Mountain Climbing

One of Chile’s geographic characteristics is that most cities or towns are surrounded by mountains. The Andes on one side and the Coast Mountain Range on the other, the possibilities to practice mountain climbing are infinite. The country has over 4000 kilometers of mountains, with altitudes that go over the 6 thousand meters.

It is a risky activity, complicated, that relies on the skills and good physical shape of the one doing the climbing. It is recommended to take an introduction course and go from there, advancing at your body’s capabilities considering it is a sport that can be a challenge for your body and your mind. The wind, the altitude and the lack of oxygen can be dreadful on someone who is not prepared for the occasion.

The equipment to practice mountain climbing is divided between basic equipment and technical equipment. The first one includes proper shoes and clothing, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, first-aid kit, sun block and a portable stove. In the second group you should include helmet, rope, harness, piolet, crampons and muskets.

Once you have the necessary equipment and the proper supervision of a well-trained instructor, whom should be able to give you all the information you want about the activity, the ground you want to over and the techniques to use, you can travel to the nearest mountain and take on the dream of climbing it.

In Chile, where you can find mountains practically everywhere, although their altitude diminishes as you get nearer to Patagonia, the most popular places to practice mountain climbing are:

North Area
Parinacota, Ojos del Salado, Llullaillaco.
Center Area
Aconcagua, Tupungato, Volcán San José, La Paloma, El Altar, El Plomo, El Morado.
South Area
Volcanes Villarrica, Osorno, Lanín and Llaima. Torres del Paine, Cerro Fritz Roy.

There are plenty other places, as we’ve stated before, so the mountain you will climb depends on the place you travel to. It is worth to ask at the local tourism office or an adventure sports agency about open roads and habilitated mountains, necessary levels of expertise and any other question you may have about the activity.