the catamaran Patagonia Ice Field, which crosses Lake Pehoé after 30 minutes of sailing, we will begin our trek to the Mirador del Glaciar Grey. Walk around rocky areas, deciduous and evergreen forests. Spotted the Grey Glacier and its lake adorned with icebergs floating in the water. (Catamaran is included only from November to March.)


Today rates(Nov/01/2016 until Feb/28/2017)

Rates in USD (US Dollars), per person

Accommodations IncludedSingleDoubleTriple
  • USD Dollar
  • CLP Chilean Peso
• Ground Transportation Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine (round trip)
• Ranch tourism “Cerro Negrol” (from Punta Arenas), includes Grilled Patagonian lamb or Patagonian high tea, Demonstration of sheap shearing and sheperd dogs, Visit of the “Colonial House” (Museum), Wine and Pisco Sour.
• National Park tickets.
• All meals.
• All excursions (except two days excursions; navigating the glacier is not available in winter)
• Open Bar.
• 4 nights accommodation in superior room.
• Bilingual guides.
• Wireless Internet.
• 35% discount on spa services.
Not included:
• Premium wines and spirits.
• Laundry.
• Tips.
• Phone calls.
• Food unscheduled.
• Stays out of the park.

- From hotel in Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine: 09:00 am and 3:00 pm
- From airport in Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine: 09:30 am and 3:30 pm
- Torres del Paine to Punta Arenas (hotel or airport): 08:00 and 1:00 pm

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