Watching the skies is an ancestral activity. You can still get access to all the corners in the universe through especial equipment you can find at astronomic observation centers in several parts of the country.

In Chile

Chile is found under beautiful, blue skies, so astronomy is an activity that is easy to embark on.

The northern part of the country is known for its wonderful observation places (the desert is the best part to look at the stars), and for its internationally known observatories: Tololo, La Silla and La Campana.

Nevertheless, if you do not have a telescope, you can still look up at the sky and marvel with its stars. You can go to Valle del Elqui or the desert in Atacama, where you can see Southern Cross, Alfa, Beta and Centaur Constellations.


Basic Aspect
For those who want to enjoy the wonders of the sky, it is necessary to get away form city lights, and go up to the hills.
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