Skuba diving

This can of activity allows you to enjoy the sea depths.

Before you go under water, it's necessary to know something about the theory.

There are the "skin" and the "scuba". In the "skin" you have to hold on your respiration, meanwhile the "scuba" needs the instruments to breath and it's used mainly to the exploration.


This sport was born in Peru, the year 2000 b.C, but it wat during the 30's when the sport was know all over the world.

Today, to practice the sport you need different and expensive elements. In the future, will be possible get a better and cheaper equipment, with low riskies.

In Chile

You can practice it in the whole Chilean shore. Althourg, the ideal places are between Arica and La Serena.

It's better if you parctice the sport in places with beaches and no cliffs.


Basic Aspect

Mainly, it's important have a good mental and psicological health to get under the sea.

If you want to scuba, you need an authorization of the Direccion General del Territorio Maritimo and have 12 years old, at least.

Although, it's very important to have certain information about the place you want to explore and don't contaminate it.


Scuba school, national and internacional associations.