Excursions / Trekking

Walking is the best way to get to know a certain place. As such, all parks and environmental reservations in Chile have defined paths that can be covered on foot or bike, paths that usually go across the parks showing you all protected surface there and the flora and fauna that survives inside.

It is an activity that can be done by anybody, people of any age. You just need to be willing to walk, have the energy and necessary equipment if you plan to cover a longer road that includes camping somewhere at night or cover difficult topography.

The professional equipment to go on excursions or trekking includes comfortable and suitable shoes and clothing, meaning, shoes and clothes that are fit for the climatic and geographic conditions of the place you are visiting. You should be aware of the topography, considering that shoes that are good for snow are different from the ones used on hills and mud, for example. The equipment is completed by hat, sunglasses, map, compass, water, lantern, food, backpack, Swiss Knife and sun block, as basic elements.

It is recommended to always go out in groups and always leave a record of the path you expect to cover at the park’s administration, in case of emergency. It is also recommended to take a first-aid kit with you, remain calm if you happen to think you are lost (maybe taking a whistle with you would be good as well), use sun block and drink water constantly to avoid dehydration.