There are three kinds of skiing: The traditional, the randonne and the Nordic skiing. The first one is the basic and it´s practicing in the skiing centers with a few equipment; the second one is more specialized and requires a previous knowledge. The Last one is practicing for professionals.


The ski was created in the XVIII century in Europe. At the beginning, the boards were made of wood; today, all of them are made of metal.

In 1924 is an olimpic sport, ans between the 1969 and 1970 the sport pass to private hands.

In Chile

The country has the best skiing ceters in South America, with a beautiful landscape and nearby to different cities.

In the Andes are located the bets centers, between the 2400 and 3000 meters above the sea level. Mostly of them , were built in volcanoes slopes.


Basic Aspect

To practice this sport it's necessary practical and theorical knowledges, know the mountain and its dangers.

The sport requires money investment to have a proper equipment and basic services like transportation, housing and food.

Also, you need to protect the enviroment, the signs and being responsable with the others and yourself.