Restaurants and Pubs

Santiago offers a great variety of restaurants, dinners, coffee houses and pubs, where you can taste original and traditional food. Of course there are others, for those who enjoy international cuisine, and in Chile the most popular is the Italian, Chinese and lately, Japanese food. Prices vary depending on the kind of food you choose and where you prefer to have it. Prices in downtown Santiago are lower than in the upper parts of Santiago, such as Providencia, Vitacura and Las Condes.

Some of the food and entertainment centers in Santiago are bellow.


The Alameda avenue, Santiago's main street, keeps on going towards the Andes and its name changed to Providencia. In that area, there are over 20 blocks of commerce of all kinds: resturants, clothing stores, technology stores, commercial centers, pubs, and others. Before reaching Los Leones street, there is a smaller neighborhood in Suecia street, known by the activity at night. There are several restaurants and bars, coffee houses and pubs, all in a five-block radius, approximately. It's a matter of walking around until you see something you like and go in to have a good time.

  • Aquí está Coco:
    La Concepción 236, Providencia.
  • Centre Catala:
    Suecia 428, Providencia.
    Catalan food.
  • Giratorio Restaurant:
    11 de Septiembre 2250, Providencia.
  • Branigan's:
    Suecia 035, Providencia.
  • Cap Ducal:
    Suecia 281, Providencia.
  • El Unicornio:
    Lyon 100, Local 49.
    Vegetarian food.
  • Electric Cowboy:
    Guardia Vieja 35, Providencia.
  • Entrenegros:
    Suecia esquina Costanera, Providencia.
  • Gatsby:
    Av. Providencia 1984, Providencia.
    Coffe House.
  • Mr. Schuartts:
    Suecia 0180, Providencia.
  • Nueva Delhi:
    Guardia Vieja 145, Providencia.
    Indian food.
  • Packard:
    Suecia 019, Providencia.
  • Ravioli Tratorioa:
    Nueva de Lyon 97, Providencia.
    Italian food.
  • Red Pub / Coffee:
    Suecia 029, Providencia.
  • Tung-Fong:
    Suecia 113, Providencia.
    Chinese food.


A few years ago, big mall chains, like Parque Arauco and all the Mall Plaza malls, started to build special areas for the entertainment of young people and children. That is how the external part of the malls, right by the parking lots, now you can see a kind of "outside mall" where restaurants, pubs and coffee shops receive people. There are restaurants that serve Chinese and Japanese food, Indian and Italian, International Cuisine or vegetarian, internationally famous coffee houses like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, ice cream parlors, and other kinds of places. In most of these malls, there are game arcades and bowling allies, as well as skating rings for the entertainment of young adults and children.

  • Parque Arauco,
    Av. Presidente Kennedy 5413, Las Condes.
    Bravissimo, Tip y Tap, Starbucks, Café Mokka, Coppelia, Gatsby, El Otro Sitio, Emporio La Rosa, Mr. Pretzels, Pasta e Basta, Pitas Creepes & Waffles, Ruby Tuesday, Sushihana, Tavelli.
  • Mall Plaza, in Antofagasta, La Serena, Rancagua and Los Angeles. In Santiago, Mall Plaza Norte, Vespucio, Tobalaba, Oeste and Trébol. Creppes and Waffles, Tavelli, Bravissimo, Savory's, Mamut, Tequila, Shopdog and Patio de Comida.

Mercado Central

This is the one place in Santiago where you can taste typical seafood of the region, with dishes that are famous worldwide. In the Central Market there are many restaurants that offer cold and warm dishes, all prepared with the best seafood out of the Pacific, traditional and new dishes, with accesible prices and a unique environment. Right by the Market there is a special place called "La Piojera", a historical restaurant where you can get the most typical drinks in the city. It was where the Parra family got together, played tunes and wrote poetry. Today is the most recognized face of the Guachaca Culture, something like "the culture of the poor".

  • Mercado Central, Ismael Valdés Vergara, entre Puente and 21 de Mayo.
  • Don Augusto, in Mercado Central. Seafood.
  • Tío Willy, in Mercado Central. Seafood.
  • La Joya del Pacífico, in Mercado Central. Seafood.

Bellas Artes - Lastarria

All around the Fine Arts Museum (Parque Forestal s/n), there is another universe, one formed by coffee houses, pizza places and restaurants. It's where the intellectual young adults go hang out. From Mosqueto to Merced, where it meets the Barrio Lastarria, of historical importance, wonderful architecture and delicious dishes. Walking from the Parque Forestal, where the museum is located, towards Mosqueto or Lastarria, you'll find over twenty different places to enjoy a nice conversation and coffee:

  • Café Melinka,
    Mosqueto 412.
    Coffee and cakes.
  • Café Mosqueto,
    Mosqueto 440.
    Coffee and books.
  • Café Libros Mosqueto,
    Lastarria con Villavicencio.
    Coffee and books.
  • Café del Mar,
    Lastarria 15.
    Coffee hot chocolate.
  • Café Utopía,
    Lastarria 105.
  • Café Patagonia,
    P. Luis de Valdivia 322.
  • Restaurant R,
    Lastarria 307.

You should know that there are big food chains all over the city, such as McDonalds, Gatsby, Bravissimo, La Piccola Italia, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, ShopDog, entre otros.

Pubs & Restaurants in other areas of Chile

This is a list of the some places you can eat at in other cities in the country:

  • El Fascinador, San Martín 1010. Meats, seafood, International.
  • Casino de Arica, General Velasquez 955. International.
  • Club de Huasos, Km 3.5, Valle de Azapa. Chilean food.
  • Casa de Campo Restaurant, Eduardo Orchard 1625. Chilean food.
  • Bavaria, José Santos Ossa 2424. Internacional, German food.
  • Club de Yates, Antofagasta. seafood.
  • Pukara, Abaroa 2054. Seafood.
  • Adobes de Balmaceda, Balmaceda 1504. International.
San Pedro de Atacama
  • Paacha, Caracoles con Domingo Atienza. Chilean food.
  • Supay, Toconao s/n. Chilean food.
  • El Rincón San Pedrino, Licancabur s/n. International.
La Serena
  • El Granero, Colón 360. Meats
  • El Camarón Ebrio, Av. Del Mar 2900. Seafood.
  • Le France, Balmaceda 1940. French food.
  • Patio Andaluz, Balmaceda 432 Interior. Seafood.
  • Tai Sung, Av del Mar 2900. Chinese food.
  • Flamingo, Av del Mar 1500, El Faro. Pub.
  • Restaurante Croata, Balmaceda 871. International.
  • Apolo, Av. Argentina 179. Chilean food.
  • Bambu, Pudeto 420 piso 2. Vegetarian food.
  • El Castillo, Waddington 741. Seafood.
  • Entrefalrip, Independencia 1736. International.
  • Mi Casa, Chacabuco 2811. Chilean food.
  • Valparaíso Eterno, Almirante Señoret 150 piso 2. Seafood.
  • Club Peruano, Victoria 2324. Peruvian food.
Viña del Mar
  • Casa Noble, 12 Norte 1114. Grills & BBQ.
  • Chez Gerald, Av. Perú 496. Seafood.
  • Brixton Pub, Av. San Martín 208. Pub.
  • Di Vacarezza, San Martín 180. Italian.
  • Fellini, 3 Norte 88 esquina 6 Poniente. Italian, Seafood, Meats.
  • La Perla del Pacifico, Av. Borgoño 25007. Seafood.
  • La Piccola Italia, 14 Norte 1340. Italiana, International.
  • Max Und Mortiz, 2 Poniente 377. German.
  • Mexico Lindo, Pasaje Cousiño 136 piso 2. Mexican.
  • Parrilla San Martín, 6 Norte 119. Grills & BBQ.
  • Der Alte Munich, Carretera Panamericana KM84. International.
  • El Chancho con Chupalla, Carretera El Cobre Km 5. Chilean food.
  • Hacienda Sanchina, Escribá de Balaguer 099, Machalí. Chilean food.
  • Perla Oriental, Cuevas 714. Chinese food.
  • Restaurant Guy, Astorga 319. International.
  • Don Giovanni, Membrillar 230. International.
  • Centro Español, 3 Oriente 1109. Spanish.
  • Don Santiago, 12 Oriente 1030. Chilean food.
  • El Alero de Gastón, 2 Norte 858. Chilena, International.
  • Ibiza, 1 Sur 1168. Café, Fast food.
  • María Bonita, Ruta 5 Sur Km 250. Mexican food.
  • Monserrat, 12 Oriente 1920. Chilean food.
  • Al Pan Pan Al Vino Vino, Bahamondes 89. Chilean food.
  • Apetito, Colo-Colo 799. Chilean food.
  • Bahía Galeones, Bulnes 491. Seafood.
  • Centro Gastronómico y Restaurant, Bernardo O'Higgins 756. International.
  • Comanche, Arturo Prat 422. Pub.
  • Chiki, Portales 531. Spanish.
  • Casa Cena, O'Higgins 01004. Chilean food.
  • Club Social, Manuel Montt 1044. Chilean food.
  • Del Maggio, Bulnes 536. Chilean food.
  • Dino's, Manuel Bulnes 360. International.
  • Don Tito, Mercado Municipal local 121. Seafood.
  • Club de la Unión, Camilo Henríquez 540. International.
  • Dino's, Maipú 191. International.
  • Guata Amarilla, Pedro Aguirre Cerda 1610. Chilean food.
  • La Caleta El Quisco, Costanera 192. Seafood.
  • Real, Ramón Picarte 2800. International.
  • Caburga, Arauco 336. International.
  • Coppakabana, Gral. Urrutia 407. International.
  • Che Tomás, Palguín 465. Pizzas.
  • El Arriero, Ansorena 123. Chilean food, Seafood.
  • El Puerto de Pucón, Fresia 246. Spanish.
Puerto Montt
  • Islas de Chiloé, Benavente 2. Chilean food.
  • Viento Sur, Ejército 200. Italian food.
  • Salón del Mar, Juan Soler Manfredini 1026. Seafood.
  • Biógrafo, Rancagua 235 piso 2. International.
Punta Arenas
  • Centro Español, Plaza Muñoz Gamero 771. Spanish.
  • El Arriero, Bulnes con Manantiales. Chilean food.
  • El Infante, Magallanes 875. Chilean food.
  • El Quijote, Lautaro Navarro 1087. International, coffe, pub.
  • Los Años 60, Chiloé 1231. International.